Cesar Gracie Dishes on St-Pierre & Diaz (video)

October 30, 2011
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To say that Nick Diaz is one of the more polarizing fighters in mixed martial arts might just be the understatement of the year.

His feet were put to the fire when he was removed from a title fight with UFC champion Georges St-Pierre as a punishment for missing promotional obligations. That incident stirred a hornet’s nest of controversy. Diaz then went on a lengthy diatribe at the UFC 137 post-fight press conference after defeating BJ Penn, likely further polarizing peoples’ opinions of him

His trainer, Cesar Gracie, however, was quick to point out that his charge shows up when it matters most.

“Nick Diaz missed a press conference and he’s here and fought. The guy that went to the press conference didn’t fight,” Gracie said on Saturday night. “Nick didn’t go to what he called a ‘beauty pageant.’ Come fight night, you guys saw what he’s made of.

“Nick was injured and he still fought.”

Check out Cesar Gracie’s video interview with his thoughts on Nick Diaz vs. Georges St-Pierre, and his thoughts on whether or not St-Pierre truly was injured before pulling out of the fight with Carlos Condit...

  • kylesmith

    Don’t be scared, Georges.

  • BlackWolf_8

    give be a break cesar. gsp is that scare of condit so he would fake an injury? GTFO!

    • MrAdidas

      LOl – I know right! The #1 WW in the world & either #1 or #2 on the P4P list, but he’s scared to fight Condit? Nothing against Condit, but GSP has fought much tougher & more skilled fighers than Condit. I think Diaz is going to get a rude awakening come SuperBowl weekend, he just woke up a sleeping bear in GSP. People wanted to see the old GSP – who finishes fights? Well, I guarantee you we will see a new & improved GSP (of old).

      BUT GSP was faking an injury so that he didnt have to fight Condit @ UFC 137, but he would fight Condit 3 months later?!? How in the fuck does that make any sense?!? I think Cesar is still upset GSP dominated his boy/Shields with one good eye.

      I’d like to see Ellenburger Vs Condit (Ellenburger was suppose to fight Diego Sanchez but not sure if Diego’s hand will be ready in time – who knows) or Condit Vs Rory McDonald 2.

  • RonnieV

    I was stoked for this fight before, and I’m more stoked now.

  • shereko

    I am NOT a GSP fan, let me re-iterate that NOT a GSP fan… BUT, only thing worse than a Gracie is a Diaz. I don’t like GSP because he doesn’t finish. But, the guy is at least a class act. These clowns, how can people be a fan, they aren’t good for the sport, Diaz doesn’t show up to scheduled events. Journalists are part of the job, and they schedule and are doing their job so go with it. He tries starting fights at weigh in, didn’t give Penn any respect after the fight… he hasn’t changed since starting a fight in the hospital after he fought Riggs. The clown wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for MMA and yet has no respect for the sport, same with Gracie. I give him credit he has a good jab, GSP has the best jab. Hell, I’m not going to say I know who will win, but I want GSP to shut him up like he did Diaz’s boyfriend Jake Shields. To legitimize the sport you have to be a professional athlete, you don’t see other athletes act like Diaz. Especially when they are moving to Fox the guys got as much class as a meth-head, and the look to match.

  • I always thought that Cesar was a class act. I lost some respect for him, when he started yelling Mother F***er, to GSP. When you sign the contract for a fight, your responsibilities are in there. Lets hope that Nick, reads all of it. And puts it in his Iphone when the press conferences are. Be responsible…. and not blame other people.

  • please no takedowns

    ceaser gracie wants all the credit their is for being a jiu-jitsu coach..and their he is saying oh georges better not go to the ground the fans don’t want that..he’ll regret it later if he does.thats why your their you pussy..you know your sorry ass jiu-jitsu teaching ain’t gonna be good enough for the champs ground and pound.most jiu-jitsu coaches want their guy to get takin down so they can work it..not this fool he wants boxing but he’s a great jiu-jitwsu coach….yeah right lol

  • Scotty B

    i love how Cesar Gracie has now over the last few weeks completely 180-ed when it comes to all the stuff HE HIMSELF said about Nick Diaz after that “beauty pageant”.
    seriously, Nick should start thinking hard about his camp. Cesar’s all in his corner backing him up 120% now, but he completely threw Diaz under the bus when the crap was hitting the fan.

    as for the Diaz fanboys, i love how irrationally idiotic you guys are.

