Cat Zingano Reflects on Devastating Loss (UFC 184 Post-Fight Video)

March 1, 2015
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Cat Zingano went into her fight with Ronda Rousey intent on starting fast, but her fight ended soon after it started. Watch here as Zingano reflects on her first career loss and asks Dana White to get back in the cage as soon as possible.

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  • Arxangel1

    Confused. Zingano asked to get another title shot and would fight #2. She did the worst of any of Ronda’s opponents, why would she even be in the top 10? The one thing we do know is that she isn’t capable of lasting even 30 seconds! Don’t need to see Zingano ever again in a title fight.

    • saysomething

      She definitely can get another title shot if she can go on beating another top fighters in the UFC.this is just today wasn’t her day,and she used the worst strategy against the champ who is good at capturing her foe’s movement,and once again,dont forget that she has a judo background,and she can catch u and destroy u at anytime when u want to close to her.Cat may be the most dangerous foe that Rouda has ever faced,but she became the fastest foe who was finished by Rouda.Some day u smile,but some day u cry.Cat will be back,and anything will be different in the end.

      • Arxangel1

        Zingano is just one of those fighters that comes barreling across at the bell looking for the flash knockout. No skills after that (obviously). She hoped to land one haymaker and instead got immediately exposed for not deserving to be in there. The UFC needs to find skilled fighters and not just people like Zingano who are “haymaker or bust”. Everyone that follows MMA knows you don’t bullrush Rousey as it is the most supid thing you can do. There was no other choice, though, for Zingano other than to bullrush, because she doesn’t have any other skills or options. Some audacity immediately wanting another title fight. Then again, she’s got me beat , as she got paid a nice amount for doing her job for 14 seconds.

        • Groinstrike

          “No skills after that”. That statement pretty much proves you have no MMA knowledge. You don’t know anything you are talking about. Was this your first UFC? If it wasn’t you would know she has been in wars. She has competed in kickboxing, and submission competitions outside if MMA. No skills? Man get lost.

        • TheCerealKiller

          I’ve seen her past fights, well some, and she doesn’t usually do that. I saw the replay of the fight today and that was a joke. No idea of why she tried some amatuer stunt like that. Anyone that paid for that card got ripped off.

        • killb

          I can’t agree with ur opinion,if u have watched all Rouda’s fights in the UFC,u could see every foe her faced used almost the same strategy,it’s not too rush to Rouda,make it a fists fight,don’t try to get into ROUDA’S GAME,and Cat may wanna give it a special try,make Rouda surprised,maybe she was thinking”if i can’t finish her,just hurt her by the first attack .”,but unfortunately,it didn’t happened.Everyone deserve the second chance,especially in the combat sport,next time when Cat goes to war with the champ.I believe she will use the skill(flying knee or just flying body bomb what ever) as she knows the champ is hurt!
          the bottom line is,Cat cat get another title shot,she is a warrior,first of all,she needs to win the next 2 or 3 new contender fights!

          • deepgrim

            yep the bull rush was out of character and didnt work well, but thats in hindsight, if cat had a chance of winning this fight it would have to have been a ko/tko win. if the shot at the start lands maybe you see a different fight, maybe she was hoping to catch rousey napping at the start. she was not in good balance when the fight hit the ground but her submission defence was probably not up to standard she left that arm exposed for to long and rousey worked a nice variation on the arm bar. for me the only fight i really want to see with rousey is cyborg and has been for a while, thought maybe holly holm would be more impressive but not really

  • LeftOCenter

    Yeah, I saw Pete Rose bat one time and he made an out, don’t need to see any more the guy has no skill.

    • Arxangel1

      That is a great comparison. Zingano has 10 fights, Pete Rose had 14,053 at bats. 1/10 versus 1/14,053. It is not too late for you to acquire a GED. Within that training you will be taught about basic math. They’ll discuss ratios and percentages, relevance, etc. That way, when you respond to someone again, you won’t seem uneducated.

      • steve m

        your using some good verbiage and logic in your retorts but your original statement is where your wrong. Cat has skills and if you only base your understanding of those skills in the 14 second clip then yes of course your going to believe she’s not that good. But basing a life time of work from a 14 second section is not doing her body of work justice. Your saying regardless of someones prior record if they do poorly in a match up and show poor skills in that period of time then their entire skill set is trash ? Comparing average at bats vs cage time ect isnt a fair comparison ( yes i know someone else brought that up ). Do some diligence , check out cats prior fights and you will see shes really good , just got caught up by the best woman fighter ever. You have only seen 14 seconds of Cats career but somehow are a pro letting everyone know what should and shouldn’t happen against Rousey ? i think that arrogance is more what is ruffling feathers. actually if you look at Rhonda’s fights the only time shes been in danger is going for the throw and or side control with her back exposed and having to fight out of the RNC like vs tate and carmouche. But i dont assume your following me at this point as your not really a fight fan more of a weekend watcher that somehow found his way to a more gras roots site. shouldnt you be on AOL or something leaving your arm chair quarter back comments?

