Cesar Gracie Says Condit vs. Diaz 2 Off Before It’s On: ‘There is Not Going to be a Rematch’

February 8, 2012
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As the world turns, so does the world of mixed martial arts.

Just as quickly as the saga twisted from no rematch between Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz to the rematch being agreed to, the plot thickens and the rematch is once again off the table.

Condit’s manager, Malki Kawa of First Round Management, on Tuesday told MMAWeekly.com that he and Condit’s camp didn’t think a rematch with Diaz following UFC 143 was the right move for Condit, who captured the interim UFC welterweight championship on Saturday night.

A few hours later, UFC president Dana White was tweeting about said rematch being offered to Condit and Condit accepting.

The light of Wednesday dawns an all-new scenario, however, as it appears that, from Diaz’s side of the story anyway, the rematch is not going to happen.

Diaz’s manager and trainer, Cesar Gracie, told MMAWeekly.com point blank on Wednesday, “There is not going to be a rematch.”

He would not elaborate on the subject, but flatly denied that the two are set to fight again any time soon. MMAJunkie.com first reported word from Gracie that there would not be a rematch.

What that means is purely speculation at this point, as no one appears to have a clear answer, other than Gracie saying the rematch is off, countering what seemed to apparent Tuesday night.

“All I know for sure is that we’re meeting with Dana on Friday,” Kawa told MMAWeekly.com on Wednesday when asked about the status of the fight.

So, for now at least, it appears the rematch is once again off. Where that leaves Condit, hopefully we’ll know following his meeting with White on Friday. There are clearly options on the table.

Aside from the rematch, he could opt to wait for Georges St-Pierre to return from injury, which is targeted for October or November. That appeared to be the initial preference of Condit and his camp. Or he could opt to take another fight in the meantime, possibly against a fighter like Josh Koscheck or, should he win next week, Jake Ellenberger.

But for now, that is all conjecture until Condit meets “with the powers that be.”

(Damon Martin contributed to this report.)

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  • LOL

    • MrAdidas

      Indeed – what a bunch of morons!

      • RonnieV

        “It’s probably some contract issues, maybe some posturing — I know I was (posturing) this week, trying to leverage certain things here and there. That’s a fight they definitely want — they contested it, they were the first ones saying they wanted a rematch, they were the ones saying Carlos didn’t win. For us it’s a no-brainer and it’s really the only fight out there for us right now considering Georges St-Pierre is on a long layoff. If the fight’s not happening, it’s not on our end. Everything will be ironed out Friday, but as of right now Carlos spoke to Dana White and said he would fight Nick. That’s where we’re at right now.”
        – Malki Kawa to Mauro Ranallo on The MMA Show

        • RonnieV

          I’ve said it before, it’s all about the money. Every party involved (UFC, Condit, Diaz, and GSP) benefits from this rematch. No other welterweight fight out there would generate the dollars & interest that this fight would. After Saturday, the GSP-Condit fight didn’t look that appealing based on their styles. If Condit beats Diaz again, it will be a more appealing fight, and a bigger sell. If he loses, the UFC will get their huge GSP-Diaz pay day. End the posturing on Friday, and give us this rematch.

    • alhmiel

      Diaz deserves nothing as he is not good for MMA. Diaz is a mean non respecting thug unworthy of any glory. Hope Diaz fades away forever.

      • mark248am

        not to that extreme but i have to agree somewhat. at least from the impression we get watching him on tv he doesn’t seem to have any respect to the sport or his opponents.

    • elainegray

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  • ajmadic


  • RonnieV

    An the drama continues!

  • Posturing for more money?

    • RonnieV

      Posturing for Money? Location? Date? No Primetime? lol (even though I thought it was awesome

      • RonnieV

        Or Diaz failed his drug test. NSAC reported somebody from UFC 143 failed their drug test. No names have been reported yet.

  • shaman

    I think he’s going to box

  • Bob

    UFC will have his contract locked up so tight that he won’t be able to box until he fights however many fights are left on his contract.

    • Wrong Top Rank is scouting him…Arum and his lawyers would buy him out of his contract. With his style and notarary there are few big money fights for Nick…Chavez Jr, Margarito, Martinez are just a few. Plus, Nick brings his MMA PPV loyalist for the porential matchups. Big money for Nick…I would choose option B if retiring early is what he desires.

      • Prodigy815

        What is notarary and porential?

