Chad Mendes: ‘If the UFC is Smart, They Will Not Put Conor McGregor in with a Guy Like Me’

October 16, 2014
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UFC featherweight Conor McGregor has, at one point or another, called out every ranked fighter in the UFC’s 145-pound division. He’s levied insults via social media, critiqued them in interviews, and engaged in several wars of 140 characters with potential opponents on Twitter.

Top 145-pound contender Chad Mends has been a target of the brash Irishman’s criticisms, but believes it’s in the UFC and McGregor’s best interest to not match the two up. McGregor may be the division’s biggest star, but Mendes has zero doubt that he’d demolish the Dublin native in a fight.

“If the UFC is smart, if Dana [White] is smart, they will not put him in with a guy like me,” Mendes recently told The Great MMA Debate Podcast. “There are multiple guys that will beat this guy in the division. I think I would kill him.”

The Team Alpha Male trained fighter cited the likes of Dennis Bermudez, Clay Guida, and Nik Lentz as other bad match-ups for the rising contender.

“All of these guys that are strong wrestlers that can take a punch and keep coming and have great gas tanks will destroy him,” he asserted.

While Mendes would like nothing more than to silence the hype surrounding McGregor, he sees the worth of the 26-year-old to the organization and the featherweight division.

“I think the UFC needs to keep building him up. This guy is obviously bringing a lot of attention to the division, a lot of attention to the sport. He’s a superstar now, so I would love to get in there and dismantle the guy,” said Mendes. “But I think if the UFC is smart, they wouldn’t allow that.

“I would love to dismantle the dude.”

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  • projectchapter2

    +1 for Mendes’ intelligence. He is 100% on point. If you can wrestle and have a chin, you will probably beat McGregor at this point… in a few years, who knows?

    • Just-scrap-nation

      Yeah but ill believe it when I see it. I think it will take more than reputation and credentials to beat McGregor. Those wrestlers mentioned have never fought strikers like McGregor, plain and simple. If they can’t take McGregor down they’re done-zo. McGregor doesn’t take his time either, he could easily make them uncomfortable fast and diving for sloppy takedowns. Mendes is acting like if you’re a wrestler you can easily take McGregor down and the fight is over. Get real.

  • TRT-rex

    To me it sounds like he is ducking. “I’ll kill him, but I don’t think Its a good idea for ufc?”. Basically your saying you think you can beat him, but you want some else to prove he is beatable first. Just call the dude out cause talk is cheap in mma. It’s a bunch of blah blah until the cage doors close. And no one can deny Conor’s ground game until someone can get him their. Everyone thinks he can’t wrestle, but no one has gotten him down, so he might be legit!

    • TRT-rex’smom

      That is not what he said dude.

      Pretty much Mendes is asking for Connor in a very calculated way.

      • TRT-rex

        It actually exactly what he said. You just interpret it different. And don’t mention my mom unless your willing to be a man and talk about her to my face. And if you are willing to talk about her id be happy to meet you if you live in LA area to give you that oppurtunity. Turd

    • mmalive


      Are you still being STUPID by JUICING on the TRT?

      That stuff is FRYING your brain guy.

      Back to the subject.

      Mendes will CRUSH Mcgregor.

      Striking, wrestling, cardio, etc…

      Conor is a a LOUD MOUTHED JACK A$$

      He will get the BEATING he deserves from any ranked contender.

      • TRT-rex

        Sorry guy. I don’t read your post cause you write in one sentence paragraph. Looks like a shopping list. So until you write in normal sentences and paragraph I just look past your post. And all this talk is really for naught. Aldo is gonna ko mendes again. Mendes hasn’t fought a striker since Aldo ko’d h the first time.

        • mmalive

          No Mr. LOSER TRT-rex. I will write in basic paragraph style so you can understand. Your screen name did you in fool. Your analogies su*k big time with no common sense period. Mendes pointed out that he will be more than willing to dismantle Mcgregor. Mendes does not want UFC to look stupid when he does that to Conor if the pair were matched up.UFC is building up Conor and for him to lose to Mendes makes them real dumb. Any top ranked fighter will crush Mcgregor.

          • TRT-rex

            Incorrect. Everything you said. You can try hard but you’ll never convince anyone your right troll. By the way. Also will ko mendes. Conor will fight Aldo. That’s fact. And yes, paragraph form is a lot more legible.