        • Arxangel1

          Cat’s good enough to what? Beat a list of people, who, like her, are not even close to championship caliber? I guess you can laud the talents of all the female fighters then. You are entitled to that. You are entitled to think Zingano is a great fighter. Fans of the UFC were asked to pay $55 to watch a main event that wasn’t remotely competitive and lasted 14 seconds. Kudos to Zingano though for making her money while doing her job(terribly) for 14 seconds. I have watched MMA for years, I just am not typically interested in the women’s fights. To edify you, MMA is not a necessity in life, it is entertainment. Therefore, Zingano is an entertainer which opens her up to the opinions of every person who tunes in, whether that is someone new to MMA or someone who was here since Fred Ettish. You may not like that I get to have an opinion, but I did base my opinion on the facts at hand. These message boards are the means by which we all get to express what we are thinking. Zingano was terrible against the only truly discernible great fighter in her UFC weight class. I will go back and see how many times Anderson, St. Pierre, Bones, Aldo, etc. lost in 14 seconds or less, since, according to you, that commonly happens to great fighters. There are a number of media sites that state that Zingano had the fastest championship loss in UFC history. I’m sure I’m wrong about that too.

          • bulletproof

            Cat had so much pent-up emotion behind that fight. She had the injury, lost her husband. Major life events that knocked her out of contending for the belt over a year ago. What I saw was a woman overcome by her adversity and lose composure. I’ve been watching UFC since 2004. I’ve seen very talented fighters make emotional mistakes, like GSP’s first fight with Matt Hughs (may have lasted longer, but same idea, in that GSP had the skills at that time to win). Cat has the skills to win. Can’t get right with Joe Rogan’s emotional assessment. Him and Dana suffer conflicts of interest and WANT Rhonda to stay where she is. Fine with me. I think she’s a bad-ass. She’s also pleasant to look at. I also think she would have come out on top in that fight. BUT, YES, Cat ought to get another shot. It’s the only thing that makes any sense. If Cat brought enough hype to the fight for all the analysts to call her “legitimate”, then Rhonda still has something to prove–viz. that she can win over and above a stupid mistake. Because that was the catalyst for her victory last Saturday. Judo skills? Oh yeah. Smooth and quick submission skills? On display. But it was handed to her Saturday night. Cat knew. Rhonda knows. Dana White et al ought to know. It’s still a great match-up. Maybe not a headliner, but ask Cain if he deserved a rematch with Junior. Errors cost you fights, but kick-ass skills got you there. Rousey vs Zingano II !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Arxangel1

            Stupid mistake? She bullrushed Rousey in hopes of getting a flash knockout of any kind, knowing that she had no chance outside of that. Turns out that her only viable MMA tool, “the haymaker bullrush”, is what inferior fighters do knowing their time in the Octagon will be short lived. Please tell me what advanced MMA skill Cat Zingano honed to be able to run across the ring, and look for haymaker fists and knees. No discernable MMA skills whatsoever went into her “gameplan”.

          • bulletproof

            I didn’t say, “stupid mistake”. Though I stand by my thoughts on the matter, which, of course, you don’t bother to address. All in all, you don’t sound like you know what you’re talking about, although you DO sound like you think you do, so it seems that a discussion here would be doomed to run in circles, instead of point and counter-point.

          • LeftOCenter

            She beat Miesha Tate who was the Strikeforce BW champion. So she didn’t only face someone CLOSE to championship caliber, she beat an ex-champion still at the peak of her career.

          • Arxangel1

            So Strikeforce champion? I guess that makes Tarec Saffiedine a championhip caliber UFC fighter, bahahahaha(since he was SF MW champ). Your rebuttal will be that UFC didn’t have a women’s decision at that time, to which my rebuttal will be that we are then obviously seeing new women’s divisions develop in the UFC. This means we won’t know what’s what in women’s UFC MMA for a couple of years. Despite these newer weight classes and women’s MMA in UFC, you somehow already know that Cat is championship worthy. I think she clearly proved she is not. The bottom line is that Cat Zingano sucked worse than any other fighhter that has ever faced Rousey as evidenced by getting clowned in 14 seconds.

      • LeftOCenter

        It is not about percentages, it is about someone stupid enough to admit to drawing definitive conclusions about an athlete after seeing them for 14 seconds.

  • Drock420

    Your saying this was the 1st time you seen Zingano
    fight, I’ll go by the 14 secs, is like that episode of Family Guy where Peter
    Griffon is like Sir I’ve been to the gym for 15 mins now let me help you lift
    the side of your car an hurts his back. By the way if were going by your logic
    Meisha Tate did the best against RR. Zingano TKO’d Tate. If you look at Zingano’s record this is her only loss an it’s against the best… Do a little research before you start bashing fighters.

    • Arxangel1

      I Googled “Family Guy”. Looks like it is a cartoon. I’m a grown man, I don’t watch cartoons. You keep tight with your cartoons, though, lol. As for the rest of what you wrote; invalidated as I am not going to argue with a child who references cartoons. Your parents should monitor you.

  • I am Aboo

    LOL and you think you’re an psychiatrist. Good luck wishing you were a tough guy in real life, homie. Cat Zingano farts out more skill and talent than you’ll ever have. You’d probably last a lot less against Ronda or any opponent.

  • Bert Milton

    Tate tapped to an armbar in their first match, the rematch went 3 rounds. I think most rematches usually last longer unless it involves an over-the-hill fighter. You can’t really judge a fighter based on when they got submitted, Ronda capitalized on her miscue early. For all the talk of how foolish that move was, it would have worked against any other female fighter except Rousey. The knee setup the takedown, Ronda was going down and twisted out of it and came out on top. Who else could have pulled off that reversal like that, that quickly? As for Ronda expecting her to charge her, there were only 2 options and I’m sure Rousey prepared for both. I don’t see Cat winning a rematch, but I don’t see any other fighter beating Cat either.

  • Dr. Hungman

    Fighting for 14 seconds is not professional. End WMMA. What a joke.