Chael Sonnen and Mark Munoz Both Want Title Shot, Who Wins Out?

November 6, 2011

Let the middleweight contender argument begin.

After taking care of business at UFC 138 with a win over Chris Leben, Mark Munoz shared his feelings about his place in the middleweight rankings. “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” feels he’s worthy of a shot at the kingpin… Anderson Silva.

“I paid my dues in this weight class and I think I deserve a title shot,” Munoz said. “I consider (Anderson Silva) a friend, but right now I would love to get a title shot.”

Some may look at this stance as bold, but Munoz has indeed fought for it. The fighter out of Reign Training Center has topped seven of eight middleweight opponents and finished four of those fights before going to the judges.

Another middleweight that gets a lot of contender talk – even when it doesn’t come directly from him – is the always-vocal Chael Sonnen. His manager, Mike Roberts, feels his client deserves another shot at Silva, but representing Munoz as well, he wouldn’t sell his other charge’s efforts short either.

“Mark and Chael both deserve a title shot,” Roberts told via text message.

Obviously, UFC president Dana White and matchmaker Joe Silva will have the final say in who Silva defends his belt against next. It’s only appropriate that both Sonnen and Munoz are speculated to be the front-runners for No. 1 contender status, but only time will tell who gets the next crack.

Maybe the method in which Munoz and Sonnen call out the champion will be taken into consideration. Munoz had the very respectful approach and admitted he has all the respect and honor for the champ. Sonnen, however, had one of the most memorable call outs in recent history when he said, “Anderson Silva, you absolutely suck!”

Clearly, Sonnen’s and Munoz’s methods are polar opposites. Now fans wait to see which message comes across louder to White and Silva.

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  1. Sonnen should get it munoz lost to Okami Sonnen beat him

    • worst logic ever…munoz beat maia who absolutely tooled sonnen…if you wanna be an objective unbiased fan then munoz and sonnen should fight for #1 contender while anderson heals his shoulder…both have strong cases for a title shot…munoz is a new challenger riding a 4 win streak w/ notable wins over maia and leben…7 UFC MW wins overall w/ the only loss being a close split to the former #1 contender Okami…sonnen is by far the big money PPV fight that the majority wants to see…hes the only one to pose a challenge to silva…impressive performance against stann in his return fight to the UFC…if munoz can beat sonnen, hell have some steam behind him, enough to make people believe he can pose a threat to silva…if sonnen wins, he beat the only other guy in the title picture that deserves a fight w/ the MW GOAT…

  2. Munoz should get it, Sonnen lost to Maia, Munoz beat him

    • Munoz should get it because he would beat Chael like a red headed stepchild. Oh, that’s right he just beat one of those last night.

      • BAhaha that was a really bad joke right ? Sonnen would maul Munoz….wouldn’t even be a fight !

        • Chael Sonnen would maul Munoz … based upon what? Is Sonnen a better wrestler than Munoz? They’re equally credentialed. Munoz has a D1 national title, Sonnen doesn’t. Sonnen did some post-college international Greco and has a non-olympic silver medal in it, and Munoz doesn’t. Who’s the better wrestler? Who the hell knows? Last and ONLY high level wrestler Sonnen faced was Renato “Babalu” Sobral, and Babalu beat Sonnen at takedowns 4 to 0 and then submitted his ass. Go outside that, Munoz hits harder, finishes opponents more often especially in the UFC, has better submission defense and is better in many many ways.

          Sonnen beating Munoz would hinge entirely on Sonnen being able to take Munoz down with relative ease — not very likely. Styles make fights and Sonnen has a good anti-Anderson style, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing when it comes to Mark Munoz.

          Biggest reason to give Sonnen the shot first it to have Anderson kick his ass and shut him the hell up.