          • mmalive

            Mr. JUICER TRT-rex, Your dumb a$$ screen name is a MOCKERY and DISGRACE. I do not need to convince anyone I am right mr stupid. My comments are fact and reality. Look at my screen name guy. Not some scum bag TRT-rex JUICER like you. BTW, I rare;y spend much time on the boards. Every now and then I pop in to see what is happening. I post replies that deemed necessary to put you in your place. Your STUPID ANALOGIES and LACK of any MMA knowledge is fun to expose. Seems like my points get under people’s skin because comments are quite TRUE.

            Conor is trying to make waves at 155 division. He will get buried and carried out on stretcher. Any top ranked fighter( Melendez, Diaz, Thompson, Henderson, Cerrone, Alverez, etc…. will DEMOLISH Mcgregor.

          • TRT-rex

            Seems to me like I got under your skin. You started writing in paragraph form to, didn’t you? And my screen name makes me a juicer? Your funny. And you come on this web site and post all the time. And you always reply, and tell people how stupid they are! That is a TROLL. Everyone that reads this site regularly knows exactly who you are, so do lie and say you pop on here in there. You pop on when you feel you can run your mouth. Troll

          • mmalive

            Dummy, TRX-rex,

            Think BEFORE you speak LOSER.

            Take a look at my posts and dates.

            I do not live on my computer every single day like you LOW LIFE.

            I pop in when I see dummies like you with IDIOT analogies and lack of mma knowledge.

            I put them in their place.

            Keep on posting your stupid replies. I will be more than willing to reply when I pop in.

            BTW, Your TRT juicing is destroying your brain.

          • William Money

            Yah…good call…lol

          • William Money

            It gets worse…lol

      • William Money

        And this, ladies and gentlemen, is about as wrong as you can get…Idiot…

  • Conor can do it all. The basic striking wrestling style is predictable and easy to defend. Conor’s angles and movement in that relaxed sniper state will strike holes through any wrestler. His reach is a real advantage and he is freaky strong. Hitting like a truck is not what feather or light weight is used to.

    • BarrysHypocrisy

      It won’t matter how good a striker McGregor is when a strong wrestler takes him down, sits on his chest and then starts dropping elbows on his face.

      The UFC will keep spoon feeding him more strikers so they can keep the hype train going.

      • kyle

        exactly. Mendes will destroy Connor and Connor will look like the little punk he is. A bully who can’t back it up because he talks trash to the best. Terry, you may know some things but you have no clue about this nightmare matchup for Connor.

        • William Money


    • FunnyPeople

      Wow you must be bored you spend all day on here giving Conor verbal blowjobs. lol

      • I have time, money and intenest in adding value. I expect comments like yours due to the barrier of protection between people like you and me. You are safe and feel free. It’s a better life when you are nice.

  • I’m a little bit more informed on this than the average internet guy. Takedown defense and ground grappling skills are honed well. He is trained by a very wise coach. He’ll play off of any of those guys disadvantages mentally and physically. He fights formless and adapts to anything while unleashing precision devastation. I know this as fact. Everyone of these guys are predictable and emotionally volatile except for Franky and Cub. They are less predictable and not easily provoked.

    • TRT-rex

      At least someone understands how legit thus dude is!

      • thanks. Conor loves the smoke and mirrors to be deceptive and also raise his stock/PPV value. Most UFC fighters and internet warriors fall hook line and sinker for the craziness that is his real persona. But behind the scenes, there is a disciplined and highly skilled assassin. A white Bruce Lee. He has humility but nobody sees it because its too easy to get these dumb Alpha Male Yang Only prize fighters all jacked up with envy, jealousy and anger. These guys are defeated on social media, then in interviews they get crushed and then they meet him face to face and he stares through you with warrior level confidence and then talks publicly about all your insecurities as the truly are and then says “you’re a weak little old broken man” and then predicts the inevitable 1st round KO

        • Rush Fanbaugh

          I love what you wrote. Conor is as serious as one can get inside the gym and as far as devotion to his craft, but it seems to be all play and mischief after that, which seems to rankle the more uptight fighter dudes, naturally what Conor is hoping for. I wonder how GSP would have handled the antics of the likes of a future opponent such as Conor.

