Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz 2 Coming Soon?

February 5, 2012
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The UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit main event between welterweight contenders Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit ended in a unanimous decision. Condit walked away with the interim UFC welterweight championship belt and Nick Diaz walked away contemplating retirement.

Some disagreed with the decision, despite all three ringside judges scoring the fight for Condit.

Could a rematch between Condit and Diaz be on the horizon?

UFC president Dana White didn’t close the door on the possibility when asked following the UFC 143 post-fight press conference.

“I like guys staying active and fighting.  As far as I know, Carlos came out of this fight with no injuries.  He went a good five rounds, was in great shape.  He could defend his interim title and then fight GSP because I don’t know how long GSP is going to be out,” said White.

“I think that if you really believe you are one of the best in the world, why would you not want to stay active.”

Condit didn’t seem warm to the idea when questioned about it at the post-fight press conference.

“From my standpoint, being in the cage, I didn’t think it was all that close.  I felt like I dominated almost every round,” said Condit.  “He did take my back there at the end and maybe won that round, but for the most part, I picked him a part.”

White started pondering a rematch between the two following the fight.

“I was thinking it after the fight.  I was like, you know what?  People are bitching; people think that was close or whatever.  We can do that fight again before GSP comes back,” he said.

“It depends on Carlos,” added White.  “Carlos has really got to say, and Nick’s got to say I want to fight him again too.”

  • Mario

    I wouldn’t mind seeing that in all honesty. I don’t know what Carlos is smoking, but he didn’t dominate that fight at all. The first round was Nick’s, so was the 2nd. 3rd and 4th were probably Condit’s, but that last one should have gone to Diaz. Maybe other people see it differently, but I feel it was Nick’s round with the control he had on the ground, even if it was brief.

    It was definitely a close fight!

    • rye311

      these judges are crap!! i have had enough already. like…. is this a joke? serious?? first off, pierce won that fight. Nick Diaz dominated that fight for 3 and a half rounds at least and he is called a loser?? wtf?? u gotta be kidding!!! I have watched at least a thousand fights and it is pretty plain to see the judges are the most skilled and best at determining who tells them who should win and who wins???? BS calls again

      • johnny7754

        First off you saw a different fight more people including me , Dana white & 3/4 of the fans watching it say Diaz lost.
        Lets be real you never saw 1000 fights & even if you did you are still no expert your man lost deal with it ..
        & that last comment i think you mixed up Mma & watching wwe i can see how you would mistake the too since Brock was in mma lol ..

    • RonnieV

      First off, I am the biggest Diaz, and IMO I thought he did enough to win the fight, but the guys I watched the fight with thought Condit won, we argued every round (except the 4th). After watching the fight twice, I thought Condit had a great game plan, not exciting by any means, but smart. He won on points (mostly leg kicks), and I can see how a couple extremely close rounds went in his favor. From reading everyone’s comments, including you guys (Diaz haters & fans), the professional fighters, other writers, the commentary, and even Dana White. Everyone has different opinions on what rounds each fighter won. The only common consensus is that Condit won the 4th, and all three judges gave him that round. Public perception is that Diaz won the 2nd & 5th rounds, Condit won the 3rd & 4th, and the 1st round was a wash. Many people including myself thought Diaz won the first. But all three judges gave Condit the round. Only one judge gave Diaz the second, which surprised me. The third round I though Condit won, but two judges gave it to Diaz. The 5th round puzzles me, because not only did Diaz step up the pace, controlled the ring, scored a takedown, landed a solid kick to Condit’s head, and worked for a couple submissions. Yet, two judges gave the 5th to Condit. When it’s all said and done, based on the judges score cards & public opinion. The 4th round is the only unanimous round, that we all agree on for Condit. The other four rounds could have gone either way. Neither fighter inflicted much damage on the other, and if anybody says Condit or Diaz dominated the fight, well they are just idiots. Anyone that says this fight was exciting is also an idiot. Carlos had a smart game plan, but he didn’t win any fans with it. The question is, according to the UFC, the judges give points for forcing the action, being the aggressor. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Saturday’s fight.
      Highlight of the fight (and there weren’t many): Condit landed a beautiful leg kick to Diaz’s face, and it didn’t budge Diaz one inch. Most fighters go down on kicks like that, I don’t think Diaz even flinched.

    • erinwilliams

      Couldn’t agree with you more I’d have given 1,2 and 5 to Diaz. Points are Points though, so Condit fought like a chump for points to win, he did it.

    • jasonsingh

      People are just disappointed because there will never be a GSP-DIAZ battle. Fans want to see that fight happen. But unfortunately, Diaz lost to Condit which i definitely agree! It wasn’t exciting 100% because everyone wants to see a slugfest! But Condit did what he needed to do to win the fight. Have a game plan so effective as that! Wise and smart! It’s not in any way boring though because he was consistently striking and avoiding Diaz’s attack which frustrated Nick a lot which prompted him to think about retiring from MMA.If Diaz is a true professional, he must accept the defeat! He didn’t do much to claim the Victory! He simply can’t catch Carlos Condit! He must solve that puzzle! Diaz is a loser now! An outright rematch should wait a while. There are lots of contenders out there, that can give it a try at Condit’s style. But again, this is business. Another Condit-Diaz duel would make a lot of money if Dana White thinks about it in a practical way and in a businessman’s point of view!

