Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva Fight on TUF Brazil Set (Video)

March 8, 2014
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UFC president Dana White recently revealed that bitter rivals Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva got into a physical altercation while filming The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3.  White wasn’t just hyping up the show and here’s the video proof.

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  • SlickRick

    Right for the takedown….

    • Tyme_5

      And rightfully so lol. If the Axe Murderer was coming after my skull, I would be trying to put him on his back as well. If I couldn’t outrun him, that is…..

  • SilvaNeedsToRetire

    Sonnen acts the way he does to get press. Outside of MMA I bet he’s a chill dude. But when u say the things hes said in the past, anf insult a whole country. This is the result. Sonnens gonna win this via takedown to submission

  • HpPavilion22

    Sonnen and Silva are probally friends in real life and trying to make some money.

  • jdogg

    Fight Pass??? GET REAL

    • Mihael Hajdin

      thats how rich get more rich..dont worry there will be a million streams on the net..

      • Piotr

        Fight Pass is also a great way to alienate and piss off your fan base.

  • Jim b

    from the clip it looks a little staged to me.

  • Nobam2012

    Looks more and more like the fake ass WWE every day.Cancelled my subscription.

    • Mr. Hat

      I loved the totally unanswered, telegrahped double leg takedown… as if a fighter of Silva’s caliber wouldn’t instinctually sprawl. I think we’re being sold a wolf ticket!

      • Cholizo

        Silva threw a shot at him, Chael ducked it, and took him down… looked pretty legit to me

        • taylor2008

          I agree. I watched it a couple times just to see if they were acting, but they werent. Silva is really mad at Chael and Chael is getting under silvas skin by not doing anything. It doesnt look fake. Silva isnt acting. He really hates chael.

          • Jeremy Staffordshire

            I agree. It’s like that clip from Rocky III. People claim the fight between Rocky and Clubber Lang wasn’t real. However, if you look closely, it’s obvious Clubber Lang is mad and trying to kill Rocky. You can’t stage that kind of anger.

          • taylor2008

            You must be a little kid because that was a bad attempt to be sarcastic.
            Wand hates Chael with a passion. Chael knows how to get under Wands skin. And they both know to be careful not to be throwing any big punches or their pay can be gone very fast. You think if this was staged that Wands friend would have punched Chael in the head? Wand would have talked to them to stay back or pretend to break it up. You dont sucker punch someone with a staged fight.

          • hahahaha

            taylor2008 You are so fricken gullible lol

          • taylor2008

            So are you. Thats why Wands friend sucker punched Chael in the head. Because it was all staged. Chael told the guy to flat out sucker punch him to make it look real. Get a clue little kid. Wand HATES Chael with a passion.

  • George Sperry

    Total BS.

  • Jeff Jones

    Chael is going to thump Silva when it’s time to fight for real. He may talk a load of smack, but he backs it up.

    • JG

      Hasn’t he lost like his last 4 fights?

      • put me in the sauna coach


        • used2bgood

          Chael is 1-4 in his last 5 fights, and in my opinion Bisping beat him pretty good.

          • Baller31

            Bisping? The same Bisping that got smashed by Hammill in England but still walked away with the decision?

          • taylor2008

            Baller I remember that well. It pissed me off because I bet $20 with my friend that Hamill would win. He wins the $20 on a bogus call. Hamill clearly won that fight.

          • Guest

            Chael is 2-3 in his last 5 fights – he lost to Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Rashad Evans; he beat Michael Bisping and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

          • taylor2008

            I hate Bisping. He is such a punk. I was happy as hell to see Hendo KO him worse than any KO I have ever seen.

  • Johnny

    video dont show it, but Chael beats up Silva for a good minute then they get seperated and Silvas boy ends up sucker punchin him… scuffle breaks out and Silvas boy is banned from UFC

  • XIRand0mHeroIX

    That looked a lot like those brawls that happen backstage in WWE… Very realistic

    • themindseye

      I know…. I’ve always loved and respected the Axe Murderer, but he has been acting ridiculous.

  • Adam

    This fight pass stuff is a load of s%^t

  • TrentSki

    Silva really does look like an alien nowadays

  • Baller31

    Looks like a clip from a really bad soap opera

  • Scooby

    8====D ()

  • lollo

    Sonnen’s gonna beat Wandys ass. And i like Wandy more, but thats the fact.

