Carlos Condit Waiting for GSP, Not Offered Any Other UFC Fight

Georges St-Pierre and Carlos ConditThese days, Carlos Condit finds himself between multiple rocks and a hard place.

He’s the UFC interim welterweight champion, and he’s tentatively penciled in for a title vs. title bout with Georges St-Pierre at UFC 154 on Nov. 17. That’s assuming St-Pierre’s knee continues to heal properly, of course, but all recent signs point to St-Pierre making the date.

You’d think fans would be excited about St-Pierre vs. Condit, but that hasn’t been the case. The only thing Condit hears these days are complaints: Why isn’t he fighting Johny Hendricks? Why isn’t he defending the belt against Martin Kampmann? Interim championships are created so that a belt can be defended while the true champion is out of action, so why is Condit sitting on the shelf until St-Pierre comes back?

“The bottom line is that the UFC has not offered me another fight. I haven’t been contacted, nor has my management been contacted about fighting anybody else other than Georges St-Pierre,” Condit told Bleacher Report in an exclusive interview during last week’s UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas. “So Georges is the guy I want. And if the UFC wants that fight, I’m content to wait for him to be ready. If it’s in November, of course.”

What happens if St-Pierre suffers a setback during the rehabilitation of his knee?
“If it’s going to be longer, then I will entertain the idea of taking another fight,” Condit said. “As far as I know, Georges’ recovery is on track, and he’s going to be ready to go Nov. 17.

Condit recently told the media that he was more interested in facing Kampmann. This enraged Hendricks, who felt that his win over Josh Koscheck—coupled with a four-fight winning streak—should have been enough to earn him a crack at the belt.

But Condit has very specific reasons for his interest in fighting Kampmann.

“I mean, he’s had a good run recently. But his last fight was a pretty close decision with Josh Koscheck. Kampmann, on the other hand, finished Thiago Alves. He knocked out Jake Ellenberger,” Condit said. “He’s had a stellar run as of late. And it’s just a fight that I’d be more motivated for. And I think there would be more hype for the fans. That’s just the bottom line.”

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  1. Oh boy, I can’t WAIT for this fight! 25 minutes of a guy running away from a jab!

    • You’re right. The most dominant welterweight in history vs the guy with the highest finishing percentage in the division. This fight has to suck right?

      • Yea but you’re only as good as your last fight. Nobody remembers Natural Born Runners finishes before he went in and danced around the ring with Diaz and everybody knows GSP fights for points. Even the title made me yawn

        • “you’re only as good as your last fight” relates to the uneducated fan. It speaks to how the casual fan doesn’t appreciate the entirely of your career, only one performance. You’re better than that. As for GSP fighting for points, let’s look at his last 6 fights. Jon Fitch he knocked down multiple times and completely outclassed, the guy just wouldn’t quit. He made BJ penn throw in the towel. He GnP’d alves for 5 rds with a torn groin for half the fight. He bent Dan hardy in unnatural ways but the dude refused to tap, He broke josh koscheck’s face but the dude didn’t quit. And he spent 5 rounds throwing overhand rights at jake shields going for the KO, blind in one eye for half the fight. His lack of finishes recently speaks to the quality and heart of his opponents, not to a lack of trying.

          • @phrankthetank

            Sorry, I thought this site was open to all MMA fans not just the “hardcore I watched PRIDE in it’s prime day” fans.

            I’ll go get my degree in MMA knowledge before I post again, lol. Give me a break. I don’t live and die MMA, I am a casual fan and as a casual fan I refuse to spend $50 on this fight. Dana White has more to worry about losing the casual fan than losing the “hardcore” fan who will watch regardless, you guys are money in the bank.

          • Baja, I wasn’t trying to insult you, I was saying that you’re more knowledgeable than the typical casual fan and you know that condit is much better than just his last fight (which I personally enjoyed anyway) you’re right though, I try to watch every fight and with or without you, this fight does over 1000000 buys for fun.

          • LOL Umm recently, Condit KO’d Hardy, Kampmann finished Alves, Hendricks finished Fitch, what has Shields done in the UFC? But, GSP hasn’t finished anyone since what? 06 against Penn or 08 against Matt Serra??