  • D-rail

    Makes sense. Now that Diaz knows how Carlos runs like a biatch, now he can submit him and then move on to beat up St Pierre. Belts belong to champs who fight for them and not rely on a point system & the point system fanatics that favor it, this ain’t boxing!

    • MrAdidas

      BAHAHAHAH – d-rail, does the D stand for…. DOUCHE? B/C thats what you are, you say “Diaz knows how Carlos runs like a biatch”, yet Condit still won & is the “interim Champ”. I find it absolutely laughable that you say Condit “runs like a biatch”, well @ least he isnt 1 DIMENSIONAL like Diaz is. Why didn’t Diaz take the fight to the ground?!? B/C Diaz is NOT a smart fighter, and then he gets all mad b/c Condit wont stand in front of him?!? BAHAHAHAHA okay Diaz whatever you say, ass clown.

      It’s ironic that you wrote…. “this ain’t boxing” – No it’s MMA, which part of MMA does Nick Diaz not understand?!? All he did was stike & he took Condit down once (in the 5th Round…. as I’ve said, Diaz is NOT a smart fighter).

      “now he can submit Condit & beat up GSP” – BAHAHAH OMFG are yuo serious dude? Stop sucking on your moms tities & wake up. Diaz will not submit Condit, b/c there is NO 2nd fight, Diaz had his chance & blew. Just like Diaz had his fight Vs GSP & blew it. Diaz barely put a mark on Condits face, but you seem to think Diaz will submit him now…?!? IDIOT! After seing Condit Vs Diaz, I’m 110% GSP will easily buzz saw through Condit, let alone Diaz.

  • well you know what they say “dont let the fight go to the judges” and thats excatly what diaz did. how can you blame carlos for not standing there and exchanging punches. thats not mma

    • bajafox

      What fight did you watch? That’s exactly what Condit did by not engaging, letting it go to the judges. At one point in time did you ever see Condit try to take out Diaz? Not once.

      • MrAdidas

        I didn’t see much of anything in this fight, which was suppose to be so EPIC! The only thing I saw was a future beatdown for Condit and/or Diaz when they fight. Diaz is 1 dimensional & this fight proved it. If you dont stand in front of Diaz, he loses. As for Condit, I thought he was going to put a hurting on Diaz, but he barely did anything, which is why he’s going to get a beat down of a lifetime, by the real CHAMP GSP!

        B4 people start talking about Condits striking & kicks…. GSP OWNED Thiago Alves who has way more KO power in both hands than Condit, I’d almost say Alves’s kicks have alot more hurt behind them, compared to Condits kicks. So whats Condit going to bring to the table that GSP hasn’t already seen?!? NOTHING! How many fighters do you think Condit fought who are like GSP? NONE! My point exactly.

  • Towers66

    I am going to Vegas for sure if this happens. I don’t care if this fight is in Sudan, Jamaica, Zimbabwe or even hell…I will be there. Now that everyone isn’t overlooking Condit and now that Diaz knows that Condit fights like a baby-GSP point scoring biatch. This would be the best possible thing for Diaz and the absolute worst for Condit. I believe that Diaz won rounds 1/2/5. I have watched the fight like 9 times. Condit fought a smart fight though…when fighting a real bad mofo…punch and run away full speed. A true martial artist…lol.
    I showed my roommate(who watches nothing but football and gives two s*^%$ about MMA) without letting him know who I liked or what I thought about the fight and this is what he said…”They don’t get in trouble for running away like that, what’s the point? He is hitting that mouthy dude but he ain’t hurtin’ him. That guy is like the terminator, hahahaha….that Condom guy or Conduit guy fights like a girl. I dont know, I think the dude in the red shorts tried harder. This stuff is stupid, he just runs away. Who cares, dude in red won I think. Right? Did he?”
    True Story
    Please do more articles on this subject so it gets some attention.

    • Cptmats

      Sounds like you know about as much about mma as your room mate. Condit won 5 rounds to 0. Diaz chased him around getting tagged by punches the whole fight.Its called point fighting. Not all fighte have KO power and not all fighters can be knocked out. Condit executed a perfect game plan to beat a guy like Diaz.

      • TKD

        Well said, Cptmats! You will never convince the Diaz fans that Diaz LOST the fight. They are complainers like he is. They need to accept the fact that a fighter is not supposed to play into the other fighters strengths. Again, why bother trying to convince them?

      • RonnieV

        Well, Cptmats, if you think your boy Condit won all five rounds, then I would think you know nothing about MMA. TKD, many of us Diaz fans, accept the controversial loss. Four of those rounds could have went either way. Both fighters have a legitimate gripe to say they won the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th. Condit clearly won the 4th. I acknowledge Condit had a great stick & move game plan. Boring as hell, but it worked. Early word is Condit does not want to fight Diaz again (I wonder why). He would rather weight 10-11 months for GSP. What is the point of having an interim belt, if the guy doesn’t want to fight?

        • Cptmats

          Condit is not my boy for one. And why the hell would He wanna fight Diaz again ? Why should he have to beat the guy twice ? He just did it convincingly !There was nothing controversial about it ! Every round was close but def all Condit rounds !

