Chael Sonnen Answers Rumors On a Potential Appeal, Retirement and Future in the WWE

Prior to UFC 148, Chael Sonnen was known as ‘The American Gangsta’ but following his loss to champion Anderson Silva they may have to change his name to the rumor killer.

Following a 2nd round TKO defeat at the hands of Silva, rumors began circulating almost immediately concerning Sonnen with tales of everything from his pending retirement to a new career blooming as a professional wrestler destined for the WWE.

After the UFC on Fuel TV 4 weigh-ins were finished on Tuesday, Sonnen sat down to answer to some of those rumors, and needless to say most were shot down like a clay pigeon at a firing range.

First up was the question about the knee strike that Silva landed on Sonnen in the 2nd round that served as the harbinger for the end of the fight.

Sonnen maintains the same view now that he did on fight night, and accuses Anderson Silva of no wrongdoing.

“The knee really hurt, all those shots really hurt, but here’s the reality – we don’t do instant replay in this sport and we shouldn’t. It comes down to a judgment call,” Sonnen said. “Wherever the referee says the knee landed officially, that’s where the knee landed. That’s an excellent official as they all are, he made his call and that’s the way it goes, and I will never complain or look back.”

That brought up the second question in the roundtable discussion about the gossip surrounding Sonnen after the fight on Saturday night. It had been rumored that someone from Sonnen’s camp was going to file an appeal for the decision claiming that Silva’s knee strike was thrown with the intent of landing to the head, which is illegal when an opponent is on the ground.

Like the politician he was once upon a time, Sonnen shot down another rumor while saying the only score he’d ever like to settle with Silva is a potential rematch down the road.

“Let’s make sure we don’t call it illegal, once again the referee’s judgment is what stands. I trust in that and it works both ways. I’ve thrown knees before, the referee makes his decision, that is the decision and we live with it,” said Sonnen.

“We would never appeal it except with these (fists), if we had a chance to re-do it that’s a different thing. But we would never go and appeal the decision. The decision’s the decision and part of competing is you’ve got to know how to lose. It’s real easy to win, but you’ve got to know how to lose, and sometimes you’ve got to man up, swallow it, and walk out.”

The third rumor floating around after the fight came from another coach, Neil Melanson, who stated he believed Sonnen might call it a career after the second loss to Anderson Silva.

That was another swing and a miss as the rumor mill was then 0-3 against Sonnen during Fuel TV’s interview with the former middleweight title contender.

“I don’t think any athlete should even begin to talk like that or even think like that until you let about 30 days go by. In anything in life you don’t want to make a decision based on emotion, and you have very big highs and very big lows in this sport, and you don’t want to make any drastic decisions,” Sonnen stated.

“I also think that it’s an insult to the fans when guys like to come out and say ‘I’m retired’ when they really mean ‘I’ll see everybody in 18 months cause I’m coming back’. I don’t want to do that. When I get to that point in my career, I’ll make the statement and I’ll never look back.”

The final rumor about Sonnen following the fight was that he might soon make a transition from fighter to professional wrestler. It’s no secret that Sonnen is a longtime pro wrestling fan, and he’s even become close with several high profile names from that industry including ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and current WWE superstar C.M. Punk.

With Sonnen’s ability to talk, sell a fight and his athleticism he would surely be a welcomed addition to Vince McMahon’s roster of talent, but again the former Oregon All-American said no thank you to becoming a star in sports entertainment.

He’s still got some unfinished business in MMA to tend to first.

“I tried to go to WWE, it’s in Vegas on the 16th of this month, but I was leaving Vegas. I love to go to the WWE, I get my popcorn, I cheer on C.M. Punk, but I go back to my promoter Dana White at the end of the night,” Sonnen commented.

For all the brash comments Sonnen unleashed prior to UFC 148, he sat humble on Tuesday night and offered up only truthful and forthcoming answers. He didn’t believe the knee Anderson Silva threw was illegal, he’s not appealing the loss, he’s not retiring and he’s not going to the WWE.