          • Well said! You are right on the money.And as you said the big factor could be what Munoz could do with his hands and with more abandon than Anderson because he’s got the wrestling. Add to that Munoz is improving every time out and we all know that Chael still can’t seem to keep his head out of trouble after how many times? The only thing he’s changed notably is the running of his mouth which he’s done very well as of late and it’s working for him. Let Munoz or Anderson shut him up. I don’t care which.

        • Nobody is going to get in the way of Sonnen and his re match…..

        • Munoz vs Sonnen

      • Do you really think so??? Nobody is beating Sonnen, Sonnen will destroy Munoz, nobody is getting in the way of Sonnen’s re match believe that…..

  3. I don’t think either will win but I hope Sonnen gets it because I think it will bring out the best in Andersen.

    • DID you even watch the first fight ? There were no flukes ! Sonnen Dominated Silva badly for 22 min ! He wont make any mistakes this time,Sonnen will smash Silva And EXpose him for the ONE dementional fighter he really is !

      • if he was so one dimensional he wouldn’t have made sonnen tap.

        • Sonnen has some of the worst sub defence out there. Thats pretty common knowledge ! Doesn’t take alot of skill to sub him (obviously Cause Anderson “The Sprinter” Silva did it) He’s a Great Striker, He’s ok at everything else !

          • Why do you assume that Sonnen will suddenly wise up and learn to defend submissions better? He’s been submitted 8 times in his career by fighters ranging from legendary to irrelevant! Jeremy Horn got him three times! The fact that he got subbed by Demian Maia, then four fights later by Anderson Silva proves that he just can’t seem to learn submission defense, at least not well enough to thwart a BJJ blackbelt. Sonnen’s biggest selling point — his reckless GNP style — is his Achilles heel. It leaves him open and a really good submissions artist will instinctively find the openings he leaves and take him out.

          • Your comments make no sense. You state that Chael will expose Anderson for being one dimensional and in the next comment you say that Sonnen is easy to submit. If Anderson is so one dimensional then how come he found a way to win when taken out of his element? Anderson may really good at striking but he’s well rounded in other areas too which I think he’s proved time and again. If you want to talk one dimensional then go pick on someone else because your argument sounds like a fool’s.

      • Munoz Vx Sonnen

  4. Dana Whites job is to put on the fights that will sell the most pay per views….point blank. this sport is not about who deserves it…..although i do belive munoz would beat anderson as mark is a nightmare matchup for silva…… munoz will get his shot though, he needs to sell himself a little better… let the public know that you aare the perfect fighter to dethrone the chamo

  5. Sonnen deserves it because he beat the crap out of Anderson for 5 rounds and this is the fight we want to see. Why? Because whether you love him or hate him you want to see Sonnen fight 🙂 And The Winner and NEW MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION CHAEL SONNEN 🙂 you will hear this very soon from Bruce


    • Perfectly Said…..and BTW i Agree GSP is #1 P4P ….hands down

  6. Chris Leben got brass balls, but hes no contender, Chael deserves the shot over munoz, Munoz should not be in top 10, with lost’s against Matt Hamill n Yoshin Okami, and wins over b list fighters like Maia and Leben is nto enough to get a shot, he hasnt fought a contender or former champion, at least put Munoz against Stann, Vitor, or Anthony Johnson, even a win against one of them is prob not enough but for now it is. its hard to market a guy who hasnt defeated anyone worthy, its easy to market Chael Sonnen, he markets himself

    • “B list fighter like Maia” beat Sonnen.

      • More than just beat him, completely embarrassed Sonnen. Probably Chael’s biggest inspiration to start shooting up copious amounts of Testosterone = getting owned by Demian Maia in his re-debut. Explains why he suddenly seemed a lot stronger in his next four fights.

        Munoz has a better case than Sonnen by wins and losses:

        Chael Sonnen: UFC Record 5-4. 4 wins by decision 1 win by sub; 4 losses all submission. Elite fights: Lost to Babalu, Jeremy Horn, Demian Maia, Anderson Silva. Beat Yushin Okami, Nate Marquardt. Current win streak = 1 fight.