        • oss

          Jack slack says your wrong and he is lightyears beyond you

        • Caminelli

          I love mcgregors antics and his brash, witty insults..let’s hope that he can back it up with the top echelon fighters at 145 because he’s entertaining as hell

          • Due to confidentiality I can’t be specific but I have consulted in his division. Let’s just say Conor knows himself and studies the mental game in terms of UFC draw and provication tactics that are rooted in his true persona but he’s complex. He has relentless work ethic, deep desire to learn and be creative in movement and the assisn like demeanor in the cage. Formless and emotionless like Fedor. That’s about as clear and effortless as one can be in the Octagon. That is honed in practice and study.
            Marital Artist not a college wrestler rooted in Alpha Male Yang energy. Conor is mix of Fedor, Anderson and Bruce Lee while being himself. He’s a modern prize fighter and Martial Artist with a personality/style that is interesting and natural. This is what makes money. This irritates the dumb and unevolved becuase they focus on the irrelevant or get envious or angry. They lose focus and become intimidated or overly Bravado while losing sight of the fact that Conor will Take them all out in devastating fashion until they respect him and flow with the antics. Flow, laugh at his jokes, laugh at oneself, mirror Conor… The only way to diffuse his confidence.

          • TRT-rex

            You are right on the nose. Makes me think you’ve trained Conor lol.

          • Thanks for the nice reply. I can’t comment on who I consult with just the general nature of MMA and divisions. I don’t see anyone able to beat him in Feather or Lightweight but the equalizer will be Conor losing his humility behind the scenes, desire to prize fight or the lure of film (Guy Ritchie Films are perfect for him).
            He would have competition physically at 170 but he will evolve so that is scary for any weight division. His grappling and wrestling is real top notch.
            It’s not even about one style or another. It’s about all the untapped movements possible using any combat skill or your own creation within the rules. I’m a big fan of the Freeze technique using stillness, body language and your eyes to halt the opponents Yang energy and offsetting the pace of the opponent while allowing yourself to dictate pace changes in awkward patterns. One has to use the crowd’s energy to force the impatience of the opponent. Booing can make a fighter vulnerable to counter striking. There is so much Psychology that many fighters lack

          • TRT-rex

            Agree. A lot of fans never consider the mental aspect of the game. But like you, I feel it can be one of the most important tools in mma. Conor has the confidence of a lion yet, his opponents call it cocky? But the way I see it if he wasn’t in the heads of all these fighters, then they simply wouldnt talk about him all the time like they do. Mendes hasn’t beat Aldo but he is thinking about Conor? That is what Conor wants lol. I looks forward to reading more of your insightful posts, and hopefully you post more often to share you information! You seem to have a lot of insight

          • I think it’s hard to ignore Conor because he draws so much attention on Twitter and Video. He’s nutty and funny. He certainly says things that are technically disrespectful but in reality “respect is only relevant to the skills and ability to play off of an opponents movement or fear/lack of confidence”. Verbal respect or disrespect are irrelevant to fighting in a pure sense. It comes into play if you can use either to make the opponent like you or dislike you. Both are useful. It’s a good strategy to be likable or dislikable. Conor says it’s business not personal. It’s cruel, ruthless but never personal except when his opponents can’t see that and make it personal.
            The Martial law of Neutrality is crucial to unarmed combat. The like and dislike are useless to defeating an opponent.
            in 500 BC, Confucius said, “If you are planning revenge, you better dig two graves.” In modern combat with rules it means that your vitriol/avengeful or revengeful attitude will lead to errors and/or the state of mind leads to an angry soul. Both aren’t good.
            Mendes really believes he can destroy Conor. In reality only Conor truly has the skills and confidence to dismantle Mendes easily. Mendes really has limited weapons and his mindset isn’t a weapon in the least,
            Aldo said. “I dont see anything in Conor” Well, hopefully that is a ploy to make Conor angry but I doubt he’ll achieve his goal. When the timing is right, Conor will make Aldo emotional. He likes to intimidate by stating insecurities or poor skills as fact or meet face to face and stare through their soul.
            I’ll touch on the Yin/Yang another time

          • William Money

            Terry…are you clairvoyant?…Good call on basically everything…lol

          • I appreciate it. I’ve been in pro sports for a long time as an athlete and coach. I train MMA 6 days week so my opinions aren’t out of my ass. Lol

          • citizenrich

            mcgregors wrestling is nowhere near “top notch”. The more I read your poppycock, the more you expose yourself as a know nothing windbag.