          • Condit is the 1st guy to ever KO hardy, alves was destroying kampmann before he caught that guillotine, and as far as Fitch is concerned, anyone can get caught. GSP’s last finish was making BJ penn quit in ’09, something no-one else has ever done.

          • phrankthe tank, I see, I misinterpreted your post, my apologies.

            I’m still pissed off that Condit fought like that and can’t let it go. I’m more disappointed in him than anything else. I can’t “expect” him to fight like he did before the Diaz fight. As far as I know, the only thing he cares about is winning and keeping his belt, even if it means his strategy will bore me to death.

          • baja cry more about Diaz. You cry about Ali when he rope a doped Foreman?

      • just because your dominant doesn’t make you an appealing fighter. gsp puts everyone to sleep and condit refuses to fight. and theres a difference between the condit with wreckless abandon and the passive boring condit, dumbass

        • That has nothing to do with GSP’s fighting style or abilities. Sonnen is pure L&P comedian and nobody is sleeping…

        • My bad, I didn’t realize that there were two Carlos condits, I also didn’t realize that beig the biggest draw in the sport made you an unappealing fighter. Wow, I really am I dumbass!

      • You are absolutely correct. GSP, even though he doesn’t finish fighters, he dominates them in their own game. And Condit not only has the highest finishing rate in the division but the whole UFC. No one has a higher rate, not Silva, not Jones, and not Dos Santos. All but two of his 28 wins have been stopped. That’s a 93% finish rate. Plus this fight Is what the UFC wants. They are all in with it. No fight will be offered to Condit.

        • I didn’t know condit’s finishing rate was that high. He’s a killer for sure, and I hope he does well. Not even sure who to root for…

        • Whats his UFC finishing rate… you stated 28 fights, we don’t need smaller federations or WEC.

          • exactly
            if condit has only fought a few times in the ufc…then how can he be the best finisher in the ufc?

      • @ Phrank

        You are right about one thing…

        this fight IS probably going to suck. It has nothing to do with the skill level or prior achievements of Condit or GSP and everything to do with the fact that neither of these guys are going to take ANY risks and there is about a 0% chance of a finish.

        It’s either going to be 25 minutes of GSP top control or a 25 minute marathon.

        A million people might buy it, but they better put a few enticing fights on the card if I’m going to be one of them, I don’t really give a shit about this fight.

        • I disagree, I think this fight will be a phenomenal technical display by two of the most well rounded guys in the sport. Whether it lasts 25 seconds or 25 minutes I will enjoy it. If all you care about is dudes getting punched in the face then you’re not really an MMA fan are you?

          • so you’re that guy who replies

            “you’re not really an MMA fan are you?”

            every time you don’t agree with someone because you lack the tools to communicate the reasoning behind your position…

            wow, that’s adorable.

          • So you’re the guy who takes one sentence out of an entire post and neglects the rest? That’s just so gosh darn cute!

    • As the biggest Diaz fan, even I’m getting tired of the “Natural Born Runner” comments. I have mad respect for Condit and his game plan against Diaz. Could he do that again and win? No way! I do agree with the criticism of the “Interim Belt” idea. Being on the shelf for 10-11 months almost warrants having an interim-interim champion. Then again, if Condit hasn’t been asked to fight somebody else, all the blames lies on the UFC, not Condit. I’m hoping Condit beats GSP, so GSP’s next fight will be against Diaz (after suspension is over in February). Even if it’s not for a belt, that is the fight all fans want to see. Condit-Kampmann for the title, would be the undercard. I’m not completely sold on Johnny Hendricks yet. IMO Rory MacDonald is better than most of the guys I listed above.

      • I think GSP should move up for the superfight, and rory should stay at 170.

        • As much as I’d love to see GSP vs silva, GSP is perfectly built for the WW division. It’s unfair to him to have to move up a division just because he’s too damn good. As far as Anderson silva goes, to anyone who thinks he doesn’t try to pick his fights, remember this: he’s always been open to fighting the lighter, smaller GSP in a super fight, but when it comes to fighting the bigger, stronger Jon jones, he wants nothing to do with a super fight. That’s like GSP calling out Frankie Edgar, but wanting nothing to do with silva.