The honesty he displayed however may gain him a newfound respect amongst fans and colleagues alike.

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  1. A part of me died Saturday night.

    • I think I can speak for most folks that read these comments and say THANK GOODNESS ! ha ha ha

      • Don’t worry, it was only 2% which means I will still terrorize these forums for the next 47 years!

    • Hey now

    • Dear TKD, you should have been swallowed, the end.

      • Hahaha…Did you hit the Post Comment button and congratulate yourself on that great, third grade comeback??? Hahahaha, what a complete douche bag you are! LMFAO!!!!

  2. If anything, I think the fact that Silva held onto Sonnens shorts for such a long time, preventing Sonnen from taking Silva down in the 2nd Round, right before he lost, would be my only issue. Yes fighters hold onto their oponents shorts, but according to many, even Silva fans, I’ve heard it was quite a long time & it did indeed impact the fight (in regards to Silva not getting taken down). I have yet to see the replay, but I’d like for someone to confirm or deny that claim. Did Silva hold onto to Sonnens shorts for a long time! Anything longer than 10 secs (IMO) should be “reviewed” or something, I mean if he can only “cheat” so that he does NOT get taken down, then I have a problem with that. Everything else Sonnen said, is what it is. If he’s not going to complain about the “leagl or illegal” knee, then neither should anyone else, including his camp!

      Sonnen ADMITS defeat,respectfully,and humbly..
      how many more what “If’s” is there?? Really.

    • Whoever told u this eiter:

      1- Never been in an werstling match, jiu jitsu match or any fight that requires takedowns. Shorts grabbing to defend a double leg? ROFL! Id like to see that, probably his shorts would end up tore in 10s.

      2- Is a chael crybaby.

      • Ever use MMA shorts? Good luck trying to tear them. I’ve watched several bjj matches as well as studying it. grabbing an opponents gi is an excellent method of control, not sure where your argument is coming from

  3. aAs much as I would love to see it Chael, a third fight with Silva is about as likely as the world economy improving by the end of the year. Meaning, it ain’t happening!

    • If Sonnen and Silva both hang around for a couple more years, anything is possible. But it would probably only happen in the case of Silva’s opponent getting injured before the fight and Sonnen stepping in.

      Not many middleweights would take a short notice fight with Silva, but I’m sure Sonnen would jump at it.

  4. The shorts grab was one of the more flagrant I’ve seen, but it was only for a couple seconds.

    Chael is showing himself to be a very classy guy, I’m suprised to say.

  5. The easiest way to describe Chael is that he is the Stephen Colbert of MMA. I think he wants to keep the act going but there are too many easily trolled people so he shows glimpses of his true self. I used to think he was a douche too. Then you hear interviews and peoples reactions to meeting him, and he comes across as a very intelligent, polite, and entertaining man. Still that spinning back fist was a reckless move, and 100% the reason he lost. He strayed from his game plan which Anderson has 0 answers for until Chael gets sloppy.

    • 0 answers except the triangle choke.

      • He got choked because he got sloppy and let silva take wrist control.

    • Sonnen tried to destroy Silvas legacy. He had fair chance of wining title, and if he did, Silva would be remembered as a fake champ. I don’t think he believes in all shit he said about AS, but he didn’t care. That luck of empathy makes him douche…
      After 7 rounds everybody should accept that Sonnen had vary small chance of winning. Silva showed that he has better defense from the bottom, better G&P, better JJ, better stand-up and higher tolerance to pain (or will to win). Yes, Sonnen could survive 5 rounds by laying on Silva but he failed twice…

  6. You can clearly see that Sivla’s knee hit Sonnen in the chin then glance down to his chest no shot before or after seem (to me) to be significant that’s the one that did the damage. Sivla holded on to Sonnen shorts bluntly, toltally disrespecting UFC rules and tried to sneak vasaline off his face and rub it on his body wow this guy is fukking cheater and can’t be trusted. Also His post fight speech and interview was very condescending.