            How’s this? I personally know dozens of high school kids who would hammer McGregor in folk, freestyle or Greco. He probably couldn’t score a point off a kid like Jarod Verkleeren. Pick a weight for McGregor and I’ll give you the names of 10 kids just from Young Guns who would major him each time they wrestle. Guaranteed. Keep in mind: these are high school kids.

          • MMA bonehead. It’s about effective wrestling to wear down or set up a finish. Watch the wrestler focused learn the hard way. Even DC changed his wrestling style to make it work fluidly in the MMA. What the f— do you know about fighting anyway? Have you ever fought?

          • citizenrich

            I was a d1 wrestler and my son will wrestle for Cornell next year.

            You can do your own research and learn how big of a deal that is…

            I’ll let you know the next time he’s on TV so you can watch.

            Have a nice day!

          • I respect all forms of combat and sport. I wish your son the best. If MMA is his goal then educate in as many forms of combat from a physical and a philosophical perspective. Brock Lesnar and Matt Hughes would have a terribly difficult time fighting in this day an age. Just think, 5-10 years from now, you’ll see such high level everything.

          • citizenrich

            Thank you for your well wishes as they appear to be sincere. I truly appreciate your cordiality .

            I don’t seek to publish (another) dissertation because my first one was a headache so I’ll be as brief as possible. This is also in the context of the fact that I’m probably a much more casual MMA fan than you are.

            In the last 10 years, there have been 791 separate division 1 All-Americans. This is for folk style only and doesn’t include other cross disciplines like Greco. If I add in the other (2) divisions plus JUCO the number of All-Americans is +2000. The large number of AA’s may suggest that it’s not such an exclusive distinction. On the contrary: there have been 2.5 million American boys who actively participated in organized school wrestling in the same 10 year period. This means a wrestler has a .0008% probability of becoming an All-American wrestler!

            As you can see, it’s a ridiculously impressive and almost impossible distinction.

            Let’s just focus on the 791. Out of that 791, only 2 or 3% of those have gone into MMA as a professional endeavor.

            Yet those 2 or 3% have had incredible success and have replaced Brazilians as the dominate force in UFC. Before the last HW title change, American wrestlers owned 6 out of 8 male divisions. The (2) exceptions were 145 (Aldo) and 155 (Pettis).

            The simple explanation for the recent takeover of UFC by folk style wrestlers is economic. As the compensation has risen, more wrestlers like Chris Weidman and TJ Dillashaw have entered the game. Remember, these guys have college educations and have no reason to keep getting their heads and faces smashed in for less than the value of a scholarship which is around $50,000 per year.

            Let’s continue to focus on Weidman for a second. This guy is working on his PhD. He doesn’t need to fight for a living. He was drawn in by the money, plain and simple. I know this because I know Chris personally.

            You mentioned that you train MMA (6) days a week, yes? Think about this fact for a moment: Chris Weidman entered and was winning Absolute Level no-gi BJJ tourneys just THREE MONTHS after first trying BJJ. He almost beat the great Andre Galvao @ ADCC just SIX MONTHS after first trying BJJ.

            That would be like a 25 year old, 150 pound man taking Floyd Mayweather to a 12 round decision 6 months after first trying boxing.

            What happens when 10% or 15% of All-Americans enter MMA as opposed to the current 2 or 3%? I suggest “wrestlers” will have even more success. Or, maybe they’ll kill the sport with leg rides and top control? Lol

            I guess I am indeed a windbag. I hope you understand my point(s).