    • rezsurfer

      So you get points for chasing also? he didnt do much until he had to as a must win cause he was losing? then wanted to play BJJ.. smart game plan by condit is now called cheap. STUPID NEW FANS

      • RonnieV

        Actually you do get points for pressing the action.

        • Cptmats

          Not when your getting tagged and missing everything you throw.

  • Fight again. This is not boxing! Its MMA. You should not be rewarded for running the entire fight. Condit had a good game plan; throw a few kicks and meaningless punches, then run. I honestly thought Diaz won rounds 1 and 2. Condit actually was a big more offensive and won rounds 3 and 4. But, Diaz controlled round 5. Took his back, and had Condit in serious trouble.

    Just hard from me to see how the judges gave him the fight, especially a unanimous decision.

    • Prodigy815

      Holding on to a guy for the last minute of the round doesn’t win it.

      • It does in MMA. Ever heard of GSP?

        • MrAdidas

          So your saying GSP “Holds on to a guy for the last minute of the round” for the win? Or does GSP dominate guys for 25 mins & make great fighters look average?!? STFU you idiot, if that’s all GSP does, is hold people down, then why not just train takedown defence, IF… IF that’s all GSP does?!? B/C thats not all GSP does, he’s THE BEST overall fighter in all of MMA. Who has everything GSP has. Great strikes, extremeley strong, incredible cardio, world class kicks/karate, great BJJ, TOP Wrestler in all of MMA, best takwdowns & best takedown defence etc. etc. etc.

          After seing Condit Vs Diaz,I’m EVEN MORE CONVINCED now than ever that GSP BUZZ SAWS through both of them. Their fight was good, NOT GREAT! But I expected Condit to do alot more damage to Diaz – though I wanted Diaz to win, so he would get OWNED by GSP!

          • Cptmats

            Bro. we have disagreed a few times in the past but you are right on here. George is easily p4p king and i’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have much trouble taking down and pounding out Silva either !

  • mikemma123

    GSP is still working out and be ready to train mma full time in June and will be ready to fight in november… That’s about 10 months from now. I don’t see why the UFC can’t sneak in a rematch between condit and Diaz. Especially the way how condit won. And you know the fans want to see this too, so why not?

    • RonnieV

      Condit’s camp does not want a rematch. Carlos won the fight, but IMO he would be scared to fight Nick again. I’m sure the UFC would do it if both fighters agreed to it.

  • chuker

    Why can’t you Diaz fans let it go? Your boy lost. Deal with it. I like both guys but nick didn’t adapt to anything he just kept talking trash and get Condit to brawl. But condit showed the difference between the UFC an the bums nick beat in strikeforce… Skills common sence and a game plan. Don’t miss understand, the fight was a let down for the ” fight of the year”hype we all went through. im not giving condit huge props for his style in this fight but it was effective. I love watching Diaz fight but if he can’t change up his game plan mid fight I have a feeling he will lose more fights because most top 10 guys won’t stand and brawl.

  • pooby

    A rematch would just be more of the same. Once again a way will be found whereby two Jackson fighters won’t have to face each other. If Diaz won the rematch, do we then need a rubber match to determine the “real” interim champ?

    If St. Pierre can’t get his ass in a cage, strip him of his belt.

    • TKD


    • MrAdidas

      UR AN IDIOT! “If St. Pierre can’t get his ass in a cage, strip him of his belt” – Who said anything about GSP not being able to get back in the cage?!? Yeah strip the most marketable & the biggest draw the UFC has, great idea genius. FYI: Injuries happen in EVERY sport, especially MMA. I guess it’s okay for Brock to be out a year, Anderson /silva is aloud to be out for almost a year (yet anderson has trained with Lyoto & Wanderlei for their last 2 fights, but he needs an additional 6 months to heal, but that’s ok right?!?) YOU IDIOT!

  • MikeMc1983

    Point, no it doesn’t work that way. Fans only call for a rematch when there guy loses. If Diaz in a rematch snuck out a decision win they wouldnt be calling for a rematch.
    Everyone that goes into a fight wanting a winner gets colored while watching it. Whether we want to or not. It’s how our brain works.
    I am curious , I’m still seeing people say what they didn’t like condit doing. Yet no one has said what he should have done instead? What was an intelligent response to the situations he was in?
    It’s not the same as Gsp. What Gsp does is different. Gsp regularly takes fights to where they are finished by either guy the absolute least. His goal is to be in half guard and stay there 25 min.
    If I told you condit was going to stand with Diaz for 25min and move backwards often every Diaz fan in the world would have been thrilled. It’s only because they thought nick was better than he is. As a still B level fighter Diaz needs guys to make huge mistakes and/or gas out to win. Sad for nick fans I’m sure. It’s what happens when you get wrapped up with the under dog… 😉

    • MikeMc1983

      Point = pooby
      It was a semi reply to pooby’s post. Auto correct issue I didn’t catch. Sorry.

    • MrAdidas

      “His goal is to be in half guard and stay there 25 min.” – WTF are you talking about? Did GSP go to the ground Vs Koscheck or Shields, which happen to be his last 2 fights?!? I thought I seen GSP stand in both fights, besides a couple takedowns here & there.

