Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann 2 Headlines UFC on Fox Sports 1 Event on Aug. 28 in Indy

May 31, 2013
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ConditKampmannUFN18_063Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann put on a thriller once before, and now the two perennial welterweight contenders will take center stage on Fox’s new sports network for part two.

UFC officials confirmed the five-round bout on Friday. It was first reported by

Condit and Kampmann will rematch in the main event of UFC on Fox Sports 1: Condit vs. Kampmann 2 on Aug. 28 in Indianapolis. It is the first announced main event for any of the three Fox Sports 1 events the UFC is doing over the course of the network’s first three weeks in operation.

The first UFC on Fox Sports 1 event takes place in Boston on the network’s launch date of Aug. 17, while the third is slated for Sept. 4, which is expected to talk place in Brazil and serve as a lead-in to The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate.

Condit and Kampmann first fought on April 1, 2009, headlining UFC Fight Night 18 in Nashville, Tenn.

The two fought a back-and-forth affair, which ended with Kampmann winning a split decision victory. The bout was Condit’s first in the Octagon after moving over to the UFC as the WEC’s final welterweight champion.

He and Kampmann have both been in and out of title contention ever since.

Condit (28-7) is currently on a two-fight skid, having failed to wrest the belt from UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. He followed that up with a decision loss to Johny Hendricks at UFC 158. He’s one of the few Hendricks victims that didn’t succumbed to the UFC No. 1 contender’s power punch.

Kampmann (20-6), however, wasn’t quite so lucky. His most recent fight was also a loss to Hendricks, who disrupted a three-fight winning streak by knocking Kampmann out at UFC 154, the same fight card where Condit challenged St-Pierre.

Each of them, of course, wants to get back into title contention as quickly as possible, and they’ll start by headlining on Aug. 28 in Indianapolis.

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  • Ian Price

    War Condit

  • adice89

    Yeah im hoping condit can get a win here. Atleast this time he doesnt have to worry about a strong wrestler. Never been a fan of martin. Still cant believe he pulled off that win over ellenberger.

  • Timothy Malone

    The first UFC on Fox Sports 1 event better have a bigger main event than this considering its supposed to be the best free card they’ve ever done according to Dana White

  • Heathcliff

    Condit is fortunate Mcdonald isn’t ready yet. I was looking forward to watching Mcdonald demolish him~

    • Andy

      I like Condit but Mcdonald looks very impressive. How long can they keep him from fighting GSP?

      • Guest

        Kampmann homeboy not MacDonald

      • Sir_Roy

        Condit beat Hendricks in every way that matters IMHO (take downs, then being absolutely worthless on the ground, does not win fights) and remains the true #1 contender. A fight between him and Mcdonald needs to happen (if Carlos gets past Kampmann) before we start talking about Rory versus Georges.

    • Sir_Roy

      I’d take Condit over Mcdonald personally.

  • I hope to see the winner of this to fight Rory McDonald win or lose against Ellenberger. This fight will be great though. It’s a shame someone is going to end up with either 2 or 3 losses in a row after this fight. These two are still on top of the list. Wouldn’t mind seeing Matt Brown vs Condit either even though he’s booked against that beast of a man Thiago Alves.

    • Truth

      they should’ve given Alves to Condit. Condit doesn’t need these rematches unless it gets him another title shot (which he still should be a couple fights from)

      • Alves/Condit would be a real good match. And I agree, a rematch with Rory or Martin is not good for Condit but those guys are still at the top of the division so maybe they gave Condit a rematch to sort them out. I really hope Alves comes back and destroys Brown so he can shake up the division a bit.

        • Sir_Roy

          I agree. These matches are there to sort out who gets the next crack.

          Should GSP still be around (as I feel he may retire soon) meaning should he get past Hendricks, then the bloke who reigns supreme between Ellenberger, Condit, Martin and Rory are next at bat.

          That said, I’m predicting a superfight (yeah, I’m still there) should Silva beat Weidman and should GSP beat Hendricks. A lot of “shoulds” I know. But I really feel GSP’s been postponing in part because he didn’t want to step on his teammate, Weidman’s, feet.

  • julian moran

    The fight I wanted to see was Nick Diaz vs Martin Kampmann.

    You know Martin Kampman will fight Nick Diaz vs point fight (run away or hold you and score points).
    Get Diaz back in there to fight Kampmann. Diaz complaining about his opponents not fighting him, he’ll get a fight with Kampmann.

    • Sir_Roy

      It’s not like Diaz has been fighting his opponents either. While Condit was definitely playing it safe and being evasive (yawn), Diaz didn’t really go after Condit either, pure and simple. He often stood there trying to force Condit to come into his pocket without going after Carlos and forcing the fight. And GSP completely imposed his will on Diaz – Nick couldn’t do a damn thing about it. He had plenty of opportunity to take it to Georges in the 13 minutes of stand-up and he didn’t. GSP was far more the aggressor even on the feet. Fact is, Diaz waits for opponents to come and get him far more than folks seem to realize.

      Diaz is whining (surprise, surprise) because his opponents in the upper echelon of the UFC are too smart to fight HIS fight. He needs to impose HIS will and make them.

      • Baller31

        My issue with the condit/ Diaz fight is that condit hyped it so much saying it was going to be a ” dogfight” and then in typical Jackson mma fashion stayed away and did just enough to outpoint Diaz. The gsp/ Diaz fight just illustrated why Diaz needs a new camp

        • Sir_Roy

          Fair enough on the Condit front. Though Condit gets a pass with me for that lackluster fight. He’s entertained to the 9th in every other bout. He’s earned a fan here for sure.

          As far as Diaz’ fight with GSP is concerned, I thought they both under performed to be frank – it was an underwhelming performance from both. That said, I don’t think a change in camp would help Diaz against Georges. Give him 10 tries, he might win one of them. I say GSP takes Diaz any day of the week regardless.

          • Baller31

            GSP’s athleticism may always be too much for Diaz…but in recent fights, both Diaz brothers have shown a lack of strategy. How is it they both still can’t defend against kicks?? Or prevent takedowns? I think their camp does not work to improve their weaknesses, and a switch would be good for both.

        • Sir_Roy

          Additionally, the one common denominator in both lackluster fights was Diaz. Condit versus GSP was absolutely fantastic.

  • Supaman

    the WW division is deep enough that Condit doesn’t need to be in a rematch. It’s not like this is going to be for a title, so what’s the point? both guys are coming off of losses… the only rematch that should’ve been considered is Condit vs. MacDonald b/c MacDonald has been wanting it (and has no interest in fighting campmate GSP)… and Condit could get back into title contention w/ a win.

    However, if Condit isn’t getting a title shot, he should fight someone new like a Thiago Alves, Demian Maia, Nate Marquardt, or Robbie Lawler.

  • solo

    This fight makes sense. Both of them coming of a losses and first fight was so close, so yea.
    I like Condit, and i think he’s much better fighter now, especially after two wars with GSP and Hendricks. I just cant see him losing three in a row.
    But man, you’ll never know with Kampmann.
    Should be a great fight though!
    I’m picking CONDIT FTW!!!

  • Darin

    This is a good fight to cement the rankings. I have Condit over Kampmann despite his previous loss to him. I like watching Kampmann fight but it’s getting annoying how every fight he’s in seems to be super close and comes down to a controversial decision (except with Hendricks).

    • Sir_Roy

      Tight split decision win … could have gone either way IMHO. Both fighters have evolved since. Both are very technical strikers. Jazzed to see this rematch. I too give the edge to Condit this time around.