Carlos Condit vs. Matt Brown Welterweight Showdown Added to UFC on Fox 9

September 18, 2013
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Carlos Condit UFC 143The UFC on Fox 9 fight card has been growing at a steady pace this week. The most recent addition is a key welterweight bout between former interim champion Carlos Condit and streaking contender Matt Brown.

UFC officials announced the bout on Tuesday.

Condit (29-7) is fresh off of a main event victory over Martin Kampmann in their rematch at UFC Fight Night 27 in Indianapolis last month. It was a key win for the former champion after he lost back-to-back bouts to Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks.

Condit badly wants to get back into title contention and stopping Brown’s streak would be an important step in that direction.

Brown (18-11) has been toiling for years to make a name for himself in the UFC. Lately, he’s done much more than that, winning his six most recent fights in succession.

Brown put a stamp on his place as a welterweight to be reckoned with after knocking out well-respected veteran Mike Pyle in a mere 29 seconds at UFC on Fight Night 26 as part of the Aug. 17 premier of the FOX Sports 1 network.

“Hopefully (beating Pyle) put me somewhere, in a good position to get some big fights,” said Brown during the UFC Fight Night 26 post-fight press conference.  “In this sport you get what you earn, not what you deserve, so hopefully I earned something good here.”

He earned a spot on a “Big FOX” main card opposite the No. 3 ranked fighter in the world, as well as an opportunity to prove he deserves to get a crack at the title.

UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis puts his belt on the line against former Strikeforce champion Josh Thomson in the UFC on Fox 9 main event at Sleep Train Arena on Dec. 14 in Sacramento, Calif.

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  • Scotty_O

    That’s f@cking awesome! Fight of the night potential right there!

  • Kbroesq

    I don’t know why, but this is one of the best, most pleasant, unexpected and surprising fight announcements I think I’ve ever heard. It may be ‘whatever’ to some people, but I just love this fight.

    It’s great because it’s not obvious; I don’t think anyone would have thought of this fight, but once it was announced, it’s one of those fights you think about and go: “yeah! that’s f*&$(*& amazing!”

    Both fighters have A LOT to gain from this fight. If Condit wins, he will have stopped one of the most dominant streaks we’ve seen in a while. If Brown wins, you just can’t deny the guy a title shot at that point. I say again, AWESOME FIGHT!

    • Lucas Freire

      Other than the fact that Condit asked for this fight…
      But I share the same feelings, this fight will be amazing!

      • Kbroesq

        Ahh, didn’t know that. That’s pretty cool of him. Brown is ultra dangerous right now, but I still don’t think he has the recognition he deserves from his winning streak. I have to give props to Condit for this.

        It’s one of those fights he doesn’t have much to gain from the casual fans.

    • uncle

      This could be Fight of the year

  • onehitwonder

    True test for Brown.

  • ThrashMetalfan

    Its hard to find a tough grinding fighter to test Condit, Matt Brown fits. I think the biggest advantage for Condit is the Jiu Jitsu… just like how Lytle beat Brown. Still going to be thrilling imo!

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    WHOOOAA Looks like Matt Brown got what he asked for, a top opponent. I would say if Brown doesn’t get an early stoppage then Condit will out work him in the second and third but you never know with Brown, he keeps improving and we don’t know how good he really is. Condit needs to make sure to come out strong right from the gate being that this is a 3 rounder and he does seem to come out with a very controlled and sometimes even slow pace at the start which picks up throughout the fight. I’m sure Condit and his camp are well aware of this and don’t want to give away the first round. This card is getting filled with some of the most exciting fighters in the UFC, should see some awesome fights.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Love it!

  • King_DG

    I thought they were going to match Matt Brown with Tarec Saffedine? what happened to that?

    • uncle

      I would like to see Saffedine vs Henderson

  • shakejunt

    hate to use this phrase but condit really is a “true warrior.” brown is high-risk, low-reward fight and condit is still down to scrap.

    • Seth

      At this point? Low reward? Dude, I dont know what ya smoke, but stop it D: If there is someone who proved himself lately at 170 – it gotta be Brown. You can NOT deny that he is on a rocket ride to the top now – won last 6, 5 by TKO/KO. Last 3 – Swick aint pushover, Mein may be young but he is really gamed and experienced, having 36 fights at 23yr of age and Pyle – he is up there when we speak about toughest guys curently fighitng. And Brown went THROUGH him like he was nothing. Brown atm is dangerous fight for anyone, so I agree with high risk thing. But low-reward? I think stoping Brown’s streak now is really meaningfull and worthy of risk.

      • Brown deserves this fight but at the same time it is a low reward for Condit. Matt has never faced Koscheck, Kampmann, Ellenberger, McDonald, Maia, Shields or Marquardt. Those are names he needs to go along with his win streak.

    • uncle

      Low reward who else in WW has a winning streak like Brown ? people with less wins fight for
      the title already,Im sure this fight will not be on prelims so it’s a big reward for the winner

      • shakejunt

        name value. it’d be like beating chael beating costa at mw

        • uncle

          Brown is a top ten WW now.
          and Costa is top a MW, so they
          have name value

          • shakejunt

            top 10 =/= name value

  • Darin

    I told everyone this would be Brown’s next fight after he demolished Pyle so quickly. Glad I was right, should be explosive. Brown has been on a tear, but he hasn’t fought someone as tough as Condit. Condit will eat the shots and keep coming. By decision or TKO, Brown loses this.

  • Condit takes this one. Carlos is not only aggressive like Brown but is far more well rounded and technical. Matt never fought guys like Nick Diaz, GSP or Hendricks. Carlos has every advantage.

  • julian moran


    • julian moran

      Condit 1 st round finish.

      • Kbroesq

        I will admit that it’s a HUGE step up in competition, but I don’t think it’s a mismatch. Brown has 6 (Count ’em 6) wins in a row, most of which are spectacular KO’s. People may not think much of Mike Pyle, but he’s a beast and a veteran, and Brown ran right through him.

        Also, even if I agreed that it was a mismatch, we’re still going to get an awesome fight. You know Brown is going to go at Condit with all he has, and get bloody in the process.

        Finally, though, and perhaps most importantly, what are they supposed to do with Brown? Give him another top 20 WW. He doesn’t deserve that. He should get a top 10. Condit makes sense.