  • Triggerman99

    This is getting weird. Maybe Diaz is fighting Silva instead. LOL

  • KBEsq

    Okay, here’s my prediction, and you have to give me mad props if I am right:

    I actually think Nick has an injury that he sustained from the fight. Condit DID set a record for leg strikes landed in a single UFC fight, and a lot of those leg kicks were not “baby slaps.”

    My prediction is pure speculation, but for the life of me, I cannot think of a single reason why the rematch would not go forward because of Diaz, and all indications are that it’s his camp that said no. Furthermore, why are they being so quiet about the reasoning behind the decision?

    • I don’t think Diaz is injured. I don’t think Diaz wants an immediate rematch because the same thing will happen. Diaz needs some other fights to hone is strategy.

  • matty

    Never mind Diaz why would condit take this fight? He has the interim title and a gauranteed shot at gsp why would he risk that? Diaz is a strikeforce caliber fighter he doesn’t deserve another shot. Diaz clearly lost the fight and shouldnt even be in UFC. Ellenberger will be ww champ by end of 2012 and I am willing to bet on that. If conduit fights again before gsp it should be against a kos type UFC fighter not strike force.

    • Its going to be hard for Ellenberger to be champion by the end of the year after he loses to Sanchez next week

    • p3ezy

      you are a fool

    • RonnieV

      Condit would take this fight if he wants to make more money, and it sounds like he wants it.

  • Mario

    …. Whatever! 🙁

  • pooby

    Hmmm, Condit agreed to the rematch, Diaz won’t do it. Who’s running from the fight now?

    I think it’s unprofessional for Dana to shout about a rematch when Diaz hadn’t agreed to it yet.

    • RonnieV

      How about wait for some facts before you make a statement like that. Nobody on here has a clue of what is going on behind the scenes, regarding a possible rematch.

      • pooby

        If roles were reversed, if Diaz signed for the rematch and Condit refused, Diaz’s response would be a middle finger and the word “bitch”.

  • Towers66

    Pooby, I hate you.

  • Diaz doesn’t deserve a Title Shot? Really? What crack are you smoking? I am so tired of you “Character Police” judging Diaz on his behavior rather than his fighting ability? You guys talk **** and none of you would last 1 round with him. Im not even a Diaz fan, but I am a MMA fan and for that I like watching him fight.

    Just because some retard refs gave Condit a unanimous decision, doesn’t mean the fight was that way. I could’ve even settled for a draw. You should never be rewarded for running in any fight! Why can’t Diaz get an immediate rematch? You see Edgar and Maynard did right away. Its the best fight possible.

    Now Condit’s camp might not want that fight with Diaz, cuz he an extremely hard guy to fight. Nobody want to see Condit Vs Kos or Ellenberger. Those fight are a joke and won’t generate any fan interest.

    • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

      Agreed on who Nick Diaz is. The guy is a total ****, but the fact of the matter is that he is one helluva fighter. People love to pick favorites and they love to pick guys to hate. Some hate Jon Jones or Michael Bisping or Chael Sonnen, etc. One thing they all do: The come to fight every single time.

      Totally disagree with the notion that Carlos was running away. He was one of the first guys to fight Diaz with a smart gameplan not involving takedowns and lay ‘n pray wrestling crap. He moved backwards pummeling the crap out of Diaz the whole time. If you want to see pure running, go back and watch Houston Alexander run from Kimbo Slice. These two guys landed more strikes on each other. These two landed way more strikes in 5 than Shogun vs Machida 1. They landed more significant strikes than Shogun vs Henderson. Diaz and Condit both threw a lot of leather and you don’t do that by running. The correct word is moving backwards and counter-striking. Chuck Liddell used the same approach to KO Babalu the second time. Muhammed Ali used it on George Foreman. Backing up and running are two completely different things. In one case, you’re actually fighting. In the other case you’re not.

      I think it’s fair to ask the question, “Who was moving forward and who was moving back?” I think that if the two fighters come off fairly equal, it’s a decent tiebreaker. No tiebreaker needed her, Condit flat out hit Diaz a lot more than Diaz hit Condit in every round but 2. Diaz wins round two outright. Condit wins 1,3,4 outright. Round 5 is a coin-toss depending on how much weight you give the takedown vs Condit hugely outstriking and getting out of the back mount. But Condit only needed three rounds to win anyways.

    • adunners

      such a stupid concept. “you wouldnt last 1 round with him” so people cant voice their opinion? Cool story basically what you are saying is that if someone isnt in the field they cant make an observation. so if you dislike a movie and talk **** about that makes you no better than anyone talking about diaz. hell you cant have any ill will towards anything you cant do at a high level. Get outta here with that tired mma fanboy child reasoning. If someone wants to talk stuff on Diaz they have a right to their opinion.

