CFA 11 Fight Video: Fallon Fox vs. Allanna Jones

May 25, 2013
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Fallon Fox subbing Allanna Jones AXS TVTransgender fighter Fallon Fox fought for the first time since controversy exploded around her. She stepped in the cage at CFA 11 with Allanna Jones with a world of weight on her shoulders.

Much of that weight had to be lifted when she stepped from the cage victorious, but Jones proved to be Fox’s toughest test to date.

Check out the full CFA 11 Fallon Fox vs. Allanna Jones fight video below, courtesy of AXS TV…

  • jason

    F*** this. Fallon is a dude!!!! This is wrong. Guy beats up a girl and everyone cheers?

    • Ron Couden

      Totally agree

  • melody jones

    Great! Let’s celebrate a guy beating up on women!
    Oh yeah…since he had an operation go look more like a woman, then its ok. Right?? Wrong
    Is this really news? The news will be when a woman kicks this guys arse!! Then write about it and celebrate the woman overcoming the obvious gender hurdles to beat a man in hand to hand combat.
    Its ridiculous that anyone would try and focus on him and not the women pressured into fighting him.
    Maybe he will throw a fight or two to at least pretend
    Its a fair fight. Really dumb to try and celebrate ” fallon fox”. If it was a woman who had surgery go look like a man , fighting and beating men, then that’s a real story!

    • shakejunt

      it’s not about “celebrating,” it’s about covering an issue that people are interested in and thus will get views.

  • fsunoles10

    yall are pathetic, encouraging such behavior. and giving a nobody so much attention when there are plenty of people who actually deserve it. i hope anybody that writes an article about this p.o.s. loses their arms in a horrific way but yea peace wont see me reading your shitty articles anymore.

    • shakejunt

      the way you get people to stop writing the articles is to stop clicking on them

  • Joeyjoejoejrshabidu

    Wow, that ring girls ass at 5:24 in the video. Nice!

  • Bob mma

    This is so wrong and under no circumstances will it ever be right. It’s a guy beating up a girl. Plain and simple. I don’t care about all the bs about Fallon claiming he/she has lower testosterone he/she used to be a man a d that’s the bottom line

  • Robin Santos

    That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak.–Matt Mitrione!!!!

  • Tony

    I think fallon fox vs cyborg is a fair matchup. id pay to see that.

  • Adam

    I love how they refer to Fallon as “she.” Matt Mitrione was 110% correct about this thing (referring to Fallon). I feel sick to know
    that in the 21st century a man can be applauded for beating up on a woman.