Chael Sonnen Apologizes to Anderson Silva?

March 7, 2012
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In an unexpected turn of events, the self-proclaimed “Gangster From America,” Chael Sonnen, on UFC Tonight, offers a heartfelt apology to UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, for his recent personal attacks.

Yeah, we think you can see where this is going…

  • juliosanchez

    Chael is and idiot. LMFAO !
    He must of watched a little too much WWF as a kid.
    Too bad he doesn’t taken on The Ultimate Warrior Persona.

    • Enfo

      What is this? For the US fans this may be a little bit funny, seeing as he really tries to portray a pro wrestling heel.
      BUT, for every other fight fan across the globe who does not give two shits or probabaly don’t even know of WWE, WCW and so on, this is just pathetic and stupid. Can someone please tell me why fake, lame ass “pro” wrestling gets mentioned so often with MMA?

      • matt_bamo

        SILLY FUN this is much more entertaining than your cliche, stock mma athlete drivel a la “I’ll fight whoever the ufc puts in front of me” bla bla bla

  • juliosanchez

    I meant take on.

    • phrankthetank

      Yes, the misuse of ‘taken’ was the only problem with that statement

  • Mario

    He would be great in the WWE


  • phrankthetank

    Personally I like chael, he knows what strings to pull to get what he wants. He gets bigger fights, better sponsors, better paydays, and way more exposure by acting the way that he does. Better yet, he’s capable of backing up the talk. I’m excited for the rematch.

    • MrAdidas

      I concur! The ONLY man to have “beaten” Silva up for any amount of time, but to do it for 23.5 mins … that deserves some respect. As you said PHRANK “He’s capable of backing up the talk”. not many people do back up thier talk. Like every GSP oponent “I’m going to KO GSP” or Condit Vs Diaz – “this fight has fight of the year possibilities” YAWN!

      Yeah Sonnen talks alot & has done alot of talking, but he’s backed everything he has said. Didn’t he say he was going to pound Silva for 25 mins?!? Everyone (including me) thought he was on CRACK & that he was going to get KTFO in the 1st Round!

  • That was lame until he worked in “include the obnoxious laugh” ok now I’m rofl

  • mmachoman

    If he’s one of those fighters who learn from their mistakes, if Anderson was good before, I can’t WAIT to see how the champion has evolved since the terrible performance against Sonnen in the previous fight.

    Could Chael have made Anderson into a better ground fighter?? Has Anderson made Chael into a better striker?? Can’t wait to find out!

  • juliosanchez

    I think Chael The Snake Roberts is going to get beat my a flying elbow off the top turn buckle. Hopefully he’ll have a teammate to tag in before it’s too late, LMFAO.

  • pooby

    Chael must have caught “Young Guns” on TBS last night.

  • maddawgmar

    Yes, that was great. I love Chael’s little antics. Can’t wait for the fight.

  • KBEsq

    At least this loser recognizes that the only reason people know his name is BECAUSE OF Anderson Silva. Seriously, I don’t know how this jackass walks around with his head held high. He should have his tail tucked firmly between his legs where it belongs, especially after losing so many damn times and just absolutely refusing to recognize it.

    All this crap is just going to make his KO loss to Silva even funnier. I love how Silva just completely ignores this idiot too.

    I honestly cannot explain how Sonnen was able to out fight Silva in their first fight. Perhaps it was the steroids coursing through his veins. Perhaps it was the fact that Silva was injured. Maybe Sonnen just got lucky. However, one thing I really feel is that it was a fluke any way you slice it.

    • MrAdidas

      i’m pretty sure people know Soenne not b/c of Anderson Silva, but b/c he beat the piss out of Silva for 23.5 mins, when noone, gave him a prayer to make it out of the 1st Round. Thats why I’m pretty sure people know how Sonnen is, not ot mention that he made Brian Stann look like an amateur & then beat Bisping – who is a top 5, possibly top 3 in the MW division.

  • RonnieV

    I love it! MMA needs more personalities like Chael. Some people love it, some people hate it. When it’s all said and done everytime Chael opens his mouth he is generating another 1,000 PPV buys, and the UFC (and Silva) love it!

    • KBEsq

      lol you’re probably right about that. If I were Silva, who gets a % of PPV, I would just sit back and laugh.

      • MrAdidas

        Well if I were Silva, I wouldnt let Sonnen do all the work. I dont expect Silva to do anything like Sonnen, but Jesus Christ man, say something at press conferences, pick up for yourself, in a professional manner. But say SOMETHING!

  • oxygendrunkard

    Well given Anderson was injured with a rib… then Sonnen tested positive for PED I dont see how there is a fair barometer for him to go off. Also dont know why everyone forgets the after fight press conference where Chael acknowledged he got beat ‘and my hand didnt get raised’ I understand the guy is a verbal huckster but I he better have his A game on or AS is gonna bring it to him

    • MrAdidas

      Yeah, I think Silva better bring his A game there OXY, seing how Silva was the one who got embaressed for 23.5 mins, by a guy noone gave a chance to. Sonnen will be ready, b/c he was b4, the question is … IS Silva ready & has he gotten that much better in his takedown defence?!? I doubt it! Silva’s been training MMA for 12, 15+ yrs & is in his prime, yet some Silva nut huggers think he can learn in 6-8 months (b/c he has been injured for a while now) that he wasnt able to learn in 12-15 yrs of figthing! Yeah sure he will … wink wink!

  • Too bad he’s too small for the WWE as that’s where this douche-bag belongs.

  • julianmoran


    Is this the same guy that just lost to “Michael The Count Bisping”?
    (I know he got the decision,but everyone knows he lost the fight)

    • MrAdidas

      Sorry – Sonnen did win … it wss very close, but tell me again what Bisping did to win? Bisping was taken down several times but never took Sonnen down once (I do not believe), Sonnen had Bispings back (Bisping did not). So what excatly did Bisping do to win?!? That stood out of course?!?

  • I am a huge Anderson Silva fan and I must say for months I didnt think Sonnen deserved another shot… His trick worked he has talked so much shit he has gotten another shot and I’m ok with it because I want Silva to shut him up so bad… All the Sonnen fans are going to disappear when he loses… Im with julianmoran I thought he lost to Bisping but decision is a decision….I really believe this time Silva will beat him withhin 2-3 rounds badly…..If Chael comes in without PEDS and Silva is healthy then its over for Chael the Gangster Sonnen….

  • roberthayes

    Someone please help me get up off the floor. I can’t stop laughing. I hurt so bad & can’t stop. Help!!! Please Help!!!!

  • Love him or hate him, everyone is talking about him and in the end that equals $$$ in the bank.

    • MrAdidas

      EXACTLY … so many Silva fans, still crying about Sonnen, especially when Sonnen calls himself the “Champ” etc. It’s called publicity people, how you morons still dont get it, is beyond me.