          • Makes complete sense of those stats are correct. It’s clear that wrestling in all styles provides a physical and mental base that translates well to No Gi grappling like BJJ, MMA grappling which can be any blend of grappling. Catch wrestling has been taking off due to Josh Barnett’s success. Judo and Sambo as well. It’s all human movement that blends technique, athlete interpretation IE Art and super conditioning. The thing I’m seeing now is the rules in MMA give far too much credit and points for take downs and ineffective top game. You can split a guy open from the bottom, trap and defend and not get rewarded by the judges. Kinda like the stupid rules in boxing like clinching and holding except at least they don’t reward the clincher. In high level BJJ, the guy on bottom can do more because he has more options and doesn’t have to fear getting smashed in the face. This is my long Windbag reply that wresting is excellent but is clearly on form of the MMA equation and more and more are defending it well now. As you saw Conor’s display of composure and energy efficiency on bottom. Chad like many wrestlers over exert and over commit without a well rounded ground submission game. Also, If you can’t strike well then you are toast. Look at Pat Cummins and Phil Davis. Awesome one dimensional fighters that gas themselves using wrestling or win boring dry humping decisions.
            It’s clear Weidman appreciated the nuances of the ground game and used the wresting to set up his success in BJJ here and in Abu Dhabi.
            Mr Windbag #2 must stop now.
            Be well

          • What do you have to say now windbag?

          • citizenrich

            Mcgreger’s wrestling is even WORSE than I thought. He sucks. Everything I wrote in my comment is still 100% true.

          • It’s the negativity you project that is annoying. Fighting success isn’t a singular disciplined approach. Hence, being a D1 all american isn’t a fool proof skill to win at the very top. All top wrestlers have learned and are quickly learning that this is MIXED martial arts and they must know how to efficiently and effectively use skills. Chad used an Alpha male Yamg dominant approach and it clearly failed. His gas tank was sabotaged by viscous body shots so it played out exactly as I thought. Wasted one dimensional energy by Chad, energy zapping body shots by Conor, BJJ guard by Conor f—ing with his head and resting then Unstoppable Muay Thai combos that will crumble any wrestler. Dancer said Conor would quit and the opposite happened. Chad got blasted and looked for a way out. The bully always cowers when he can’t get his way and gasses. Don’t give me the full camp BS excuse. The whole Alpha Male camp said he could go 5 rounds. The body shots killed 3 of those rounds. Chad is a good sport but he is not a well rounded MMA fighter. He is a wrestler puncher with no real fight IQ.
            I like him. BTW, Conor had a torn MCL in that fight and still defended some take downs. Bottom line. I’m right about Conor and you weren’t so take it like a man. I know MMA because I fight and train MMA not one discipline. Those days are over.

        • JJDNB

          is he paying you to hype him up or are you just being a good boyfriend?

    • deepgrim

      still i think a good wrestler will give him a serious test, have seen videos on his grappling evolution since the joseph duffy fights but he still hasnt been seen on his back for a while, or tested by an elite wrestler. havent said that he wont be easy to takedown as he has a strength and reach advantage on nearly all of the division. But then we say the same thing about aldo and it never matters to him. Do you think mc gregor can defeat aldo on the feet?

      • Not sure cuz nobody has crystal ball. Aldo has skills but I’m not so sure he can absorb Conor’s power and his size will limit his ability to break Conor’s defense. The size isnt the real issue if you have angles and unpredictable movement/timing. Aldo is pretty basic, explosive with brutal leg kicks so that is still an issue for Conor.

        • deepgrim

          i think aldo can put together the best 6 or 7 muay thai shot combo in ufc i wouldnt say he is basic, but connor fights at a different range than most fighters. john kavanagh talkes about how he sees fighters expressions change when they get hit by connor, so it would be interesting to see how aldo reacts to it and does it change aldos style. i heard a rumour that mc gregor is going to fight dennis silver and if aldo beat mendes he will get a title shot in ireland in june

          • It’s not easy to plod forward in a Muay Thai manner on Conor because he never allows you to set your timing because his movement isn’t based on Style. Aldo can of course counter or leap in but not likely. Conor has a way of throwing off timing to shoot on him or set up combinations. He lures them into single limb fighting and has wicked counter striking that creates doubt and fear. The lead jab arm pawing and the fancy kicks are methods to annoy, deceive and find his own timing while rendering the opponent frustrated, over anxious or single limbed. It’s hard to beat. The wrestlers are banking on feinting and a single/ double leg or fake punches then take down. As if Conor doesn’t know that style. Yeah right. Conor is right. The featherweight are deteriorating and basic while being highly delusional about what Conor does so special. They are unvevolved and mostly athletes turned fighters with no understanding of Yin/Yang in combat or prize fighting for money

          • deepgrim

            i dont like the flat footed muay thai style either, the in and out style allows a fighter to strike on their terms and be more in control of the way a fight goes. speed may a factor in the fight too, if aldo can edge the speed then he can negate a lot of connors style, dillashaws speed really won the battle over baroa’s power, but all that remains to be seen. i look forward to the fight when/if the fight happens

        • Caminelli

          Yeah. That knockout of Mendes was so “basic.” If Aldo and mcgregor fight i don’t see it going 5 rounds..aldo is unbeatable if his gas holds up.