      Last time I checked on fightmetric condit outstruck club foot diaz in siginifcant strikes. Circling and tagging someone isnt running its fighting smart. By the middle of the third diaz was so peppered he tried to resort to TDs because he was getting whomped so bad on the feet.

      I know you diaz fans love the guy and I admire that you have passion about him and think that he won the fight. But the judges were not wrong look at the stats man.

  • Well lets be objective here: What top ranked opponent has Diaz ever beaten? And a washed-up BJ Penn doesnt count.

    I’m waiting….I’m waiting…

    • RonnieV

      Washed up Penn? What was the outcome of Penn’s two prior fights last year? Oh yeah he knocked out Matt Hughes in less than a minute, and fought to a draw with the number #2 welterweight in the world (Fitch). Sounds washed up to me.

      • RubeKegal

        Ronnie, would you say BJ Penn was in shape for the 2nd round of his fight with Diaz? The clear answer is no. He dominated Round 1 and gassed VERY fast. And talk about a gifted decision, his “draw” with Fitch was more or less a 1 sided beatdown from the middle of round 2 on.

  • RubeKegal

    uncanny, how dare you use logic!! Beating Scott Smith and Thomas Denny should make Diaz top 3 in the world!!!!!

    ^^Picking up my sarcasm?

  • JRod

    I’m sick of all the drama. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but the only one that counts belong to the 3 judges that are ringside. All of them saw it Condit’s way, so… yeah. I was pulling for Carlos, but to say Diaz is a punk and that he’s overrated (etc) is ridiculous. A guy doesn’t get ranked #2 by being a scrub. I don’t see the point of a rematch; It wasn’t a split decision or controversial with any greasing, nutshots, eye pokes, yadda yadda. Get over this fight guys, and look forward to where these guys will end up.
    Both these guys are young and have long careers ahead of them. Don’t buy for a second that Nick’s quitting… We’ll get our rematch.

  • Triggerman99

    Well apparently GSP said he was willing to give up his title to fight Diaz if necessary. Since we’re simply speculating here (not like that matters because the hyperactive haters are gonna jump all over me for this anyway like I killed there dog or something), but maybe there was talk behind closed doors and the Diaz camp got wind that a Diaz/GSP non-title fight could happen.

  • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

    Here’s a crazy thought. What if Nick Diaz is sticking to his guns? What if he’d done with MMA? What if he doesn’t want the rematch because he’s serious about quitting the sport?

  • D-rail

    Why would Diaz want to chase Carlos aroud again expecting a fight. It’s pointless. All of Carlos’s chicks on here whinig and complaining that their HERO won a cardio match, should be happy with this and should tuck their distressed furburger and go have some tea with the others. Diaz is probably relaxing and blunting on your behalf, so look out for smoke signals with the middle finger just for u coming from CALI BABY!!!!

    • sameames

      There’s a good chance you might be dumb.

  • RubeKegal

    D-Rail, you a bitch

  • RubeKegal

    Diaz don’t want no more!! That leg be hurtin!!

    • Triggerman99

      Is that how you really talk?

      Even if his leg was hurt, we don’t even have a proposed date yet, so there would be no basis to decline the fight due to injury.
      However, if you’re saying Diaz simply got worked-over too much in the fight and doesn’t want to get hurt again, then I don’t even have words to describe how stupid that is.

      • adunners

        I dunno i dont know if he absorbed too much damage. But he was buckled with leg kicks and he took a beating. The one thing Diaz does have is a jaw. He got tagged a lot and out worked real bad. Diaz made bad decisions by just walking forward and doing nothing then letting carlos circle off jab and work combinations. It just really looked like Diaz had no answer for Condits gameplan. If there is a fighting reason for Diaz to say no then I would think that its because condit would just game plan like that again and beat him easy with circling and combos.

        Otherwise he is serious about quitting the game, because of some weird mistreatment he thinks he got when statistically he got worked bad. Eitherway I hope diaz doesnt retire. I dont like him at all but I think him being around brings in more viewers to the sport and that is a good thing.

  • D-rail

    RubeKegal, why don’t u gargle Condits’s nuts.

    • RubeKegal

      D-Rail, do you dislike facts? We showed you the FightMetric number that had Condit at 159-117 over Diaz and you shunned them. I am speaking facts.

      You simply love the manbutter Diaz releases onto your Honey Nut Cheerios right before you eat them. Get over it, Diaz lost and its not debatable.