        Mark Munoz: UFC Record 7-2. 4 wins by TKO/KO, 3 wins by decision. Lost 1 time by KO and 1 time by split decision. Elite fighters: Beat Demian Maia, lost by split decision to Yushin Okami. Win Streak = 4 fights.

        I wanna see Sonnen vs Silva just to somebody shut Sonnen up. If Anderson can’t do it, then Munoz will.

  7. Munoz should get it. Sonnen already failed when he had his shot. Sonnen QUIT, HE TAPPED!

    • Yep! dido this. Sonnen lost! if this is a legit sport, loser should take a few steps back and have to work their way back up.
      I’m glad you all are mentioning the Maia fight. Sonnen got destroyed..

      Silva vs Munoz
      Maia vs Sonnen II

      Sonnen thinks he’s “the best middle weight there has ever been” then how can he live with how Maia handled him? It makes no sense and Sonnen never mentions it.

      And how can people call Silva one dimensional??
      Sonnen waits for guys to strike and miss and he takes them down and wrestles them (very well) but that’s all. THAT is one dimensional..

  8. Munoz and Sonnen should fight for a title shot.

  9. In a perfect world Sonnen VS Munoz and the winner gets the belt. I agree that Munoz is good but hasn’t had fought any REAL contenders. Sonnen did great against Silva, when he was juiced up and STILL tapped(no heart) If Munoz wins that is all the “W” he needs to get a legit shot at the belt. If Sonnen wins, more name calling of the champ and the biggest PPV the UFC has ever had when it finally happens. Either way Silva will keep is belt and go down in history as one of the greatest martial artists and mixed martial artist and champions of all time.

  10. Bottom line. A juiced up Sonnen got submitted by an injured Silva. Sonnen saying anything other than “I got beaten by a better fighter” is laughable.

    • WOW after all this time i didn’t think there was anyone dumb enough to still be making stupid Juice comments about Sonnen. He Never cheated ! Educated yourself NOOB !

      • A man who’s “doctor” diagnoses him with Low T or Hypogonadism would be producing less than 300 total testosterone. “Normal” is from 300 to 1000. He walked into the fight against Silva with over 2000 testosterone (that’s where they start to investigate) pumping through his veins and markers showing that his levels were much higher in the days just prior to the test.

        Sonnen has his “doctor” routinely give him more than five times as much “treatment” as he needed (if he ever needed it to begin with.) That “treatment” is pure testosterone — the stuff that steroids is a poor copy of. How the hell is that NOT cheating??

      • If he has low testosterone he should be listening to Justin Bieber and playing badminton with Nate Marquart, not fighting in a cage moron. Real men make their own testosterone.

    • was Matt Serra a better fighter than GSP? Nope, he just got caught. Sonnen is absolutely the better fighter who got caught at the end of one of the most thorough beatings ever. Silva IS one of the best of all time. So are Randy, Chuck, Matt… At some point they will fight someone who at that time is better. Sonnen is that to Silva. We always want the best fights or the close ones to rematch ASAP. It’s clear that Silva fans (and Silva himself) do not want to see that again. Who can blame them but at least be honest. Munoz is not there yet and the smart fans know it. He should fight Brian Stann and he will probably lose. Lets end all of the BS talk and see the fight so we can KNOW who really is the best right now.

