Cesar Gracie Disappointed in Nick Diaz; Embarrassed By His Actions That Cost Him the Fight at UFC 137

September 7, 2011
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Cesar Gracie and Nick Diaz

Cesar Gracie and Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz is out of UFC 137 because he was unwilling to attend press conferences and promote the fight. His longtime friend and trainer, Cesar Gracie, has no sympathy for his fighter in this situation.

Speaking to MMAWeekly.com on Wednesday after the news broke, Gracie explained the limited amount of information he has to go on, simply because he can’t track Diaz down either.

The bottom line is, however, Gracie feels what the UFC chose to do was the right thing, and he can’t blame them for moving on and taking Diaz out of the fight.

“He knew he was supposed to be at both of them, and didn’t get there. I spoke to him yesterday, and it was all about getting him to Vegas yesterday, and the last time I heard from him he was on his way to the airport. That’s about it,” Gracie explained.

“I was pretty pissed off when I first heard about this, obviously for our team, and personally it’s something I’ve worked for, for so many years. Bringing this kid from Stockton (Calif.) when he was 16 and making him this world-class fighter, and for him at this moment to do something this stupid, and not show up for something he was supposed to show up to, it’s very frustrating to me to say the least.”

Gracie actually called UFC president Dana White during the UFC 137 pre-fight press conference on Wednesday – one that Diaz was supposed to have attended – and spoke to him while the cameras were still rolling.

The conversation was brief, but Gracie could do nothing but apologize and sympathize with the choice the UFC had to make.

“I did speak to Dana about all this, and I think he’s 100-percent correct in pulling him from this fight. Because I would have done the same thing,” said Gracie.

“He would have shown up and fought, (but) there’s just certain things you have to do when you’re a man, like promote the fight, and I think this goes to teach everybody no one is greater than the sum of the UFC. You have to have respect for people and organizations, and I think Nick didn’t do that.”

Gracie, who has worked with Diaz for the past 12 years, admitted that his relationship with the fighter may have changed as a result of this entire debacle. When Diaz was still the Strikeforce welterweight champion, Gracie campaigned to get him the shot at St-Pierre, and now that it’s all fallen apart, he’s says it’s going to take a lot to rebuild that bridge.

“I’m disappointed. When he was 16 it was one thing; he’s 28 now. He’s been like family to me, I’ve known him for that long, and worked with him so closely. Does it change our relationship? Well, he’s going to have to earn that trust back again is the way I look at it,” said Gracie.

“I know we all need more chances in life, we all make stupid mistakes in our lives. Nick has never had a real job, he doesn’t know what it’s like, like a lot of Americans have to do, get up work two jobs like a lot of us to put food on the table and here he’s given this opportunity, where he beats this guy it’s like winning the lottery and he doesn’t get on a plane to Vegas or Canada or whatever. You can’t do that. There’s no way you can do that.”

Diaz has still been unreachable by phone, but Gracie believes that his fighter probably thought he could skip the press conference like he’s done with so many in the past, and it would just be overlooked. Not so much this time however.

“He probably thought he’s done this before where he’s like ‘I probably don’t have to do this and I’ll just go in there and fight’ and that’s not life unfortunately,” Gracie explained.

As for Diaz’s future, Gracie isn’t sure what that holds. The whole scenario unfolded in the last 24 hours and he still hasn’t spoken to him, but Gracie admits he feels no sympathy for Diaz in this situation.

“I don’t feel sorry for him. I do feel sorry for people that bought tickets for him, his supports. He let my whole team down at this point. I feel terrible about it. I told Dana White I was actually embarrassed about this situation,” Gracie said.

“This is not what Gracie Jiu-Jitsu means to me in my whole thing about teaching. You’ve got to have responsibility; Nick has shown no responsibility when it came to this.”

It remains to be seen if Diaz will get another shot with the UFC or not, but Dana White sounded on Wednesday as if he were leaning towards releasing the former Strikeforce welterweight champion.

One thing is for sure, Nick Diaz won’t be fighting Georges St-Pierre at UFC 137, and he has no one to blame but himself.

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  • Cptmats

    This just goes to show how much of a joke Dick Diaz really is !!!……..sounds scared to me !