      Funny how Condit did EXACTLY the samething GPS does (great gameplan), yet you say Condit’s “strategie” was nothing like GSP’s?!? BAHAHAHAHA get Condits ballz out of your mouth F@G, Condit did the same thing GSP does, EXCEPT…. Condit did not make Diaz look like he NEVER belonged, like GSP has done to EVERY single one of his oponents. Greg Jackson is the man behind GSP & Condit, yet you think Condit’s “gameplan” was not like GSP’s!!! BAHAHAHAHA

  • Terrible idea. Would make last nights fight essentially meaningless. Rematches right after fights are awful ideas & pointless. Make Nick earn his way back to title contention. I would rather see Nick vs. Josh Koscheck & Condit vs. the winner of Ellenberger/Sanchez.

    • KBEsq

      I agree – I think Diaz should fight Kos. No way he’s retiring – he’s just being a whining baby because his opponent didn’t fight the way he wanted him to. Condit vs. the winner of Sanchez/Ellenberger is a good idea. I said this in another post. There was no way Diaz was going to be winning for long in the UFC because it’s only a matter of time before someone develops a game plan that does not allow him to do what he does. Even if it wasn’t Condit, it would be another fighter down the road. The bottom line is that Diaz is just as blameworthy as Condit for that fight. They’re fighting in a cage and a small cage at that. It’s not like it’s an open field. If he’s running, go catch him.

      A bit off topic and out there, but I actually think Diaz vs. Rory McDonald would be a great fight. Diaz can try to avenge his brother.

      I simply don’t understand anyone who thinks Diaz won that fight. I was not happy about the fight because I agree that the fans don’t pay to see a guy out point the other fighter. They pay to see a fight. However, if you had to pick a winner in that fight, it just couldn’t have been Diaz under any circumstances.

  • I so predicted this!!! UFC is so predictable now!!! See my prediction at on an article titled “GSP talks UFC 143.”

  • MikeMc1983

    Predictable now?
    Slow down Jose. Don’t hurt your back too bad from all the patting.
    First, it hasnt happened yet, and second, it’s not like there’s a ton of options for top names.
    You can take the top 5 from every division and probably guess the next match if I gave you 3 tries. For every single fighter. It’s always been that way.

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m curious where all the people screaming “quitter” are? You know, instead of retireing?
    It’s a bit ironic because I remember a few post where guys talked about Brock not having heart like a Diaz.
    I don’t think he’s done either, but it’s still funny. None of us saw nick saying he wanted to quit coming.
    Hopefully if he does stay away people don’t call it retirement. He “quit,” he didn’t “retire.”
    Man, it’s fun saying totally stupid $hit. Now I know why they do it all the time.

  • Not a big fan of either fighter. Maybe Condit squeaked out a point decision. However if Diax would have backed up like he did there wouldn’t have been any fight.

  • At first I thought Condit won but if I really go back to my score cards Nick won rounds 1 and 2 carlos won 3 and 4 Carlos was winning the last round until Nick took him down but he took him down with 1:10 left in the round and carlos escaped with about 5 seconds to go. Carlos won 80% of the round. I thought Carlos won the fight with his gun and run tactics. Typical Jackson gameplan win and a poor showing by both fighters. GSP will take carlos down and mop up the mat with him and get the stoppage people are demanding of him. I was not impressed with Condit on his feet either, if he had actually tried to seriously engage Diaz he would have been demolished. But Nick was exposed. He has no kicking game really and so couldn’t attack from a distance and if Carlos ran, well Nick certainly couldn’t catch him and he couldn’t get him down until the end of the fight. But Carlos got the win and I think it’s bullshit to give Diaz an immediate rematch. Carlos was promised the shot if he won and if he has to fight Diaz twice he’s getting fucked and he’s been dicked around enough lately. Diaz should win two big fights in a row and then get GSP

  • D-rail

    Don’t see that rematch happening. “The Natural Born Point Scorer” will not risk his meaningless interim belt, and will probably hold out & wait 10 months or whenever GSP desides to come back. Condit’s too close to a tittle shot & decided to take no risk getting there, so I doubt he’d risk allowing a rematch now that Nick knows what he needs to do, it’s too bad he figured it out at the end of the last round. Even Dana knows what happened & how Pierre vs Condit sounds like a roller durby match, I say givem both skates & tight skirts.

  • Unlike some people I think Carlos fought a good fight. He had a good game plan, but it wasn’t good enough. I believe that Diaz out striked him. Yes trash talking is unprofessional but points shouldn’t be taken away for trash talking unless the other fighter follows up. Nicks dropping his hand is good strategy because the other fighter either does nothing and gets backed up (like Condit)or they strike and get dodged and countered (both out comes favor nick). Carlos said he did his kicks to slow Diaz down, Diaz did not slow down (therefor his game plan was not good enough). First round Diaz second round Diaz, third round a draw, forth round way in favor of Condit bet not a 10/8. Fifth round Diaz.

  • Next time my niece pulls my hair and runs away for 25 min. I’m retiring. This point system is BS!

    • TKD

      I have a feeling you might be smoking what Diaz is smoking.

  • I don’t know what fight these clowns where watching but Carlos kicked his ass every round he landed the more powerful strikes way more strikes landed and Nick could take him down only what one time and in the end Carlos fought the smarter fight. All these wanna be cry babies out there are fantasy dreamers livin in a drunken stuper! I have never missed a UFC fight card practiced MA’s for many years multiple disaplines and with the record that Carlos Condit has you have to be a moron to say bad shit about him out of i think 33 fights only 4 decisions never KO’d,never lost a title defense. I am a huge Diaz brothers fan but talkin shit don’t fly if you can’t win the fight. Either you finish the guy or you accept the judges decision BIOCHES!!!