  11. To say Anderson Silva is a “one dimensional” fighter is just about the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. He’s got it all, except an awesome wrestling game. Most non-American fighters lack in the wrestling world. That’s changing as we speak. The new breed of mixed martial artists from all over the world are training in all of the fields now. Which is going to make for some kick ass fights in the future. On who’s up for the title: I believe Chael Sonnen should get the shot over Mark Munoz because he is definitely more decorated and I believe more people want to see that showdown over Silva/Munoz. Gabriel above me pretty much said how it is. I would love to see Munoz/Sonnen first but their is no time for that. It’s going to be Sonnen taking on Silva next for sure. He won his last fight without a question of his dominance in the Middleweight contender spot. Munoz fought a great fight against a great fighter(Leben)and won fair and square but he didn’t hand out the beating that shoots him to “Guaranteed title shot”. Chris Leben did give Munoz an ass whoopin’ for the first round, an ass whoopin’ that he didn’t give Stann. Albeit that Chris was sick for the Stann fight. I say Munoz fighting another top 10 MW first would be more fitting before he gets a shot. Maybe Stann, Belfort or the winner of the Cung Le/Silva fight. This time around I believe Silva is going to shut everyone up with a HUGE victory over Sonnen. Not that he needs to prove himself to anyone at all. Great fight for Chris Leben by the way, I hope he comes right back to put on some more fantastic shows for us. Don’t forget to put your clocks back an hour everybody…Have a good day.

  12. bro if you want fighters to be kind gentle people who are going to say all the right things then you are delirious. chael whooped his ass for 5 rounds and got caught. do you honestly think chris leben could have done half as good against chael last last night? exaclty chael would have thrown him around like a rag doll. go nick diaz and go chael for being real people and not the politically correct pussys you are looking for. you need to vist a nfl locker room one day bro and you will quickly learn why there is no cameras in there, they are fuking animals. why dont you see if you can get anthony weiner to fight and then you might have your guy.

  13. *juiced up chael whooped silva’s ass (had injured rib taking the fight) for 5 rounds. So this rematch will be totally different. If you think silva will keep the same game plan as last time your stupid.

    • Which game plan was that ? Being Sonnen’s Bitch ? Hate to break it to you but Silva didn’t have a say in that and he won’t this time either !

      Juiced up ? You guys really need to let that shit go ! He had no banned substance what so ever found in his system ! He had a slightly high testosterone levels……How the fuck do you get “Juiced up” from that ? You may as well say he used a Gun too because it wouldnt be any farther from the truth………You Silva love will always have an excuse, The truth is Silva has bad take down defence and sucks off his back…..thats why he was so scared to go to the ground with Maia Leites.

      • maia and leites have some of best BJJ in MMA so who the hell would wanna dive into their guard especially when youre completely beating the shit out of them on the feet? how does that make sense? same reason chael took down anderson because he wanted absolutely nothing to do w/ him on the feet…its called a game plan u dweeb…i wouldnt fault any fighter for utilizing one…and hilarious you claim silva is bad off his back when the 2 fighters that got him there, lutter and sonnen, both ended up getting subbed off his back w/ almost the same move…gotta love the idiots that speak without thinking…

        • Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe in the first fight, Sonnen knocked Silva down 2x with strikes(at least once that I clearly remember).

          Even with this I think Sonnen still gets beat in the 2nd match-up.

      • Cptmats — end of the day, Sonnen was the bitch that day. Reality for you: All choke submissions are killing moves. Whatever happens in a fight prior to a choke submission is irrelevant because the guy caught in the choke is as good as dead. You can’t be any more a a little bitch than dead.

        As to your delusions about Chael not cheating, please go find my other comment on it. You CLEARLY don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Sonnen claimed to have Low T, then walked into his fight with Anderson way above normal and over the “legal limit” with testosterone.

        Steroids are all poor copies of testosterone. Chael was shooting up the real thing.

        Go do a little research, it’ll do you good.

        • What he said Cptmats ….you’re need to take your tard pills before you comment.

  14. I think that Chael Sonnen is the best ppv for Anderson Silva

  15. Ok silva vs sonnen first then munoz gets the winner .

  16. To be fair, just about everyone is afraid to be on the ground with Maia. No one goes into a fight with Maia hoping to take it to the ground.

    I also don’t agree that Anderson has “poor” takedown defense. Yes he’s been taken down, but by some really good wrestlers. You also have to look at it that almost everyone he’s fought hasn’t wanted to stand with him. Just because you get taken down doesn’t mean you don’t have takedown defense.

