Cat Zingano Video Interview: Ready to Fight Rousey, Carano, or Cyborg by Summer

March 8, 2014
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(Courtesy of AXS TV)

Cat Zingano has been sidelined for the better part of a year, dealing with a debilitating knee injury. But she’s now on track to for summertime return and possible challenge to Ronda Rousey, but she’s not ruling out the likes of Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg, or any other fighter that steps into her weight class.

“Mid-to-late summer, something like that sounds really good to me,” said Zingano.

The question is, will that fall in-line with Ronda Rousey and the UFC’s plans for the champ’s next defense?

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  • Jimmy Rebel

    well she doesn’t appear to be hiding anything.. I thought the “big announcement” Joe Rogan was mentioning had to be Rousey vs Zingano. this makes things more interesting. even thought Dana White said that Cyborg had to make weight and fight a couple times before a title shot maybe they will announce Rousey vs Cyborg anyway. I hope Cat stays healthy.

    • JET

      Obviously, this is just me speculating, but I think if Ronda is really planning on leaving the UFC sooner than expected due to acting ambissions, it would make sense for Dana to want to make the Cyborg fight happen as soon as possible, especially keeping in mind how fight dates can get dragged out due to injury or other moving parts. For Rogan to make such a big deal it seems like it has to Cyborg or Carano. I don’t think he’d make such a big deal if it was Holly Holm.