  • Look at Carlos record when it goes to the judges he is now 2-2 that’s 50/50 he was out there to win and to finish and he WON! 13 KO victories 13 submision victories and three submision losses early in his career- 1 avenged. I am a huge Nick Diaz fan and I think he fought a good fight put the presure on and his game plan did not work! I respect his fighting skills always but he acts like a spoiled child I hope he watches the fight and realizes he lost.

  • tomkevill

    it was definatley close. I wont argue condit won but hes never fought like that before that ive seen. He was literally running at times and i hope he hasnt entered his era of just trying to get the win. id like to see them fight again though.

  • What kind of rag is this? All these sissies on here have no clue of reality look at these fighters past history! I am a MMA fan #1, I love finishers (Carlos Condit)! Why are you scared of the real stats? Post my comments.

  • mark-31

    Bottom line is most armchair quarterbacks don’t know much about MMA. Here is what most people who do know about MMA think.

    Matt Lindland
    Great fight Diaz 1,2,5 Condit 3,4

    Pat Miletich
    That decision was an absolute joke. At best, Condit won 2 rounds

    Mike Ciesnolevicz
    Dan Hendo, Jens Pulver, Pat Miletich all world champs agree Diaz win. Good enough for me!! A lot of judges don’t even train

    Josh Neer
    Wow. Nick got robbed 4-1 Diaz. Carlos was doing the Forrest Gump

    Daniel Cormier
    Didn’t say it was a horrible decision. Just said I disagreed. Condit actually was running in the cage.

    Ronda Rousey
    If I wanted to see aman run for 25 minutes I’d go to a track meet. Diaz is the real champ, what a bullshit fight

    Jens Pulver
    IMO @nickdiaz209 had it 48-47.

    Marloes Coenen
    Round 3: Nick. Condit’s fighting strategy is so fucking annoying! I like men who fight like.. men. Not ones who dance like Billy Elliot

    Cody McKenzie
    Wow really goes to show you how bad these judges suck Carlos ran the entire time

    Cesar Gracie also claims that “Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva sitting ringside had Diaz winning. Champions know really who won.”

    All the quotes taken from the fighters twitter accounts.

    • TKD

      I am sure the judges give a real **** about what these fighters think.

      • RonnieV

        Thanks for posting mark-31. Glad to know some people with true knowledge of the sport thought the same way as me. I’m sure just as many fighters thought Condit won. Hopefully the controversy will force a rematch.

    • for mark-31: most informed comment I’ve seen yet.

      We all have to acknowledge the subjective nature of what we saw Saturday night, confirmed by the disparate opinions expressed here and elsewhere. Fight Metrics tells one story, and apparently every fight fan has their own version.

      I’m a long time MMA fan, (since ’93) former martial arts instructor, 2nd dan TKD, successful point sparring competitor, former tournament judge in California and Nevada, and when the fight went to the judges, I told the kid on the bar stool next to me at Hooters “Diaz, 48-47, rounds 1, 2, and 5″… One man’s opinion.

    • Cptmats

      “All the quotes taken from the fighters twitter accounts.”

      Makes sense considering everyone one on this list get hit in the head for a living !

  • tomfinan

    LOL, the UFC wants the GSP/diaz match so much they are willing to negate this fight to give diaz another chance. What Bull stuff.

  • samflchr

    Nick Diaz and all his crying fans need to get over it you call holding your hands up and talking fighting and his little.bullshit punches Gsp would wipe the floor with him and then there more excuses why he didn’t win all you rednecks need to watch wwf because you don’t know shit about fighting

  • macgrubber

    Why does everyone keep saying this is mma not boxing? Here i thought that all these fighters trained with boxers and boxing coaches to get their hands better but i guess not. If Diaz is going to stay on his feet then is condit going to box him or mma him? Boxing/kickboxing is part of mma you turds and diaz got smoked in it.

    @mark-31 who cares what your list of people say about the fight. Matt lindland is still recovering from his coma from belfort. Cody Mckenzie? what has he done? Lidell and Pulver both have the same mentality as diaz and would rather sit in their and trade punches and look where that got both of them. Maybe they should take notes on condit they might actually win a fight. List sucks bro get a new one.

    • RonnieV

      Miletich, Team Quest (Lindland), AKA (Dave Camarillo),AMC (Matt Hume), are all reputable MMA camps that publicly said Diaz got robbed. I value their opinions much more than a keyboard warrior named “macgrubber.”

  • jaydeezee

    LOL@ all the Diaz nuthuggers. It was so obvious that everyone in the UFC wanted Diaz to win and are pissed that Carlo came out and didn’t stand in front of Nick and get his head beat off like BJ Penn did. Condit won that fight with movement and precision striking. Isn’t that how Diaz normally wins fights??

  • opposition13


  • JeremyFortune1

    I really hope this happens. Diaz deserves a rematch. The fight couldve gone either way and in any case shouldve been a draw. I say do it again!!!!!!!!

    • RonnieV

      Totally agree!