    “Don’t be scared, Georges.”

    when has Georges shown he was scared?
    quit parroting what your idol says for a second and think for yourself for a second.

    Diaz called GSP out… and GSP immediately went to White and asked to have the match changed to Diaz.

    do you see GSP running anywhere in that situation?
    care to explain how telling Dana White to change the title fight TO Nick Diaz equals GSP “running away” from Nick Diaz?

    as always, its not even the guy (Diaz) that is so obnoxious as much as the guy’s fanboy worshippers.

  • mschiavo

    I’m confused about something… at about 1:10 in this video, Cesar says “he literally ran past me…” and refers to pulling shenanigans jumping near the cage, and something being disheartening.

    Was it Georges running past him and doing this stuff?

    • mschiavo

      Ok, yes, apparently GSP was jumping down off the cage while cornering his teammate earlier during the event AND ran past Gracie back stage…

      As a fan of the sport, I am highly insulted by GSP for exaggerating the degree of his injury.

      • MrAdidas

        Ur an IDIOT! He may have a bad knee & cant fight considering the amount of pressure & weird angles your knees are put in while fighting. Jumping down from a 2-3 foot platform & “running” by Cesar doesnt mean anything. GSP can still run & jump on his knee & seem fine but if you ask him to simulate the moves you do while fighting, he may not be able to b/c of certain motions he may or may not be able to do.

        As for you believing Cesar Gracie b/c he said he saw GSP “run” pass him. Whats his definition of running? For a “GSP fan” your quite an idiot & pretty sad you believe whatever you hear on the internet – WOW good for you “J”enius. I’m disappointed that you are such a moron, who believes anything & everything he sees, hears or reads on the internet. I heard DIAZ say GSP was scared to fight him….. mschiavo: It msut be true, you must be pissed off at GSP for being scared, since you are a GSP fan right?!? loser!

  • MikeMc1983

    Gsp isn’t in any way avoiding a fight with Diaz. If anything it’s the condit fight that he is avoiding.
    I believe George would not have pulled out this weekend if it was Diaz he was fighting. George like his 3 month prep time for a fight. He wasn’t getting that and never seemed to like it.

  • brucebruce

    Well nick was tooo scared to even show up at any press evemt for the gsp fight thats why they cancelled the fight , your too cicken nick why you scared to show up at press events for the gsp fight?

    Nick your such a lowlife your attitude is really sucks well they dont teach profesionalism in cesar gracies camp now do they . Why cesar you dont teach your guys to be respectful????? Your camp sucks cesar your turning out thugs in your camp look at nic and nate they cant even accept a loss remember kj noons fight? Wow man what kind of lowlife do you produce cesar???

    I dont care if nick fights well but hes still s lowlife people see him as a lowlife sheeet eating sumbag hahaha go on you diaz brother it shows how your parenst educate you to act like worms hahahaha

    As for you cesar gracie what now hs sakuraba made your family look like con men try
    Ing to act like you gracies are the first family of mma hahaha imagine a pro wrestling dude destroying your family name and biatchslapping you guys all the way to the garbage dump poor suckers

    • RonnieV

      You are the dumbest person ever!

  • please no takedowns

    what would look more fake gsp jumping down a 3ft high cage stand and jogging to get to the back to one of the guys he’s cornering or him limping and bairly walking. come just cause your injured your supposed to be on a wheelchair. gsp ain,t no lier thats why he did what he was capeable to do.

  • MMA should adopt the NFLs way of reporting injuries prior to games. So we stop hearing all these peeps sayin well Nick was injured n fought…. Wait but if Nick would have lost it would have been because of the injury, he is such a PUNK.