Chael Sonnen: (Anderson) Tried to Get Disqualified at Press Conference (UFC 148 Video)

Chael Sonnen at UFC 148Chael Sonnen is in the midst of a firestorm of controversy surrounding his UFC 148 showdown with Anderson Silva, much of it of his own creation.

Sonnen met with the media one final time at Thursday’s UFC 148 open workouts answering questions about everything from the fight with Silva to his remarks about Brazil and its fans, as well as his testosterone replacement therapy.

Sonnen even went so far as to say that he felt Silva, in going nose to nose with Sonnen in the faceoff at Tuesday’s press conference, was trying to get himself disqualified so that he wouldn’t have to fight on Saturday night.

Check out Chael Sonnen’s full UFC 148 open workout press conference…


  1. for the the first time ever, i think, i actually “LOL’d” at that title. i also think that brazilian reporter was the man because as soon as chael got asked something he didnt like, he completely veered away from the question

    • That brazilian reporter was spooky looking! didn’t know they had jews in brazil !

  2. I really hope this is just a charater Sonnen has created and not how he really is, I am starting to believe he has mental health issues, he reminds me of the drug addits that have a breakdown, wear robes and think they “talk to god”. Just the way he talks about himself i forsee him starting a cult when he’s done with MMA. I can see the headlines now “Sonnen Family leader arrested in real estate scam”

    • Your an idiot lol seriously your the one with the mental issues.. wow making up something crazy like that, you must be a liberal 🙂 hahaha

  3. hahaha i read the comments before watching the clip. The nose is the first thing i saw.. I really want Chael to screw up this greesey brazillian

  4. How big is the Brazilian reporters nose haha!

  5. Sonnen is the king of all douche bags! All of his fans that can stomach his pro wrestling rants must be as idiotic and delusional as he is. Promise to his dying daddy or not, he is going to lose on Saturday, and that is a fact.

    I don’t think it will be the one sided affair some people believe it will be, but Silva will beat him a bit easier than their last fight. And then what? Does the criminal drop a weight class and start screaming at GSP for a title fight? His career is over once he loses tomorrow night, and I personally can’t wait! He spelled out his game plan for tomorrow night, and he is never going to pull it off as he ALMOST did in the last fight.

    Sonnen, go back to your life of criminal activity. Unlike MMA, you actually have a future in that!

    • I think you’re the douch bag for actually believing what he is saying. I can assure you that Chael has a higher IQ than you. I f-ing laugh my a$$ of at what he says. Did you listen to his interview explaining how he became the gangster from the mean streets of West Linn, OR? It was priceless, talking about the things he seen as a child growing up (a man littering in a park) I mean who comes up with that stuff! He could be a comedian. I also want to know how Silva beat Chael so easy? He had his a$$ kicked for 23 minutes, in a one sided beat down just as Chael predicted.

      • I get it, genius. I understand he is purposely being a moron, which is why people like you cling to his nuts the way you do. Well, enjoy his comedy routine while he is still relevant (until tomorrow night is over). Then all of you Sonnen fans can go back to your bedroom in your mother’s basement and spank it to your Chael Sonnen poster.

        Do you honestly think Silva is going to get caught in Sonnen’s lame game plan of taking him down again? Like I said before, Chael’s chance came and went when he tapped to Silva in their last fight. He was winning…He should be champ…But he is NOT. That same, lame, stale fight plan is not going to work again. Do you think Sonnen is going to stand and strike with Anderson this time? He has no chance with that strategy either. Silva will dominate him in striking. So, now what? His only plan is to repeat what he did in their last fight, and Silva will be more than ready for that attack. If Sonnen comes in with the same lame strategy, and Silva has no answer, then Sonnen deserves to be champ. Do you think that is going to happen? You must either be stupid, or new to the sport of fighting to believe that!

        • Why always the mothers basement?

          • I think that TKD still lives at home and doesn’t know what it’s like in the real world.

        • tkd your pretty fired up about what some1 you dont know and will never meet said about some1 else you dont know and will never meet. Dont you have anyhing else going on in ur life? Trouble with the ladies and you ragin on the mmaweekly threads lol.

        • Eeeeeeeasy. Sonnen is selling the fight and will probably be the main reason for around a million ppv buys. He’s bringing attention to the sport. I have all the respect in the world for silva but he’s not the one selling this fight, some people will buy this fight to see if sonnen can pull it off, a lot of people will buy this fight to see sonnen get his teeth knocked in. Regardless, if it was silva vs anyone else, it wouldn’t have nearly as much hype.

      • Right on jonny.

  6. I thought that little goblin was going to eat Sonnen.

    • Please tell me that was a fake nose!

  7. Why do people always attack sonnen fans you have the right to like who you want he might talk a lot but he backs it up I don’t understand why everybody thinks Anderson is going to kill him he beat the shit out of him the first time he’s not going quiet this time so all the hater just shut up and watch the fight

  8. This is the first time that Chael actually sounded like a real person while being interviewed. If that other person is a ‘show’ then he does it VERY well. I’m definitely looking forward to this fight.

  9. Oh and all you so called Anderson fans your not real fans if he was losing you wouldn’t like him and if loses you better find somebody else who’s winning to get on there nuts its like any other sport people like a winner that’s all it is

    • I guess that is supposed to be an insult. Perhaps some punctuation in that mess would have made you sound as though you passed the third grade. Well, probably not.

      • TKD, you’re always proofreading a post for errors when you know you can’t bash the logic of it.

        So, what’s it like to have Andy Silva’s scrote on your chin?

