Chad Mendes Scrum Video: ‘I’m in a Good Position’ Whether Aldo Wins or McGregor Does

April 3, 2015
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Although he’s staring down a fight with Ricardo Lamas on Saturday, Chad Mendes spent much of his Thursday scrum with the media in Fairfax, Va., answering questions about Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor.

If he defeats Lamas, Mendes puts himself in an excellent position for another shot at the UFC featherweight title. And while he wants to avenge two previous losses to Aldo, and has a strong desire to shut McGregor’s mouth, Mendes doesn’t think it matters much whether Aldo or McGregor wins in July.

Mendes and Lamas face each other in the UFC Fight Night 63 main event on Saturday in Fairfax, Va.


Check out Chad Mendes’ full UFC Fight Night 63 media scrum, courtesy of

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  • Sir_Roy

    Mendes is actually a well spoken bloke. I hope he gets past Lamas. And now, just cuz I think the lead up would be funny as hell, I want to see Mendes fight Conor.

  • Seth

    3 things has to happen in order for Chad to get title shot soon
    1. He has to beat Lamas
    2. Connor has to beat Aldo
    3. Faber has to beat Edgar

    And that’s pretty hard lsit to get 3 for 3. But I root for it to happen, Chad Vs Connor would be nice scrap 🙂

    • drkdisciple

      I like your logic just doubt that a guy that is 0-2 against Aldo would ever get a third shot…his best bet if McGregor wins.

      • Seth

        Thats why I said those are 3 things that has to happen ALL. Including McGregor beating Aldo, so Aldo isn’t champ anymore 😉