          • It was a well timed strike but remember who he was fighting . Mendes has to wrestle. It’s his only weapon and leaves himself vulnerable to athletic coordinated power strikes. Aldo is not easy to take down so the wrestling cage grappling is a waste of energy. Assuming Aldo is the 3.0 version of himself then a McGregor fight would be interesting but that flat footed walking forward won’t cut it

          • Caminelli

            Trust me. I’m paying pay per view money to see Aldo vs mcgregor if it were to happen. I think Mendes will grind out a win if he gets past the 3rd round. Hopefully Aldo comes out HUNGRY like his WEC days

        • JJDNB

          I’ve heard Jose Aldo described in a lot of ways but never has basic

          • The way he Aldo utilizes his skills has been unpredictable and dynamic in the past but not against a truly gifted striker like Conor. I meant his overall skill set has been basic in that he uses knees, chins, low kicks and fairly basic punching. However, those skills are lethal but they are also understood. His low kick sets all the other stuff up and his TDD is excellent. I don’t discredit Aldo at all. He’s a talented athlete fighter and too tough for everyone but Conor.
            I see talent as it is. I have no vested interest in anyone.

  • solo

    You cant scare someone who cant be scared!
    This is how i see it …
    It will take much more than a great wrestler to beat McGregor!
    I dont believe for a second that Chad have Aldo’s number this time.
    He was 0-7 on takedowns in 1st fight. So…
    When Aldo beats him again. UFC should make Aldo vs McGregor official ASAP.
    Its great for them, for the sport, for both fighters, and for us fans.

    • deepgrim

      connor seems to have a mental edge on everyone he fights, i wonder how much of it is for show or is he just that confident. he seems to be winning fights before he even steps in the octogon with mental preparation

      • JJDNB

        That’s exactly what I was thinking. Dustin Poriorierer looked absolutely bewildered before that fight.
        Crazy how even a trained killer can get shook just from some trash talk.

        I think that Connor McGregor is very confident in himself and his abilities but it also has a lot to do with marketing and building hype

    • huh?

      Dat stance though.. Have seen it of Conor? He stands so wide-footed that his front leg is like a steak waiting to be softened with some hard soccer kicks. That fight between Conor and Aldo is only challenging if Conor comes out with a different style, otherwise his leg will be gone by the end of the first round

      • He’ll adjust and check those kicks or slip away then forcing Aldo to do more than capable and take risk. That’s what a pure counter fighter like Conor does so well. Bait and switch

        • JJDNB

          Or he could eat the kick for a chance at a heavy counter strike.

  • The Prognosticator

    Chad Mendes made some salient points in this interview with the Great MMA debate regarding Conor McGregor being untested against wrestlers with great cardio. However, I think the bigger issue still remains the fact that McGregor hasn’t really beaten anyone of note in the UFC. The TKO victory over Dustin Poirier was predictable because Poirier hadn’t beaten anyone of note in his UFC career and had a fraudulent top 5 ranking from a comeback victory over Diego Brandao. As a result, I agree with Mendes that McGregor is basically still yet to be tested by the iron of the 145 lbs division. We’ll see how good McGregor truly is or is not when that happens.

    • Rush Fanbaugh

      Good points, but the 1st-Round TKO of Poirier was only “predictable in retrospect”. Who predicted it except for Conor himself?

      • The Prognosticator

        I predicted a Conor McGregor victory by TKO, however, I didn’t predict a round. Poirier has a weak chin and plods forward leaving his chin exposed. He was custom made for McGregor.

        • Rush Fanbaugh

          It really was genius matchmaking calculated probably to race Conor up the rankings in a hurry and give the UFC a huge promotional boost in a hurry too.

  • George Sperry

    I think he’s correct.

  • William Money

    Destroy McGregor?…Mendez was spot on…lol