Carlos Condit Weighs In on Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz

March 9, 2013
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Carlos Condit UFC 143 prepress-478x270Carlos Condit has gone the distance with both UFC 158 headliners, Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz.  There may be no one in the world more qualified to give an opinion on a St-Pierre vs. Diaz outcome than Condit.

Condit defeated Diaz at UFC 143 on Feb. 2, 2012, to earn a title shot against St-Pierre.  He and St-Pierre met in the main event of UFC 154 in November 2012, where he was defeated by the champion by unanimous decision.

Condit was asked his thoughts on the UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz main event during a media conference call promoting the event on Thursday.

“It’s an interesting match-up.  Their styles are really different,” said Condit.  “I think Nick can pose some problems for Georges, but ultimately I see Georges coming out on top.”

Condit also fights on the UFC 158 fight card that is stacked with top UFC welterweights.

He was originally scheduled to rematch Rory McDonald, but McDonald was forced out of the bout with an injury.  He now faces Johny Hendricks, who most feel is the real top contender in the 170-pound division.

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  • Darin

    “…George will come out on top”. Yes, Carlos. I expect “on top” is where GSP will spend 80% of this fight.

    • Cereal Killer

      The fight doesn’t start off with GSP on top of you. If Nick doesn’t like it, then stop him! Oh, he can’t.

      • Cuban VooDoo

        how do you know, they havent fought yet. Nick’sjujitsu will win the fight

    • Even if you don’t like his top game he is still beating up guys and winning in that position. We’ll see if Nicks jiujitsu can play a factor by submitting GSP or getting off his back at least.

  • spliff-o

    If Matt Serra can ko GSP then so can Nick! Diaz is WAY better then Serra…..go nick!’n

    • Scotty_O

      lol is this a joke post? Or is it really the way you’re analyzing the match up?

      • Rory

        It’s no joke Scotty. He’s just telling it like it is!

    • Every fight since the Serra fight people have said GSP is getting KO’d. He hasn’t even lost since that fight and has taken on strikers, wrestlers, submission specialist. People need to let go of the Serra fight. Not like he didn’t avenge that loss. Plus I’m pretty sure it’s not a walk in the park getting punched in the head by Matt Serra.

    • james j

      A Matt Serra blast. Hilarious

  • Me

    That’s an article?? – Slow mma news day?

  • james j

    Poor Carlos trying to stay relevant

  • Cuban VooDoo

    I think Carlos is beating hendricks and sending him right back to the end of the line

    • natpaukar7

      agreed…he is far too well rounded…IMO…for Hendricks to handle…