  • bdono554

    Slow clap for Cesar!

  • shereko

    I think this is worse than what Babalu did and almost as bad as what Daley did… give him his permanent papers. At least what those guys did didn’t jeopardize the money and the training of what his team and the opposing team had been working towards… put this on top of getting into a fight at a hospital with Joe Riggs back in the day, black ball this clown its a sport and a business, wanna be thugs have no place in it, this is for serious athletes.

    Cesar himself said its an embarrassment…

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      Funny you mention this since Dana has said in the past that Diaz was not allowed back in the UFC because of his “antics” outside of the cage, well Dana decided to give him a second chance and the kid fucked him…. He is a pussy anyway and didnt stand a chance in this fight

  • KyleZombie

    This sucks. He’s always been a crazy, irrational, and unpredictable person but this just sucks. I feel like they cancelled Christmas.

    • Cptmats

      Me too, I’ve been waiting so long for to see Diaz fight a real fighter so someone could shut him up !

    • bajafox

      I agree man, this plain fkn sucks. I don’t care what his haters say, IMO, this was one of GSP’s biggest challenges to date.

      I hope Condit takes the belt, if anyone but Diaz is going to beat GSP, I hope it’s Condit

      • johnnybooker

        I agree with you. This was one of the best challenges for GSP…a relentless striker, unafraid to push the tempo or the envelope. Beating Diaz would have guaranteed a move of some sort for GSP…whether up to AS or who knows what. Now Diaz confirms many of the rumors concerning his personality, and says screw you to Dana White…a move that has before now yielded few advantages. Question is…with no SF/UFC cred…is he as hot a commodity to the boxing world as he was before? Logic dictates yes…public opinion is seldomly dictated by logic…and Dana, may not know logic if it offered him a globabl TV deal. Nick fucked himself…I’d prefer it was over cocaine and hookers than over laziness and feelings of entightlement.

        But that’s just my say

  • clizzark

    Good, that bum didn’t deserve a title shot in the first place.

  • rampage01

    if u wanna act like a bum, than no title shot for u.

  • 2000MileWall

    Gracie is 100% right,for not feeling sorry for him.
    Nick Diaz is a grown man,yet he acts like a child,a child that is entitled to everything.
    I’m sure his POOR ME attitude played a role in him not finishing his job,and not living up to his end of the contract!

  • collideoverme

    Can you say “douche”? Yes, Nick, you know you are a douche.

  • I love Nick but he needs to get off the pot and on some regular meds. He just shit the bed in a major way, totally blew the biggest opportunity of his life.

  • epyonx1

    Only an idiot would blow a title shot. I really hope there was a better reason for not showing up like a drug snorting party on a hooker’s back.

  • blaiwai

    cost the whole team and himself a handsome paycheck

  • shakejunt

    Damn, and I thought Travis Lutter goofed when he couldn’t make weight for his shot against Silva..

  • Mario

    This is really unfortunate. Despite what people thought about Nick Diaz, PRIOR to this incident, I was actually looking forward to this fight with GSP.

    But now…… Fuck!

    Nick Diaz just ruined everything.

    If he thought people hated him before…


  • jcksnr6

    We all Knew diaz was going to pull some bullshit. I mean seriously…. Anyone that has seen any of his interviews or videos know the guy has some serious issues! He seeems incapable of string together coherent sentences. Its almost painfull to watch! He blew it big time! He cost the UFC a major amount of money and diaz, cesar, there team, gsp his team they all lose major amounts of money on this shit! The UFC pays for everyone to fly out to the press confrences and boards them. All that money wasted for nothing! Diaz deserves to be blacklisted in my opinion! I really wanted to GSP whoop his ass to…damn. WAR condit and WAR GSP!!!

    • Cptmats

      Haha no shit, could you really see this babbling idiot trying to answer questions at a press conference ?

  • BigGuy

    Did Dana really want this babbling fuck-nut to attempt to answer questions at a press conference? This Diaz guy is a super douche, and now he proved it beyond anything we can say here.

    I believe it would have been a great fight. I think Diaz would have made it very interesting. I believe GSP would have won, but it would have been a great fight. Well, screw Diaz! I think Condit deserves it more than he did anyway!