          • Well put.

            Let’s see what happens when Jones beats Hendo and gets pressured to move up and fight the big boys of MMA. The top guys in the HW division are no joke.

          • well GSP doesn’t want anything to do with Silva and he seemed perfectly happy to fight LWs whenever he got the chance (Serra, BJ)

          • GSP has entertained the silva idea and he’s fought smaller guys because they’ve earned their shot (Serra) or called him out in a super fight (penn)

      • I’m starting to like you Ronnie, aside from wanting condit to win, I agree with everything you said. I think rory needs to be tested before we call him a contender though

    • carlos condit has 28 wins, 26 of those finishes…… 13 submissions, 13 knockouts. you, kylesmith, are a complete tool.

    • I agree with you 100% The cure to insomnia has been found!

    • Haha comment of the week

    • Conduit “special gameplay” wont work on gsp , has conduit forgot that GSP is a wrestler?

  2. phrank….thanks for pointing out how little most douchers know on this site. Condit beat Diaz and just because he didn’t stand in the pocket like an idiot and let captain douche bag (diaz) pepper him with his little soft shots doesn’t mean he didn’t tag diaz throughout the fight. If you want to watch people stand and bang then watch boxing.

  3. If GSP cant fight in november they should strip him out of the belt and make Condit the only champion. Enough is enough.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s a foregone conclusion. I’d be very surprised if he kept the belt with another delay.

    • No, if GSP isn’t ready they should make condit fight, they should have made condit fight someone already. It’s absurd that they’ll create an interim belt and not make the interim champ defend it.

    • If GSP cant fight in november then Condit should still fight and either kampmann or hendricks should move up and fight for the legit belt. i say let kampmann fight condit and then give hendricks a top contender so hes still one W away from number 1 contender, like rory.

  4. Very excited for this fight, although obviously I agree that Condit should have fought at least once before GSP in November, but you can’t criticize the guy for doing what his boss tells him to do. Condit’s scrap with Kampmann is one of my favorite fights ever, and I’d have loved to see them run it back this summer. I think Joe Silva should start coming to press conferences so somebody can ask him what the hell was going through his mind when he decided to put Condit and Nate Diaz on the shelf while we approach a series of rather shallow cards, in my opinion.

  5. He doesn’t get offered fights to defend his belt in the UFC because they are a business and like to make some form of profit. Condit Vs Diaz people wanted to see NICK win or NICK. They got to see a little girl play hookey and get chased around. Condit Vs GSP people want to see GSP win or GSP lose. No matter if it’s Condit(half the people pronounce his last name Conduit still, proves how popular he is) that is his opponent. Not many are going to fork over 45-55 bones for a kampmann/Condit or Ellenberger/Condit main event. Maybe with a sweet co main event they could pray for 250k ppv buys. Now Diaz Vs GSP when it happens it will be in the top ten biggest PPV sales events. If it happens, GSP will probably get a hairline split in vag and have to rehab it for 3 1/2 years.

    • Will people stop talking about nick Diaz? The guy comes into every fight the exact same way, eventually someone was gonna gameplan for him, whether you liked it or not, it’s diaz’s own fault for not being versatile in the cage. Regardless he would have been stripped of the belt for popping positive, plus he retired like a b!tch in the cage when he lost, and then he no-showed to a bjj fight. Forget Diaz. His little brother is the one worthy of attention, he’s actually doing things right.

  6. Lots of puddles on the ground in this room.. oh yeah alot of people have jerked off Nick Diaz, I have to watch where I step.

  7. Yea yea yea with the Diaz fan jokes. They were funny at first now they are just getting tasteless and I swear either RubeKegal or someone has used that one before. Not too clever but whatever. Everyone comment on how funny RubeKegal is so he can get a “w” today for his keyboard fight record. Anyways, regardless of who I am a fan of it is true that Condit has no PPV draw. Especially after his last performance. I’m glad judges and fans are reacting to the poor style of game plan Greg Jackson is implementing. Guida was a disgrace to the sport. Condit was kinda funny. He didn’t do himself any favors.