    • The knee hit him in the chest, its clear. Sonnen failed for elevated testosterone levels after their first fight. You don’t consider that cheating? Who gives a shit if his speech was condescending after all the shit Chael talked. Silva should of said more.

      • The only difference is, Chael was punished for his T:E cheating, but regarding the Vaseline, shorts grab, shoulder bump, and possibly illegal strike, Anderson was not punished at all. Not fined even 1 dollar. Just given a “talking to”.

    • tru dat well put

  7. i clearly remember chael saying that if silva beat him, he would leave the ufc. what happened to that?
    and one more thing…did anybody else think that that was one of the weirdest fights that they have ever seen. i re-watched the fight a couple of times and the end of it was really strange. cheal looked off balance and weird before he even threw that spinning back elbow(or whatever that was) and then after missing it he just sat there against the fence like he was stunned or something. then that knee(which totally landed legally to the chest)was the only significant shot that landed until the fight was stopped. either chael gave up or the fight was joke. i just don’t believe that chael got beaten by one knee to the chest…maybe i’m wrong, maybe he was really hurt by that knee and that’s what finished the fight, but it looked fishy to me.

    • what alot of people don’t seem to realize or chose to ignore is that Anderson is so accurate with his strikes it does’t have to be a heymaker to knock someone out or get them off balance. there were a couple good elbows off his back in the 1st round and a couple of good short jabs that may have found their mark, but never made the highlight reel. I think that is the true reason why Chael isn’t arguing, he knew it was over before anyone else did.

      • yeah, i agree with you about andersons accuracy and strange amount of power(just look back at that griffin fight. he hit forest with a jab that knocked the kid for a loop), but when i watched it again i didn’t see anything land that would have warranted chaels behavior before he put himself on the mat.
        you’re probably right though, i’m just missing some little punch that really hurt and scared chael. silva’s got rocks for fists.

    • Sonnen offered the challenge and when Silva did not accept it in a timely manner it was taken off the table. Silva had 2+ weeks to accept the challenge and instead he spent that time trying to duck the fight. Silva missed the opportunity to get rid of Sonnen for good because he was afraid to fight him.

  8. Knee hit Chael in the chest. Silvas thigh may have made its way to the face, but Chael got up after anyway, and then got knocked down again. People are nit picking, cause they cant believe they were wrong when they said Chael would win.
    I called Silva ko/tko Round 2, months ago, and made haps of dough! boom…

  9. Sonnen lost. Anderson won. Let’s move on already.

    By the way, I actually found a tiny bit of respect for Sonnen after he manned up and took the loss with some dignity.

    • Honestly, Chael Sonnen nuthuggers are extreme. Before the fight they all guaranteed Chael Sonnen’s victory. Now they are saying the knee was illegal and/or grabbing shorts was illegal.

      When will they just admit that Silva is 2-0 against Chael?

      My opinionis is that Chael can’t beat Anderson because he has horrible finishing abilities. His BJJ is not good enough to kimura/armbar Anderson. His punching power is too weak to KO Anderson. Only thing Chael had was his takedowns and wrestling. But that means that Chael has to take Anderson down and dry hump him for 5 rounds to win whereas Anderson needs to land one clean shot to win. Statistically, Anderson had much higher chance of winning.

      • Not to mention the fact that Chael had no other option than to come back with the exact same game plan as their first fight. You knew Anderson wasn’t going to allow himself to be laid on for 5 rounds again. Was Sonnen going to stand and bang with Anderson? Of course not.

        Chael had very little chance in this fight, and I said it long before the fight took place, not just afterwards.

        • Yeah he came back with the game plan that won him 4 1/2 rounds against a previously untouchable fighter. Jeez TKD you really are a cumstain!

