Carlos Condit vs. Josh Koscheck Headed to UFC Super Bowl Card

November 5, 2011
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It looks like Carlos Condit has his opponent for the Super Bowl weekend show as Josh Koscheck has been tabbed as the man for the job.

UFC president Dana White spoke about the potential match-up at the UFC 138 post-fight press conference on Saturday.

“Right now, Carlos wants to fight. He wants to fight on the same card as GSP and Diaz, so we’ll see what happens. Koscheck has been offered (the fight),” White said.

Sources close to at least one of the fight camps also confirmed that the bout has been verbally agreed to when speaking to on Saturday.

Koscheck actually offered to step up and fight Condit on short notice when Georges St-Pierre had to drop out of UFC 137 due to injury. At the time, the UFC opted to pull Condit from the card to allow him to face St-Pierre when he was healthy again.

The only problem was after Nick Diaz defeated B.J. Penn at UFC 137, St-Pierre then asked the UFC to face him instead, leaving Condit without a title shot or a fight.

Now the former WEC champion has an opponent, a date, and it looks to be a grudge match in the works.

“This dude should have took the fight on a week’s notice because if he had a chance to make it a close fight it was then. Now, zero chance,” Koscheck wrote on his Twitter account last week alluding to Condit.

Koscheck also confirmed his appearance on the card via Twitter after White’s initial announcement

“Yep, when I talk, I get,” Koscheck wrote. “Feb. 4 weekend Vegas, I will be fighting!”

It appears he’ll have the chance to back that up when he faces Condit on Super Bowl weekend.

(additional reporting by Lee Whitehead)

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  • afk

    really would have preferred a fight with condit and ellenberger… last guy to defeat jake in 3 years and only one to do so in the ufc

    and do we really want to risk a potentialy gsp vs kos 3 if nick diaz and carlos both lose? ugh

    • MrAdidas

      I would have liked to see Ellenberger & Condit as well, but Koscheck Vs Condit will be good as well. Though, I dont think we will see a GSP Vs Koscheck 3 anytime soon!

  • colinkowlessar

    Love MMAWeekly, and believe that it’s the most professional MMA news site. However,a lot of proofreading issues exist, eg “eluding” in the fourth-to-last paragraph should be “alluding”.

    • MrAdidas

      Like you said this is a great MMA site, so why are you being an idiot about one “mistake” according to you? B/C as Jason stated, eluding is also properly used in this case. I’m not trying to be an asshole, but it’s pretty hard when you worry about a “spelling mistake” in an MMA site, that’s not even a mistake. (who gives a fuck what word they used & how they spelt it – did it interfer with you understanding the article at hand?) Get over yourself dude, we get it, you are good at English & your well written comment proves that, but dont be an asshole, especially for ONE mis-type word. You realise humans write these articles right? It’s called human error. Don’t be an asshole!

  • primejason

    “eluding to” ???

  • BlackWolf_8

    If koshcheck wins, the ufc are in a very bad situation.

    • MrAdidas

      Y are the UFC in a bad situation if Koscheck wins? If anything, it will prove that Condit wasnt & isnt a true #1 Contender. It’s not like Condit worked & deserved a title shot, he was GIVEN…. GIVEN a title shot b/c Diaz is an idiot! It’s not b/c Condit beat any top 5 WW’s in the UFC. So why would he get a title shot without having to beat a top 5 in the division, 90% of other fighters have to do that, so why is Condit any different?!? Dont get me wrong, I’d like to see Condit Vs GSP – b/c it’s a new & different oponent, BUT if Condit cant beat Koscheck, how in the hell did he expect to even challenge GSP?!? If Koscheck wins, he wont be getting a title shot anytime soon, he would have to beat 1 or 2 more guys b4 they even consider him for another beating by GSP, (Koscheck himself said that he understands as long as GSP is the WW champ he will not get a title shot any time soon – “I understand the UFC’s position, it would be a VERY HARD sell to the fans – I mean I’m up for GSP Vs Kos 3, but the fans may not be.”

  • natpaukar7

    AFK…actually GSP did beat Jake Shields not long before Ellenberger…but I do agree that would be a better matchup…not for the matchup sake because I’m interested to see kos and condit but I think the end result of what comes next is more appropriate with ellenberger being a fairly new name on the contenders list.

    We’ll see though. Not a bad match up…anything could happen but I see koscheck being a minor favorite in this because of his wrestling.

  • I’m just glad Condit didn’t do “the Rahsad” and sat waiting for a title shot!! Condit is the man!! It’ll be a good fight. I rather see him fight Koscheck than Ellenberger. I’m all about variety. I still want to see Ellenberger vs GSP someday, but this fight and GSP vs Diaz make a great ppv, which I won’t mind spending $50 on!! Besides, There’s a lot of 170-pounders coming up and I like to see more variety.

    • MrAdidas

      Condit did pull a “Rashad” b/c he declined to fight Koscheck @ UFC 138! Funny how people always use Evans as the poster boy for waiting for his title shot, rather than stay active! Yes Evans made a mistake & waited, but so have many others – Condit being one of them. I have no problem with people hating on Evans (for whatever reasons), NEXT time how about people get their head out of their ass & start talking shit about other fighters who decide to wait for a title shot (Pettis was another one – until the Edgar & Maynard fight was off due to both fighters being injured). Thats two fighters besides Evans who decided to wait for a title shot, yet people only talk about Evans. Way to be opened minded & “fair”. I dont “llke” or “dislike” Evans, but I think its pretty unfair of people to hate on him for wanting to wait, yet other do the same thing but Evans is the only name people use – PATHETIC! We all know Evans wont be waiting around anymore, so let’s get off the Evans hating train & move on….. Evans has – why cant you?

    • MrAdidas

      FYI: I dont mean “you” as in you personally – I’m using “you” as in everyone! You people!

  • jared499

    Sorry MrAdidas, I agree that it should not be put on Rashad, a lot of fighters pull that move, with some degree of understanding on my part. Why would you risk a title shot in a sport where anything can happen?

    But to say the Condit did this by not accepting the fight with KOS at UFC 138 is a little off. I mean he would have had to take that fight with less then 2 weeks notice, when you are training for that caliber of fighter more time is needed. Now if he would have ducked KOS for this fight I would agree that he was pulling te title stall, but with the proper training time, Condit is more then willing to fight KOS before the title shot.

  • ftbizzle

    i have condit via smashing josh kos face..