  • The crybaby c#nt Diaz should really retire and be a bitch of his word.

  • What can we do about the judging? It leaves the door open to an overhaul, but do you think it’s necessary? 3 judges see it for Condit, most of the internet world seems to think Diaz won. That’s a problem! What can we do?

  • Carlos has always been a no nonsense natural born killer … I blame Jackson for turning the main event into a tag and run fiasco. It’s not like him and I know it will eat at Carlos until we have a real fight toe to toe and a belt he can be proud of.

  • shereko

    Yeah I hear what everyone is saying about him running away and fighting his fight… but really can we rip him for this? Wasn’t the way already paved with, Cruz and lets not leave out Frankie Edgar, in which at the time Dana praised Frankie as the #2 pound for pound in the world. So its hardly a trend setter that Carlos took that blue print. I am NOT a GSP fan but, I think GSP will bring it more to Diaz than Carlos did, but not saying thats a smart move, but I think his jab is good enough to hold off a beating like Penn took.

    But, all in all I’d rather see Diaz retire, instead of having to listen to his rambling babble and whining if he loses.

  • julianmoran

    round 1 Diaz
    round 2 Diaz
    round 3 close, but I give it to Diaz
    round 4 Condit all day
    round 5 close, but I give it to Condit.
    Diaz won that fight.

    Condit did a good job running away the whole fight. Hit and run…
    If Diaz had run after him a bit, he could have won by finish in the 3’rd or 4’th. As Condit was slowly wearing down in round 1 and 2.

    But do to Condit’s effective power punching, Diaz stoped getting close and punching Condit as much, allowing Condit to recover.
    If more aggressive (punching), Diaz would win the rematch by finish, all day.

  • bajafox

    It doesn’t matter, the interim Championship is BS anyway, there won’t be a real 170 champ until someone takes it from GSP. The problem is how is Condit supposed to run away from GSP while GSP is running away from Condit?

  • Diaz won, end of story…3 raunds for Diaz … 1,2 and 5…3 and 4 maybe draw. GSP is a baby, you are protected mr. Dana…..saludos desde mexico.

  • It was nice seeing this thug getting pussy-whipped and schooled by a well-mannered fellow Like Carlos Condit, Better yet, I loved reading the comments of Diaz fans having a hissy fit over the fact that thuggery doesn’t work in the face of courage adversity and self-control and that yes, a game plan always prevails over the bullying tactics of the likes of Nick Diaz and dare i say it, his fans and followers. What a pleasure seing Nick Diaz mouthing off and doing his antics whilst getting kicked and punched and kicked and punched then some more as a look of disbelief got over him when he finally understood that he couldn’t possibly win this one with his limited skill-set, Wow, that was so much fun and I think that to make sure he understands his lost, Condit should never fight him again just to make sure he understands his lost and maybe becomes if not a better fighter maybe a better person.

  • oxygendrunkard

    End of story? Go look at the fight metrics. I gave it to Condit marginally but he got it. Only one person get there back taken ONCE and with no punishment.

    The statistic speak to themselves. Condit won marginally. Diaz allowed the judges to make the decision, and if you differ to the scoring and shots landed Diaz did win.

    As for Condit running? How? Condit was smart and never let him corner him. He brought a very pragmatic game to Diaz and some equivalent cardio too.

    I wanted Diaz to win…but.. a remarkable fight as far as striking and fight psyche. Credit to Condit… as for Diaz diatribe at the end about retiring? wtf. Dude finally is making money he complained about for years ever getting his 2nd fight in the UFC. One he didnt fight cause he can oblige his responsibilities. Not like guy has never lost. Plus its not like the judges have it in for him… I didnt find the fight grossly miss judges. The Pierce KOS fight I felt it was very even but as said they both left in the hands of the judges. For KOS to say he fought at 20% is an insult, he very nearly lost that fight… KOS should of been penalized for the fingers did it with GSP and now Pierce shady stuff

    If Diaz quits I wont cry… plenty of other athletes coming up Id rather watch like Rory Macdonald

  • alhmiel

    Diaz deserves nothing but scorn and disgust. Nick Diaz is a tumor that needs to be removed from MMA. Diaz brings nothing to the sport and is undeserving of anything good. Let Diaz rot away in oblivion forever.

    • fsunoles09

      get off that mans nuts, dude works his ass off and goes in there and puts on a good fight.let me ask you somethin y is it he is not deserving.and if your gonna say somethin about the dudes personality, im sure u chill with the guy on a daily basis so u would know stuff like that.and if ur not gonna say somethin about his personality then your argument loses all of what credibility u had being that guy is a hell of a fighter and that would be the only thing u could say about the guy to make a case for him being undeserving.explain, i would love to see this explanation.

  • Rematch!! Diaz will knock him out this time!!

  • This is what I don’t get. There are so many comments on Diaz’ character. Who are you guys to judge how someone carries themselves? We are ALL flawed as humans. Instead of talking about what a bad person Diaz is, why don’t you concentrate on his fighting ability. I never really did like Diaz, until I started listening to some of the things he says. Is it his fault he’s from the ghetto? He admits, he’s not good at the media stuff. But like he says, “Im here to represent Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu, or take my ass whooping.” How can you get mad at at dude who just wants to fight.