  10. If Sonnen isn’t the King of Douche Bags I shudder to think what the real King is like.
    With so many likeable and classy fighters I can’t understand what his sycophants see in him. It truly baffles me.

    • Thanks for seeing my point. He is more interested in running a comedy show than a fighter. Makes sense since he will never be champ anyway.

    • It is entertainment dude. Do you actually think all the movies you watch are real? I mean come on, you probably thought that WWE was real until you were in highschool! Chael made $35,000 last time they fought and you can bet the farm he will see a 6 figure payday from this fight. It is called business, “nothing personel just business”

      • Yes, it’s the FIGHT business, not show business. I have no issue with him being funny, but the derogatory comments about Silva’s family and country are way over the line. He baited Silva into the fight, and that is great. But why the nasty comments about any and everything else? No class, that’s why!

        • “nothing personel just business”

          • I get it, but he has made it personal. That is what a douche he truly is.

            By the way, it is not “personel”. Please look it up.

        • fight business, show business, funny business however you want to label Sonnen’s on camera persona, it’s good marketing.He positions himself as an over the top, somewhat delusional antagonist and there are people who love him for it and people who hate him for it, but they are all buying into it.Sure TKD you have a point, Sonnen’s on camera persona is a douchebag, he shows zero respect and is starving for class, but did you not click into an article about him, did you not watch a 9 minute video to see what ridiculous things he’d say…i’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re a fish…whether it’s sonnen, silva, jones, gsp, or even dana white..they’re all selling you an’s up to you whether or not you buy into it…and manolo you up to your ears in sonnen

          • Scratchface, you lost me at the following:

            “i’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re a fish” and “manolo you up to your ears in sonnen”

            Not sure how to respond to any of that.

          • TKD will you please just allow us Sonnen fans to hang out in our mothers basements and chat about how much we love him. We all have no more than a 3rd grade education so why wast your breath on us? Let us talk about how much we love his antics. Please either join us in out praise of him or stop stooping down to our moronic level, you are much better than all of us, yet you’re not really showing it.

          • Like i said above, as long as its an on camera persona, good for him, he made us watch. The problem I have is is I am not convinced it is a persona, and if thats just the way he is, then the dude needs help

      • Proves that Chael needs his mouth to make him money, there are plenty of well paid fighters that don’t need to act like dicks to make it. If he was truly an exciting fighter that deserved to be the champ the money would come without the lip.

  11. @tkd what fight were you watching, sonnen did not only take him down at will but he also dropped silva with strikes when silva is the better striker, sonnen got caught, who doesn’t get caught in submissions it’s a fight . I’m Brazilian and Anderson silva is disrespectful himself , Ed sores is a big bitch and never translate the truth to what Anderson says… You mean to tell me that it’s ok for Anderson to fuck off in his past fights like in the Damian , Thales fights? Anderson is douche and 50percent of brazil wants him to get his ass kicked!!!!

  12. Wow I guess Chael hurt ur feelings too huh.. Well last time I checked, when it come to FIST fighting F–K CLASS. What a pussy dude. Chael did and said what he had to do to get back in the octagon with ur Brazilian butt buddy. I mean where are u people from?! GO USA!!! Yes, sonnen should have finished the fight last time but u all know that’s not his style, he wants to bang for the full 5 and prove to everyone that he is in control the whole fight. Weird but true. Let’s go gangsta, shut these dumb asses up.

  13. I think the nose of the reporter is a prosthesis.

  14. You all are missing the point. Tomorrow night the two top 185ers are gonna face off. Both have made declarations, Sonnen says it will be just like the last time, and Silva say, “I you brake yo face man”. We’ll see who is right. Personally I see Sonnen grinding out a decision. But I may be wrong , we will see. And Scratchface, that was the smartest thing said on this forum.

    • Yeah it was worded too much, but basically it’s a spectacle put on by the fighters to sell seats and pay per views. Like it or not you are supporting Sonnen by clicking on his articles. It’s like Tito said, “Love me or Hate me, you’ll tune in to see me fight.” Ask yourself are you gonna watch the fight? If yes the antics worked.

  15. Okay I must have missed it again. When did sonnen insult silvas family?

    People just say stuff reguardless of any truth. Sonnen say enough stuff that you shouldn’t have to put words in his mouth.

    • He has said multiple times that he would smack Silva’s wife on the @ss if she doesn’t make him a steak medium rare.

      • Now that’s funny. lol

  16. Liar Liar Liar, Brazillian Reporter has pinocchio Nose…SILVA will NOT knock him out in 1st round.

  17. Look at the amount of responses over this…Chael has “won” already. I think maybe it was Uriah that said Chael realized the only way he was going to get any recognition was by creating a persona…which he did, which we love(to hate – take your pick). But TKD…what???? I usually respect your posts…most of the time. But, “get caught in the lame game plan of takedowns?” R U serious? After one takedown, that should have been it. Silva adapts, evolves to a higher fighting form to overwhelm his opponent. If at that point in his career, ESPECIALLY in the UFC, AS couldn’t stuff a takedown…what a sad skinny man he must be. C’mon dude…that’s just ignorant. Hoping to see Chael win personally…after Silva’s little Cha-Cha number, how can you say either one of these guys has more class than the other? Hope it’s a good fight…screw the haterz on both sides.

  18. tkd, do you smoke dope? silva a respectful fighter….was he not the moron who was caught 3 times on camera “self-cheating” by taking the vaseline off of his face and rubbing it on his arms,shoulders and chest.???if he was so respectful, then the cheating lier should speak English while in an English speaking country when he CAN speak English, he can only speak English when convienient for him…sorry for the spelling but i went to Anderson Silva scholl.