          • RubeKegal, you seriously must be retarded. What a loser you are if you think that winning “4 1/2 rounds” is good enough. You are a guy that will always be happy being in last place in life. Obviously you have no idea what it takes to be a fighter or you would know that strategy is what wins fights. Game plans win battles, and if you announce your game plan it is generally over before it begins. Why do I bother with someone as stupid as you clearly appear to be? You are a loser and probably always will be, so I am done with you now.

      • Correct. For this fight, he was a 2.7:1 favorite.

  10. Thank God he is not going to WWE, Sonnen is fan of pro wrestling? its been dead for more then 20 years now and counting.

    Love the guy happy he is not retiring looking forward to is next fight.

    • dead for more than 20 years. That’s right… Well except for that time period about 11 years ago when wrestling was bigger than its ever been. It’s still one of the higher rated shows on cable.

  11. This humility that Sonnen is now showing is remarkably refreshing…but it makes me ask the question : Is this genuine ?
    As a master spin blaster,I really don’t know what is and isn’t with this guy..
    Is he trying now to become “liked” by those that have been verbally defensive towards him ? Is he now pulling a page out of the Ortiz manual about now wanting to be the nice guy…?
    Sonnen has heaped the cart so full selling himself,that he has become someone that I don’t know,nor trust one way or the other because of it…

    • He was just hyping the fight. He did a good job, went overboard a bit, showed some humility recently to partly apologize for it, and made lots of money. He loves attention, loves making wise cracks, loves being creative, is a generally fun guy, and that’s the real Chael.

  12. Dear Damon Martin:

    I seriously urge you to take a class on writing or quit your job. I am just going to point out some things I noticed. The whole article needs to be edited again.

    “Prior to UFC 148, Chael Sonnen was known as ‘The American Gangsta’ but following his loss to champion Anderson Silva [THEY] may have to change his name to the rumor killer.”

    You use obscure pronouns all the time! “They” refers to what?

    “Following a 2nd round TKO defeat at the hands of Silva, rumors began circulating ALMOST immediately…”

    I’ve seen you qualify adverbs with the word “almost” several times. That word does not belong there. Go look at your other articles. You do this all the time.

    “Sonnen maintains the same view now that he [DID] on the fight night.”

    You mean he held or maintained. Sonnen did what?

    “Like the politician he was once upon a time, Sonnen shot down another rumor while saying the only [SCORE] he’d ever like to settle with Silva [IS] a potential rematch down the road.”

    A score cannot be a rematch. Score can be settled via rematch.

  13. Lesnardo, I had no idea you were a qualified editor for a huge and well respected MMA site.

    We have some great debate and arguing going on in the forums and then we have douchbags like TKD and Lesnardo who think they are English teachers. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that neither of you are currently doing well in grade 5 english and have some mental scarring because of it.

    • It is odd that people DON’T respect and demand proper grammar any more. TKD & Lesnardo might be annoying, but they are actually correct. I don’t care who writes what, but it would be nice if the articles at least made sense. Just my opinion…

  14. Now, back to debating with the adults on this site.

    1. Silva wiping grease from face to body – ref caught it, wiped him down, handled and done.
    2. Silva grabbing shorts – got warned which is standard practice like fence grabbing, let go, handled and done.
    3. Knee was clearly to the chest. Thigh may have contacted the chin during the process which has happened in the past, but the knee was legal which is the focus. No foul.

    I don’t see anything that wasn’t addressed during the fight. Brilliant job avoiding damage on the bottom and brilliant finish in the second. Anderson is just better than Chael.

    • There goes b-soc dangling from an Anderson pube

      • Ironically, Rube typed this response while he was fantasizing about having Sonnen’s nut sack in his mouth.

      • I’m actually not an Anderson Silva nuthugger. GSP maybe, but not Anderson. I think that was an accurate assesment. Someone explain to me what wasn’t accurate about that.

    • B-soc….Well said and accurate. Anyone who argues any different is just just making up excuses for Chael. Chael won’t even use them because he knows how ridiculous it would sound. Chael is actually a really smart guy. He’s knows how to manipulate people and build a fan base out of not so intelligent people.