Chael Sonnen Admitted to Taking a Third Banned Substance After Initial Test Failure Revealed Two

June 10, 2014
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Chael Sonnen UFC 167 Post_9376Shortly after news broke on Tuesday that Chael Sonnen had tested positive for two banned substances stemming from a recent random drug test, acquired the official Nevada State Athletic Commission Notice of Complaint against him, which states that Sonnen admitted to the use of a third banned substance.

Sonnen provided blood and urine samples on May 24, according to the official complaint, which returned positive results for Anastrozole and Clomifene. Both of those substances can be utilized to help treat men with hypogonadism, which Sonnen claims to have.

After receiving notice of the two substances found in his random drug screen, Sonnen on June 6 responded to NSAC executive director Bob Bennett via email admitting to have taken Anastrozole and Clomifene, as well as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG).

Like Anastrozole and Clomifene, hCG is sometimes used to help treat men with symptoms of hypogonadism and/or fertility issues.

Sonnen’s transgressions are slated as an action item at the Nevada commission’s regularly scheduled June 17 meeting, which is the same meeting where Vitor Belfort, Sonnen’s proposed UFC 175 opponent, is set for a comprehensive review to try and obtain a license to fight in Nevada.

Sonnen, however, has 20 days from the date of the service of the official complaint against him to answer it in writing. The official complaint was served on June 9.

In the complaint, the disciplinary actions Bennett is seeking against Sonnen include a monetary fine; action against his license (suspension or revocation); requiring him to pay the costs of the proceeding, including investigative costs and attorney’s fees; requiring him to provide a negative urine test for prohibited substances if he files for a license in Nevada in the future; and whatever other relief the Commission deems just and proper.

UFC officials told that Sonnen was expected to address the situation at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday on Fox Sports 1.

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  • james j

    Chael, I am guessing Uncle Dana is not happy with you

  • Scott Robart

    This is ridiculous. These guys aren’t operating heavy machinery, they’re not looking for the cure for cancer, they’re punching each other in the face. As a fan, it makes NO DIFFERENCE to me what a fighter puts in his body, as long as they are exciting to watch…and Chael Sonnen is definitely exciting. So to me, it doesn’t matter if he’s 0.2 over the limit for testosterone or 2000x over the limit, I want to see him fight.

    If the President of the United States can use blow, shouldn’t fighters, who have a MUCH less important job, in the grand scheme of things, be able to use testosterone if they need it?

    This whole anti-drug culture that we have is simply out of control. If a peaceful person wants to buy/sell/trade/possess/use a drug and they are willing to accept the consequences of using the drug, nobody should stop them. Nobody has the AUTHORITY to tell another man what he can or cannot put into his own body, especially some bonehead politicians. The USA has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prison population, the majority of whom are in there for non-violent, victimless drug “crimes”. It’s absurd. On the local, state and federal level, almost 200 billion dollars per year are spent on drug interdiction programs. That’s 200 billion that could be better spent elsewhere, like getting homeless folks off the streets, or getting medical care for veterans who need it, or any of a thousand other things which will ACTUALLY make a difference.

    For the record, I don’t do drugs. I think drugs can seriously screw up a person’s body and ultimately their life, but I know that I have no authority to tell another person what they can or cannot put into their own body. If I claim that authority, I am claiming to OWN that person and I don’t own anyone, other than myself. I’m tired of all the authoritarians who think they OWN other people and have the right to tell them what they can or cannot possess or put into their body.

    • Lawdog1521

      The President, any of them, wasn’t actively using coke. What someone did twenty years ago and this is a stupid comparison.

      • Scott Robart

        My point is, it’s a game. Do we REALLY need the government monitoring and regulating GAMES? Pretty sure that’s not what the government was set up to do.

        Personally, I want to see the most exciting fights. If PEDs allow guys to fight at a higher level and they’re willing to deal with the consequences, then nobody should tell them NOT to do it.

        • james j

          I bet you text and drive

          • Scott Robart

            No, I believe that cellular telephones are the work of the devil, I only use rotary telephones.


        • dathump

          the simple point is there are rules that need to be followed, don’t follow the rules, don’t expect to keep working, doesn’t matter what the job or game is. Unfortunately a number of years back the ufc tried the no rules fighting and although I enjoyed watching it, it didn’t really pan out so well.

    • Matte

      Ohh, the freedom speech..

      It is really strange so many fighters seem to have really frail bodies needing all sorts of treatment/therapy. (Hint, it is because they used to roid.)

      I don’t like cheaters, my advice to athletes is to follow the actual rules and compare on equal terms. Yes it might make fighters 35+ years having a harder time fighting.

      • Scott Robart

        I’m not entirely sure that using science to enhance your body is “cheating”. If you want to look at it that way, a lot of things are “cheating”…certain training methods, certain diets, weight-cutting measures, hell even tylenol might cause them to feel less pain, is that “cheating”? What about caffeine?

        This is entertainment. It should be as entertaining as possible, that’s what people pay their hard-earned money for…to be ENTERTAINED.

        • Matte

          It is not clowns on a circus.

          It is athletes competing in a sport.

          By all means, let it be entertaining but first of of let it be a sport where there are rules and sportsmanship.

          There are something fitting to your description though, it is called pro wrestling. (And I don’t mean that condescending.)

          • dathump

            even pro wrestling has a drug policy now.

    • james j

      The mayor of DC in the 70s did crack. Relevance?

    • Randy

      You completely miss the point of testing. The more juiced these guys get, the more likely it is that these guys will get killed in the ring. Think man.

    • MikeP22

      I support your run for office!

      • Scott Robart

        I’m a Voluntaryist (person who believes that all human interaction should be voluntary), so I don’t think I’ll be running for office in this lifetime. But thanks for the support. 😉

    • Ian Price

      Scott for president!

    • Ian Price

      It’s ironic that Obama says he’s trying to help blacks, yet his administration has put more people in jail for drug charges than even the Bush administration! And of course, black drug users and dealers get arrested significantly more often than white ones, hence Obama discrimimating against…. Blacks! It’s truly unbelievable.

    • dathump

      quote “For the record, I don’t do drugs. I think drugs can seriously screw up a person’s body and ultimately their life” so how would you feel if you trained for a sport for years, and got to the top level where 1/2 the people didn’t care about long term effects on their body and took every drug they could to get bigger, stronger, faster and left you with no other options but to take them yourself or quit. nowhere are the UFC saying they cant do drugs, that are just saying if you do drugs we arn’t going to keep paying you.

  • PJ

    These are all substances used when guys get off TRT or juice so it’s not surprising. If he just stopped taking his TRT without any of these his body would of been a mess. Can’t blame him for using them just a bad idea to apply for a fight while he was still on it.

  • james j

    Chael = no credibility.

    Let’s not forget, he is a federal convicted felon for fraud. He juiced at some point and the did TRT to counterbalance the effects of the juice. Now he is taking these 3 Non performance enhancing drugs” to effectively help him off of TRT. Two words for you Chael, “Child Please.” See you on Bellator. O yeah, I don’t watch Bellator.

  • HpPavilion22

    when does wanderia’s next Funny face video come out… bashing Chael for using banned substances

  • truthbtold

    I dont think any fighter should be on trt, but with that said, these guys do need time and these other substances to get there own test production going…