Chael Sonnen Addresses Wanderlei Silva Mr. Olympia Confrontation (video)

October 3, 2013
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Chael Sonnen at the UFC 148 press conferenceIt’s no secret that UFC fighters Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva do not like each other.  The two recently had a face-to-face run-in during the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition and expo in Las Vegas and Sonnen addresses the confrontation during this week’s edition of UFC Tonight.

Courtesy of Fox Sports

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  • Eric Adams

    Dana White should go behind the scenes and let Sonnen be the face of the UFC.

    • Jerm137

      You mean he’s not………

  • wow

    Wany. Stop calling someone out when you TURNED DOWN the fight and asked for ridiculous amounts of money. you remind me of the ex girlfriend who got dumped and then told everyone you dumped the guy and and yet keep calling his house at 3 in the morning. Chael accepted a much more difficult fight against Rashad, one that you turned down. Move on.

  • Exodus

    If Pettis was on the street allowed to do aboslutely any and everything he cannot do in the cage where everything is permitted…… RUN!

  • Kbroesq

    Man, I’ve always liked Silva and not liked Sonnen very much, but Silva looks like such a freaking mindless gorilla in all of this, and Sonnen looks reasonable. Who’d-a-thunk it?

    I think they should cancel the Evans fight and make this fight happen. Of course, then Silva will probably get an injury, or refuse to fight again. Not very cool, Silva. But I’m sure he’s not trying to impress me; he’s trying to impress the mindless Brazilian fans who hate anyone with white skin.

    • Lucas Freire

      As a Brazilian I must say you got it right.
      It’s all a rubbish publicity stunt that give “us” all the impression of how “bad boy” and how “terrifying” Wand is, when in fact he’s irrelevant for the last 6 or 7 years. I mean, he’s 5-7 since 2006 and his biggest win is Bisping 3 years ago.

      • Jerm137

        I love Chael and he beats Wand hands down, but I would rather meet 3 Chaels in an alley than Wand. He is a scary dude. I can just see him standing above and stomping on your head…lol

        • Lucas Freire

          Yeah, Wand is indeed scary but he’s long past his prime. While he may still have the same hype tools he doesn’t pose the same threat he used to on his Pride unbeatable days

    • I give you a vote up just because “mindless gorilla” had me laughing. 😉

    • Francis

      You’re right about almost everything… The skin color isn’t a big of a deal there in Brazil though

  • jeremy

    I think it’s great that Pettis seen this and automatically went and backed Chael. I bet thats when Winy Wandy walk away once he seen Chael had back up.



  • charly

    come on guys, petis is a jerk
    wanderlei would smash him to death … thats not really fair at all … that boy looks like a match

    • wow

      huh? have you not watched either guy fight in the last 3 years? Pettis is one of the best kick boxers around…Wandy’s wild haymakers would never land. Pettis would KO him

      • SSS

        I think Anthony may tucker him out. Hard guy to hit…

  • David

    Wanderlei will whip that ass!!!

    • Michael J Wilding

      yeah right just like shogun did huh lol Shogun is 10 times the fighter wandi is and chael owned him.

      • David

        Wanderlei is a great fighter he just doesn’t have a chin. Chael cannot knock him out and Wanderlei’s ground game will surprise you I mean the dude trains with Maia.

        • Michael J Wilding

          wandi was a great fighter not is. His ground game is nothing like Maia and shogun is twice the fighter wandi is. Everyone said the same thing about Rua that his ground game is underrated and he will surprise you, and ive seen all wandis fights never has he or shogun showed a great ground game. In fact there just BJJ guy in a world dominated by wrestlers who all know BJJ, these Brazillians are falling way behind especially these old guys. They all practice 2 forms of MMA thia fighting and BJJ and thats just not enough now days.

          • Lucas Freire

            You just said it all. Not only Brazillian old guys, but all the old guys in general. lol
            I know Glover is not young, but he already represents a new generation of brazilian fighters, with good wrestling and good BJJ.

          • Michael J Wilding

            yep for sure and while you gotta respect glovers power and abilities im not sure he matches up well with jones. I dont think he will be able to get past his range but we will see.

          • Lucas Freire

            I agree completely with you. If you look at all hard hitters at LHW, they’re heavy and bulky, but short when in comparison to Jones.


    couldn’t be said better mr Sonnen !!!

  • Michael J Wilding

    thats funny wandi you said chael was scared, he didnt look scared he looked ready to beat your ass like he did shogun. You know shogun the guy you hide behind that uncle chael destroyed, now you want to try act tough while you been ducking chael the whole time. LOL YOUR A HAS BEEN!!!

  • Ping

    Silva is just trying to help generate enough interest to get the money. It got views on youtube, and now it’s being talked about on tv. Hopefully Rashad doesn’t knock Chael cold so maybe we can see silva vs sonnen within a 3 or 4 months of the rashad fight.

    • John Bunch

      You nailed it. Wandy is playing the game…the game lots of people will start playing as they see more and more fighters get rewarded for it.

  • dave chandler

    chaul sommen is moron

    • dgs

      You’re calling Chael a “moron” when you can’t even spell his name correctly? Good one, moron!