Chael Sonnen Behind the Scenes at TUF Brazil 3 Video: The Bridge to Wanderlei Silva’s Retirement

January 27, 2014
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Chael Sonnen, who coaches opposite Wanderlei Silva, takes us behind the scenes at The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3, where he says that Silva is headed towards retirement and he’s happy to be the bridge to get the Axe Murderer the rest of the way.

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  • Warren Tierney

    Chael looks scared!!!

  • ozlanthos

    Chael has a 10-degree black-belt in trash-talking. I love listening to the guy, he’s a good fighter, and knows the sport well…. He just loses too many fights for me to take him seriously…


  • Border Bob

    You have to love Chael, he knows how to promote a fight and get under the skin of whoever he is going to fight. Keep talking smack Chael, personally, I like you both. I can’t wait til the card starts.

  • Steve

    The reson he has lost so much is he fights the best fighters every time and does so much more around the sport than anyone else in it full stop. Lossine to Anderson and John Jones isnt something you can count against a man. He takes fight because he likes doing it and no other reason thats why hes awsome, and should in fact be taken more seriously that most of the over trained monkeys out there…. Before i get some abuse, no, monkeys is not is not the word i use black minoritys.