    Yeah, I don’t care much for some of his antics, but Im not here to judge him on his character. Im a fight fan!!! And a true fight fan has to respect a guy who wants to fight. This is MMA, you should want to finish your opponent. I love GSP, but he’s become very boring and predictable. Just does enough to win by points. Thats what separates him from Anderson Silva, and Jose Aldo, they will try to destroy you.

    Condit is a very good fighter, but didn’t do enough to win that fight. Maybe the Character police will starting judging Diaz on his fights, rather than how he carries himself…

    • Well said. I feel the same way. Diaz has mad skills. You dont get points for character, even though his showboating in the ring probably irked the judges. I dont know how else to explain the loss. I hate his mouth and showboating but would FEAR getting into the ring with Diaz alot more than Conduit.

  • Rnd 1 DIaz
    Rnd 2 Diaz (close)
    Rnd 3 Conduit (Diaz did nothing but talk)
    Rnd 4 Conduit (convincing)
    Rnd 5 Diaz

    This is unbiased. I respect both fighters, hate Diaz’ mouth but he won this fight. He held Octagon Control the entire 5 rounds. He had the only take downs. Conduit was very accurate but didnt do enough.

    Conduit pulled a Machida like win. Which is horrible for PPV, great for point scoring.

    I still think Diaz takes that fight if the Judges scored more accurate. I think a rematch would be great but I would think Conduit wants nothing to do with Diaz. The comment needs to be re-repeated again, a true champion that will sell PPV is more Diaz like, not Conduit. I respect Machidas skills, but will NEVER order PPV to wathca guy run away for 5 rounds.

  • chavez0712

    Can people get over this fight already Condit won that’s all there is to it. I have watched and liked both fighters for a long time so when I watched this fight I didn’t go for either of them I just watched it and cheered both of them on. I seriously think Condit won the fight he landed more punches and kicks than Diaz. Yeah Diaz was the aggressor but he couldn’t seem to land much punches and in the later rounds he slowed down and stopped attacking like he was doing in the beginning. Carlos Condit kept mixing his punches and kicks up while avoiding getting hit and won the fight. I had Diaz winning rounds 1 and 2. I don’t think that take down in the last round won him the fight because it came to late and he didn’t do anything with it. He took a lot of punches and kicks in that last round so that lost him the fight.

  • dickphilips

    I was expecting the main event to be a real crazy and exciting fight. I am so sick of boring fights!!! The FREE fights on FOX were better than the PPV. Now let me say that anyone in the UFC could most likely kick my a$$, however if it weren’t for the fans those guys wouldn’t be getting paid. They need to go out and fight all out and make things exciting. They need to establish a no purse policy. If the fans are bored, you don’t get paid!

  • RubeKegal

    Round 1 Condit
    Round 2 Condit
    Round 3 Condit
    Round 4 Condit
    Round 5 Condit

    Condit outclassed him in first 4 rounds easily. Fans of mma have gotten increasingly stupid. People say Diaz won here, they say Rampage actually beat Machida, they say Erick Silva didn’t punch Carlo Prater in the back of the head.

    All in all, MMA fans are a total disaster. It shows they are a bunch of sh*tferbrain douches that know little to nothing about MMA. There is no plausible way you can say Diaz won any round 1-4. 5th you can argue for sure, but still 49-46 at best.

    • DrkDisciple

      Did you really say “outclassed” or did you mean “out ran”? I do agree that the Natural Born Runner(aka Kalib Starnes jr) did out run Diaz five rounds to none.

    • fsunoles09

      so im assuming your always right.i havnt gotten a chance to watch it yet but from what i hear condit ran and from what i see on here its alot of the same being said despite majority of the people here not liking have any other enlightening facts about mma? jackass

      • fsunoles09

        thought i clicked reply but yea there ya go all knowing rube

      • RubeKegal

        fsu, go suck a knob assclown, Diaz did chase Carlos and Carlos stayed away picking Diaz apart for the majority of the fight. He won hands down.

    • RonnieV

      Rube Kegal thanks for the wonderful insiteful post. Even if Diaz did get “outclassed” by Condit. Every person on this message board has “outclassed” you. Does your mommy know you are using such foul language on the internet? Glad you brought up Machida/Rampage though, this fight was every bit as controversial as that one.

      • RubeKegal

        Ronnie, your boy lost, get over it. Want a tissue? Do you? I’m sure there are as many pro’s out there that thought Carlos won. Also a lot of people genuinely dislike the Greg Jackson Camp like Dave Camarillo from AKA and Miletich, so them putting down a Jackson fighter suprises me not at all. Ronnie, go cry yourself to sleep little boy. You probably still think Diaz won his 1st fight vs Jeremy Jackson.

  • Well now, since Condit claims to have won all five rounds, then those two might as well have a rematch. Seeing as how Diaz thinks he won all five as well.
    Like the one commentor mentioned: I don’t know what Carlos was smoking… The man literally appeared to have a not so mean facial affect, ran from Diaz all five rounds, then for him to claim he dominated Diaz (picked him apart); my goodness, that must be medical marijuana !! You know, one toke and that’s all she wrote; because there is no way Carlos Condit won that fight. It was a fight, wasn’t it? It was supposed to be, but Condit changed it to a track meet, while Diaz stayed on him. Diaz didn’t run. Diaz didn’t back away the whole round (times 5). No, Nick Diaz came there to fight !!
    I wonder what was up with Condit, though, because he surely did NOT want to stand and exchange with Nick Diaz. He was afraid of getting the sh*t knocked out of him. He didn’t want to look bad, but running with your back to the man…well that is yellow streaking. Picking him apart, eh?
    I’d say a rematch is in order. Condit did pick him apart, after all. He must want a rematch so bad, because of how easily and handily he won that 5-rounder, right? It’s got to be easy money.