    Now the same theory can go to sonnen as well. He usually controls where the fight is. He’s really aggressive and takes people down often. So it is Likely that when he loses it is due to submissions. He spends a large amount of his time in someone’s guard. So the fights end there one way or another. It doesnt mean he has “poor” submission defense because he gets caught there.

    Also if you talk to jitz guys they’ll tell you that it’s really hard to submit a guy that is not being aggresive on the ground. A guy not trying to posture up and hit you is almost impossiable to submit. It’s hard to submit, or stand up when your going against a guy who doesn’t try to be in any better position than half guard. (this is one of the biggest reasons why Gsp is so successful.)

    Anderson didn’t even attempt a submission until the 5th round. A large part of that was that Chael wouldn’t do anything to advance, or attempt anything with power.

    Chael could play it safe and try to “Gsp/Fitch” his way to a victory. And as we’ve seen, that does seem like the best method in beating Anderson. However that’s probably the best method for beating anyone. Hence Gsp and fitch’s success.

    Mark Munoz has the ability to do the same thing, but he always seems to acually want to do damage and finish his fights. That leaves more openings. So we’ll all see…. I think….. 🙂

  17. Sonnen said he connects hundreds of punches on Silva on the ground for more than 4 rounds If Munoz can connect 30 punches on silva on the ground Silva would probably end up in the hospital………

  18. I want to see Sonnen vs Silva II. I want that mouthy little prick Sonnen to get his face bashed in! I may not get my wish though.

    Underlying thing as I see it is this: Chael Sonnen is a dick and Anderson Silva is busting his balls for it in the most effective way possible: By NOT giving the spoiled child throwing a tantrum his way. He’s doing his utmost to point out that Chael doesn’t deserve the fight and delay, delay, delay. “There is no place in this sport for that sort of thing …” That’s a direct quote from Mr Dana White after the Demian Maia vs Anderson fiasco. Message to Dana is simple — you threatened to kick me out of the UFC for acting the way this guy is acting. I only did it for 25 minutes. He’s been at it for a year and a half and counting. Why are you rewarding this cheating asshole for his behavior with a title shot??

    I can’t pretend to know what Anderson Silva is thinking, but that’s my read on it. For that reason, I would suggest doing Mark Munoz vs Anderson Silva first. Do it on January 1st in Brazil. Chael can see things through with his little side feud with Vitor Belfort … definitely not in Brazil so they don’t kill Chael Sonnen … and he gets a title shot if he beats Vitor. Trying to force the Sonnen vs Silva rematch is a good recipe for a very long boring wait. Putting Anderson vs Munoz on another card in Brazil is just good business sense. Even better if you can get Aldo on the same card! Even if Anderson loses, you can still do the rematch with Sonnen. Only rematch killer would be Anderson beating Munoz and Sonnen losing to Vitor Belfort. So you get the rematch happening after the same amount of time as you’d have had to wait if you try to force it to be the next fight.

    Not the most elegant solution, but probably the best one you’ve got right now.

  19. LOL Ok so you guys turn this into a popularity contest, not even Chael vs Munoz popularity, or GSP vs Anderson… its strictly Anderson if you like him or hate him. Whats that got to go with who gets the next shot at him?

    First off GSP doesn’t finish… but, he shouldn’t be part of the convo. 2nd high levels of Test is Juicing, damn near the definition of it. What do you think Deca or winny-v do? Boosts Test… blah blah Chael cheated, umm or else he wouldn’t have been suspended. Plus Chael already had his shot, yes he dominated, still lost. I don’t care what you want to argue about that, its a fact its in the book and Anderson still has the belt. Munoz vs Chael is the best way to figure it out, but the actual way to figure it out is what Joe and Dana want. Fun to argue but, thats the bottom line.

    BTW- Nick Diaz is a punk ass retard.