      • RonnieV

        D-rail, don’t stoop to this inbreds antics. He’s the most classless idiot on here. He’s never made ONE knowledgable post. Fight Metric numbers don’t match Compustrike, they have Condit landing 12 more strikes than Compustrike (which seems to be the preferred source for UFC & all boxing). They also have Condit landing more strikes in 4 rounds, Compustrike has Diaz out striking Condit in two rounds, and one round he had one less strike. Condit won the fight, and I’m cool with that. Regardless, RubeKegal is ineterested in two things 1). His cousin/girlfriend 2).Bashing Diaz/fans at all costs .

        • RubeKegal

          Ronnie hates facts…he only loves breastfeeding from his dad and jerking off to the Diaz bros.

  • johnnylopes

    Its gonna happen… Condits manager just wants an equal payday as if he would to fight GSP, its pretty much a chess match. Condits managers aint lookin out for his rep if he waits for gsp.. they jus want a high pay check, Yeah he beat Diaz but you really wanna go out ike that? a cheap win where you ran the entire fight? and fight GSP for a low 6 figure deal? nah theyre waitin for Dana to offer 6 figures for the rematch wit Diaz which would be the better outcome and Condits managers can put there skill where the mouth is

  • Why are rematch? The same reason that Pac wants to fight Marquez again. When you have a public out-cry over a fight you need to do it again. Obviously Dana white doesn’t think Condit won the convincingly either. Just because you land more punches, doesn’t mean you won the fight. Punching and kicking while running backward should never be rewarded on ANY level. No sure how you could give rounds one, two, or five to condit. He ran the first two rounds. I gave condit rounds 3 and four because he stood his ground a little more. Round five you have to give to Diaz. Anytime somebody takes you down and attempts submissions, he controlled that round.

    I thought Diaz did enough to win the fight. I could have even settled for a draw. I just didn’t expect to pay $50 to watch a marathon.

    • maddawgmar

      Wow you need to put your helmet back and quit licking the windows onyour short bus. That is exactly what winning the fight means. You land more punches and do more damage, you win. That is the objective, doesn’t matter how you achieve it jus do it and you win. Condit did jus that.

    • KBEsq

      Yeah, this comment is not very smart. I don’t see how people think Diaz won round five just because he took Condit’s back for like 10 seconds.

      The way I thought of it was that Condit out struck Diaz in that round. Up until about the 4:30 mark, I had Condit 10/9, then when Diaz took Condit’s back, I was ready to change my score to a 10/9 for Diaz. Then at the last second, Condit got out of the bad position, and got on top of Diaz and started hitting him. That pretty much made me keep the 10/9 for Condit. I don’t think that’s an unreasonably explanation for giving Condit the round. Diaz did nothing when he got Condit’s back, and Condit got out of it quickly. In fact, the manner in which Diaz took Condit’s back wasn’t even that impressive. He managed to get a seat belt and just pulled Condit to the ground. Not that big of a deal.

      • RonnieV

        KBEsq I counted the strikes in the 5th, and I had Condit landing 5 more leg kicks than Diaz, and they had an equal amount of strikes(Fight Metric & Compustrike both have different stats for the 5th). Watching the fight three times, I do not believe Condit landed any punches when he had that reversal as time expired. Diaz had some petty ground & pound when he had Condit’s back, not sure if he was awarded for that. This round I believe could have went to either fighter (two judges went with Condit). The question is what is bigger in the judges eyes: 5 more leg kicks, or a takedown with back control.

        • KBEsq

          Maybe I need to watch the fight again, then. There seem to be a lot of people who say they watched it twice, or more, and conclude differently.

  • If you are going to advocate for a rematch between these two, why not between Sonnen and Bisping?

    • RonnieV

      I’d be cool with that

  • dathump

    Diaz wont accept because he doesn’t need this **** as he so profesionally called it. So let him go back to Stockton fight in boxing and low end mma promotions where he can win. He may be a great fighter, but he is miles away from being a great profesional athlete.
    Condit exposed holes in Diaz game and once that happens it is much easier to exploit it. So Diaz has to start from scratch because as the last fight shows Diaz can’t adapt to change very well. So it will be more of the same but Condit will just do more damage to make it offical. The only reason Dana White wants a rematch is money, not that he thinks one fighter won over the other, he sees these message board and sees more monay.

  • D-rail

    Because both Sonnen and Bisbing fought each other, like what people pay to see. Capish?

  • Simple and plain, other than GSP, Condit and Diaz are the two best fighters in the division. If GSP can’t fight this year, why not a rematch. I notice that Condit fans don’t want to see that happen. I am a big GSP fan, but I can appreciate someone like Diaz who just comes to fight.