    • RubeKegal

      Cry about it more, look at Nick’s face at fights end and Carlos’. Carlos won period.

  • dextermontero


  • RonnieV

    I just brokedown the first round, which all three judges gave Condit. Condit landed 12 strikes, and 22 leg kicks. Diaz landed 38 strikes, and three leg kicks, plus pressed the action. Diaz clearly won this round. No idea how the judges gave this round to Carlos.

    Second round: Condit 18 strikes, 25 leg kicks, and a flying knee that Diaz stuffed. Diaz 42 strikes, and 2 leg kicks, and forced the action. Condit through a couple of nice kicks that hit Diaz’s gloves, and a had a spinning elbow that did not connect at all. My guess is the judges counted those as effective strikes. The numbers say Diaz won, but only one judge gave him the round.

    The Third round is funny, I thought Diaz lost this round, but this was the only round the judges gave unanimously to Diaz. Condit landed 16 strikes, and 26 leg kicks. Diaz was once again the agreesor, landed 33 strikes, and four leg kicks. On paper, Condit won this round, but they gave it to Diaz.

    We all know Condit won the fourth. Condit landed 18 strikes, and 29 leg kicks. Diaz landed 14 strikes, and 6 leg kicks. Condit also stuffed a Diaz takedown.

    Condit was awarded the 5th round by two judges, but the general consensus is Diaz won this round. Even Condit thought he may have loss this round. Both fighters landed 15 strikes, Diaz landed four of his via ground & pound. Condit landed 11 leg/knee kicks, and Diaz landed 6. Diaz scored a takedown, and tried for two different submissions, but was unsuccessful.

    Condit had some great kicks, and countered Diaz attack much better in the 4th & 5th rounds. But I think he was awarded points for kicks that didn’t land in the first two rounds, they were pretty but they only touched air or Diaz’s gloves. This fight should have went 48/47 for Nick Diaz. Strictly off strikes landed, being aggressive, and takedowns. Nick should have won the 1st, 2nd & 5th. Carlos won the 3rd & 4th. In the interest of fans, and creating exciting fights, the UFC should impose a rule similar to Prides yellow card rule. I admire Condit’s stick & move approach, but turning your back and running on several occasions should have been penalized by the judges. For you Diaz haters that want to contest my post, all I ask is go back and watch the fight, and count the strikes landed.

    • DrkDisciple

      Hard to contest the truth. You described the same fight I watched.

    • RubeKegal

      LOL a Diaz fan “breaking down the fight” Your numbers are more flawed than the Obama White House haha

      • TKD

        LOL @ RubeKegal!

      • RonnieV

        I’m sorry that you effin pansies can accept facts.

        • RubeKegal

          your facts are falsified. FightMetric scored it 159 to 117 in total strikes and 151 to 105 in significant strikes BOTH FOR CONDIT!!

          • RonnieV

            Now go check Compustrike dummy. I never said Diaz landed more strikes. He landed more strikes in two rounds, and the 5th round he landed five less strikes, but he had the takedown and back control. Plus he was the aggressor and had ring control the entire fight. Condit took his strike lead in two rounds which I noted above.

  • Towers66

    Natural Born Runner
    I vote rematch.

  • zmoneyloveits

    and the winner by leg kick decision Carlos the natural born leg killer Condit. give me a break half of those weak ass leg kicks shouldn’t have counted as strikes. Now Condit says he thinks he only won three rounds. When will MMA develop a system to gauge the various strikes by how much damage they do and stop pretending a Diaz body or head punch is the same as a stupid Condit leg kick.


      You are funny its called a point system for a reason imagine oh i won because i hit you harder no i hit you harder are you kidding me & look at Diaz face ,
      Just because you hit harder does not mean you hit more . its called a point system for a reason not who hits harder system hahaha now that was funny thanks

  • alhmiel

    the hell with nick Diaz. Diaz is a disease Condit was the cure. The UFC doesn’t need a diseased Diaz infecting their organization. Get rid of Nick Diaz and the stench he has around him.

    • RonnieV

      Seriously Bro, did you just watch “Cobra” with Sly Stallone. That was his best line in teh movie.

  • Shadowboxer92

    REMATCH…..condit can “kick” diaz’s ass again right?…….pffftttttt

  • RubeKegal

    WAR CONDIT BABY!!!! He dun did the rope a dope on Diaz!!

  • alhmiel

    Nick Diaz deserves nothing as Condit whipped him and outsmarted Diaz. Hail to Condit as good defeated evil.


    To all my fans nick won round 1 & 5 & Carlos won 2, 3 ,4 so as you can clearly see i won i mean nick won the fight im so confussed . thanks for everyone believing in me & nick but i think i am going back to strike force were i can get justice & did you see him use that spinning back-fist i was like wow what is that they use that in mma now that’s news to me . i will be back ..