  20. The obvious answer is sonnen..but Munoz should get winner..I say sonnen because every silva fight has been boring because everyone is so scared of silva but chael took the fight to him and ignored all the stalking Anderson does and beat him down for 22 minutes.but watching the fight chael got very lazy in rounds 4,5 on his submission defense..but I do believe both fighters will give him trouble because Anderson takedown defense isn’t nothing to write home about.but we never knew this because he was fighting a bunch of stiffs who half aren’t in the UFC ..but that takes nothing away from silva because all he did was beat who the UFC out in front of him..with that being said chael n Munoz style is the best for defeating the spider

  21. munoz and sonnen should fight for #1 contender while anderson heals his shoulder…

    Totally agree! Don’t think Sonnen deserves a title shot after getting tapped out by a guy with a fractured rib and then getting caught for using PED.

  22. I think Sonnen will get the shot cause that fight will have a way bigger ppv draw and that is all Dana White cares about. I think Munoz and sonnen are pretty even in wrestling after Leben took Munoz down the other night that was pretty sad. I know leben was a wresler back in the day but people go to Marks Gym to learn wrestling not Leben.

  23. Silva is a, marked man everyone is looking to fight him I believe that Chael has the best chance at beating him

  24. I am sorry, I like Munoz, but a win over Chris Leben does not vault you into a championsship fight. Sonnen should get the next title fight simply based on the previous fight with Anderson. And quite frankly, if I was Anderson and his camp (or a fan of Anderson) I would be begging Joe and Dana for the Sonnen rematch to prove that Anderson’s ribs and other injuries as well as the HRT (Sonnen) did play a part in the fight. I do think that Anderson will have a much better result in this next fight.

    As far as Munoz goes, his next fight should be Bisping if he beats Miller, with the winner getting the shot at winner of Anderson/Sonnen.

    • but a win over brian stann gets you a title shot? GTFO…at least munoz is on a 4 fight win streak…it is undeniable that Munoz has earned a #1 contender fight…what better way to settle who is the true #1 contender by having the only 2 guys w/ a legitimate case, Munoz and Sonnen…do a #1 contender fight while AS heals his shoulder injury…if Munoz can beat Sonnen no way you can deny him his title shot…plus hell have some steam behind him to get people pumped about a title shot…if Sonnen wins he beat the only other guy thats close to a title shot and he would have truly earned his shot and not got it gifted to him just because he had a good 1st effort vs. AS…

      • Yes, frankly it does. Brian Stann is still ranked as a top 10 MW’s even after his loss to Sonnen, a very one-sided loss at that. In fact there was quite a bit of talk about Stann getting a title shot had he beat Sonnen. Furthermore compare the opponents when talking about win steaks.

        Munoz, while impressive, has wins over Chris Leben(not ranked), Damien Maia(#7 MW), CB Dalloway(not ranked), and Aaron Simpson(not Ranked).

        Sonnen in the same stretch has wins over Brian Stann(#9 MW), Nate Marquardt(#4 MW) and Yushin Okami(#3 MW) and lost to Anderson Silva(#1 MW and #1 P4P fighter). And this loss was probably the closest we have seen to someone dominating Anderson, one-sided until a great sub by Anderson. In my opinion, Sonnen’s 4 fight record is much more impressive. Anyone who says that Munoz has fought the same level of competition that Sonnen has during this period is just plain crazy.

        Even if in some far and away planet, you still think that Munoz is more desearving then Sonnen, and continue to say we need to find “the true #1 Contender”. As many have already mentioned, this is just not going to happen. From a promotional stand-point, Zuffa/UFC will generate more PPV buys and a larger gate from the Anderson v Sonnen fight. Why, because people love to see drama, and Sonnen is a guarentee to build the drama for this fight. He will be talking trash the whole time making Anderson mad and come fight time people will think that these two fighters actually want to kill each other. Versus Munoz who will not utter one ill thing towards Anderson, thus not building up the fight. And in my opinion there are more people who would want ot see two fighters that do not like each other fight over two guys who are friends. It is the “wreck watching society” that we live in.

        “Sorry to all for the grammer and spelling errors that some like to comment on”

        As always just my opinion.