    Im not here to judge him for his personal behavior like some others. I just think its funny how to Internet tuff guys love to call others names just because you don’t agree with their post. Just really shows your level of maturity. I guess Im very old school. If you gonna talk crazy to me, come down to the gym and lets spar for a bit. Then we will see if you still have the same things to say. You can disagree with someone else’s opinion without having to call them names. Really, grow up!

    @uncanny390, I wouldn’t mind seeing Sonnen and Bisping again as well. Wasn’t sure if Sonnen won that one, but knew if it was close they would probably give it to him knowing everyone wasn’t to see him fight Silva again. I’d honestly rather see Sonnen fight Vitor Belfort.

  • I just want to break down some numbers for all you Diaz fans (who think and some still do that he would beat GSP)

    Of the current top 10 list:
    Diaz is now 0-2
    GSP is 5-0

    If you bring in fighters that were in the top 10 list at some point in their careers like Penn, Hughes, Sherk, Parisan:

    Diaz is 1-4
    GSP is 11-1

    And just side notes Diaz only win came against Penn who at the time of the fight dropped out of top 10 and isn’t the fighter he was when GSP beat him twice. Now I quickly did this so I may not be totally accurate but definetly close enough.

  • joetallyhoe

    I was cheering for Diaz during that fight because I wanted to see him get busted up from GSP. Saying that, halfway through the fight I was nervous Condit was going to win based apon the diverse striking he has. Its out there folks. Condit is just a better fighter and Diaz is a one trick pony who would definitely get killed by GSP. His fans want to see him fight the champ and thats why they cry rematch but he lost fair and square. Condit is a better fighter, no argument there and the champ will have his hands full but IMO beat him easily. Diaz is pure entertainment for the casual fans and thats about it. For the hardcore fans the only pleasure in seeing Diaz fight Georges St. Pierre is to watch Diaz get beat down. The man (I hold that term loosely) does not belong in mixed martial arts whatsoever. He gives it a bad name. He doesn’t even belong in boxing, he just isn’t that good. With one pro fight he would lose to any golden glove amateur out there. Bye bye Diaz. Im glad your finally leaving.

  • Mma fanatic

    Take Ellenburger out of this talk because Diego is gonna beat this kid down!! I wouldn’t want the rematch with Diaz either if I were Carlos! He won fair and square! Look ahead not behind! Back to Strikeforce for Nick wannabe bad-ass Diaz! I can’t think of 1 top 5 WW in the UFC that Diaz could beat!

  • RonnieV

    Sounds like someone failed a drug test at 143. I hope Nick wasn’t smoking too much again.

  • Triggerman99

    I think I’m in the vast minority because of two things; I’m a huge Diaz fan and I do think he lost the fight. I knew as soon as the fight was over that Diaz lost. Does that mean Condit put a whooping on Diaz? No, not even close. The only thing that pi$$es me off about the fight- and probably the reason why there is talk of a rematch- is because of Condit and the way he chose to fight. He fought chicken-$hit and he knows it. He should have to fight Diaz again based on that fact alone. If you spend the entire fight running away and trying to play the system while barely doing anything that resembles fighting, then you should have to go back in there again and prove that you can actually legitimately beat that opponent, especially when a title is on the line.

  • ryrauscher

    Incase everyone hasn’t heard: (since its not on this site) Nick tested positive for weed again and that’s why no rematch…or any match for that matter. I am unsure if that just means he wont be able to compete in Nevada or if the UFC will cut him again since he cant compete in the NSAC. This blows.

  • Well Nick”the Pothead,Dumb **** sneak out the Backdoor”Diaz already RETIRED plus today the UFC-143 drug tests came back and he was Positive for Weed.So who cares he’s history anyways he Retired before that he obviously knew the test was going to be Positive.STOP MAKING THE UFC INTO A ****ING SOAP OPERA WITH ALL THIS BS!!!!!Oh how I wish the popularity level of the UFC would be back on the level of 2006 before Lesnar crossed over and brought all the Idiotic WWE fans with him,coz all these useless a-holes know nothing about MMA.All the wanna see is fighters get knocked unconcious,get their arms,legs snapped in half and get really badly hurt.As soon as the fight goes on the ground,these scumbags start booing the fighters.I mean this is really getting out of control and ridiculous.Now days after a fight when Rogan do the in the Cage interview,the fighter who wins the fight on decision has to Apologize for”only”winning by decision!Well WTF is that???A ****ing Joke that is what!!!