  • jeremy

    Sonnen is going to kick his ass… I cant wait lol

  • taylor2008

    I like both of these guys. Especially Wand, but I dont like that Wands friend sucker punched Chael. That was a bitch move.

  • Joe Dog

    Shameless promotion, it seems to me. You gotta believe that Silva and Sonnen will probably become best of friends as Sonnen shows Silva this money making WWE-style promotion. Silva will graduate from the Chael Sonnen school of acting and will chuckle all the way to the bank. UFC fans who buy this crap are the ones feeding the bus a carrot.

    • More Coffee Please

      Agreed, they’re both yesterday’s headlines, sorry to say. At least Chael has a commentary future though. But fighting for both these guys is just a half step away from the B-leagues. That’s not taking anything away from them, they were both great fighters, but Father Time has the final say.

  • Lester Mast

    I like silva but he has no ground game like chael does if chael takes him down the fight is over silva must keep the fight standing up

  • Doucher McGee

    What’s up with Silva’s neck sticking out like a turtle? It was a good 2 feet ahead of his body… very weird looking.

  • Fabian

    I feel some UFC fatigue. I cancelled cable and bough myself a guitar. But Machida Weidman that I will watch.

    • Milosc

      Great move, Fabian. I did the same thing, feel and think much better, and will never look back

    • More Coffee Please

      If that’s your goal, then be cautious how much time you’re replacing cable with the internet. It’s all crack, my friend. Yep, I’m guilty too.

  • More Coffee Please

    looked staged, sorry. I thought only Bellator did that, but I appear to be wrong.

  • Steven Mark Tobin


  • Jeremy Staffordshire

    so fake!!!! nobody’s buying this, are they?

  • james j


  • james j

    Wandy looks completely roided

  • Marc Livingood

    I’m a pro actor and I’m hear to tell you all reality shows are fake from American idol to the staged “I’m going to shoot for a double and then everyone will break it up” now the fights are real but with out drama it is not as exciting. The real UFC has drama your seeing the best in the world beat each other half to death however they have to get rid of lame Herb dean early stoppages will kill the UFC fighters need to tap out or be knocked out that is where the drama comes from. In the early days there were no rounds the fight went on until somebody won much more drama.

  • Look at the Obvious

    why do you guys post this up as NEW NEWS every single week? I have seen this posted up now at least 5 times since it happened.
    And yes everyone,; it was staged. They do hate each other. Thats true. And they will fight, that is true. But for the new fight pass thing Dana is trying to get some major interest in the show and the channel since TUF has sort of dwindled in its ratings and people dont really care about it. He knows that a “real streetfight’ would get everyone on the internet talking (which obviously it did), would generate more fight pass buys (they are up to nearly 1 million subscribers now) and would help get fans back into the tv show TUF (i have read on board after board where people are saying they never watch the show but they will watch this one to see what happens).

    need proof?
    #1- watch any of Wandys fights. He doesnt throw punches like that with that sort of swing. if he was throwing a punch for real it would have been straight down the pipe, not wide arc easy to see
    #2 – his hand was open in slap position. slow the video down. you will see it clearly. it wand really wanted to punch chael then why did he have his hand wide open? and when you are angry, since when do you choose a slap rather than a punch? it is because just in case chael didnt move fast enough he wouldnt get punched in the face and take any unneeded damage.
    #3 – wanderlei is a muay thai fighter primarily. i find it hard to believe he would try to punch rather than land a smashing leg kick (this one is my own opinion though)

    • fuzznarf

      Don Frye’s comments were in reference to the Wanderlei of Pride days. it has been a decade since DF worked with Wand. All the punches he’s taken to the head, and being exposed as an underskilled MMA fighter have taken the toll on his psyche. Now he is nothing more than an emotionally unstable hothead crybaby who is nothing more than a lackluster attention whore who likes sticking his finger in someone’s face like an overbloated elementary school bully who is soon to get his ass beat.

  • Fight Pass is great…quit bitching and get it.

    • Guest

      OK, UFC employee…

  • mike

    Look like a couple of “BODY BUILDERS” going at it!