Carlos Condit to Meet Tyron Woodley at UFC 171

December 17, 2013
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Carlos Condit Tyron Woodley UFC 171It appears that repeated text messages to Dana White can pay off after all.

A pivotal welterweight match between Carlos Condit and Tyron Woodley has been scheduled for UFC 171 in Dallas, UFC officials announced on Tuesday.

The Condit-Woodley fight is expected to be featured on the pay-per-view portion of the card, which takes place on March 15.

Condit (29-7) is a former UFC interim welterweight champion, having earned that crown with a unanimous-decision win over Nick Diaz at UFC 143. He then went on to fight then-champion Georges St-Pierre, dropping a unanimous decision in that affair at UFC 154.

Condit then went on to lose a fight to Johny Hendricks, but picked up a statement win in his last effort with a TKO of Martin Kampmann at UFC Fight Night 27.

Woodley (12-2) came into the UFC in the summer of 2012, fresh off the heels of his first career loss. He has since gone 2-1 in the Octagon with wins over Jay Hieron and Josh Koscheck, dropping just one fight to Jake Shields.

The former Strikeforce standout texted UFC President White 15 times a day in an effort to secure a fight with Condit, according to the executive. It was something White said he loved to see and hear from his fighters.

“The guy can’t text me enough,” White said. “He wants every fight.”

UFC 171 will be headlined by a fight for the vacant UFC welterweight title between Hendricks and Robbie Lawler. St-Pierre vacated the title late last week, citing intense pressure being champion and a need to address personal problems.

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  • Condit takes it by being elusive and with his conditioning or Woodley uses his wrestling to take the decision. So many great fights in that division. Ellenberger vs Woodley would be great as well.

    • The guest of guests

      Agreed, I think Condit takes a UD. Woodley should make it interesting, I don’t see him being finished yet I can’t see him beating Condit. Should be fun to watch.

      • Condit survived Hendricks and has been working on his wrestling I’m sure. I think Woodley is more explosive but still has a few more fights before he really reaches his peak. If he does finish Condit I would love to see him and Ellenberger go at it. Whoever gets that belt has a list a long list of guys to take on still in that division. Every WW fight is just incredible right now.

        • The guest of guests

          Absolutely. I’d agree that Woodley is more explosive but Condit should be elusive enough with his footwork/TDD to take the fight. I actually could see Condit finishing in Rd. 2 or 3 with accurate striking but i’m not sure…Love the WW division right now. It would be awesome to see him nd Ellenberger go at it should he finish Condit, but my guess would be they’ll give him the winner of Rory/Maia depending on how that fight goes merely due to the fact that Rory ‘beat’ Ellenberger nd Condit is ranked higher than all of them.

          • The guest of guests

            And on a side note, i’m stoked to see Hector at 170. He has some issues he’s gonna need to workout to compete with some of these fighters but I think he can do some serious damage.

          • I was just thinking of Lombard. Although fans haven’t been impressed with Shields a win over him should put him up there in the rankings.

          • The guest of guests.

            Shields is still a good fighter, but I think it’ll be a brutal finish via Hector honestly.

        • BobLemons

          Condit didn’t just survive Hendricks, he beat him. A biased judging criteria that overvalues takedowns and top position cost him that fight.

  • Boxing Judges Gave Him The Win

    Woodley bye KO a nasty one @ that!!!!!

    • Ian Price

      Hendricks punches harder than Woodley, and Condit ate a few of those with no problem. I highly doubt Woodley will be the first person to KO Condit.

      • The guest of guests

        Couldn’t agree more. Condit’s too elusive and accurate to lose this fight. Either Condit UD or Condit TKO rd 2 maybe 3.

  • fsunoles10

    nice fight but i see condit derailing the hype train before it can really get going.

  • Mark McDowall

    Great fight…too totally opposite styles but both with big power in their hands that could make this fight end in a KO at anytime…

  • Andrew Thao

    Diaz would have been best option…

    Should be Shields if Woodley is getting a crack…woodley vs lombard…

    • Seth

      Nicky is too busy smoking himself to death right now.

      • bajafox

        You are a complete idiot

        • Seth

          Becuase I don’t like retard from Stockton? Not the brightest kid that came out of Stockton, thats for sure. Fortunately his brother got all the good and awesome genes.

          • The guest of guests

            You really are an idiot. We call you that because your comment was naive as could be. My guess is you’ve smoked 0-10 times throughout your life so you know what it’s all about. Who wants to bet he’s an alcoholic bashing herbs because the government deemed it illegal? Always gotta have pawns in the front lines I guess. That ‘retard’ likely makes much more money than you ever will. Throwing that word around shows how many good genes mom nd pops gave you. Show some respect.

          • Seth

            Since when you have to be smart to make money? Recent incidents in USA shows you just need boobs and boyfriend who hits you. That’s it. But that’s not only USA – pretty much all over the world – you don’t have ot be smart to become celebrity and make money. He’s not retarded? Well, then give him noble prize for saying in public he never paid taxes…or for saying he won a fight against Condit…or for making s*** load of excuses why GSP beat him…or for his ridiciolous demands for a rematch with GSP…or more ridiciolous demand directed to GSP to hand over belt…Should I continue? And yes, I didn’t smoke. And yes, that was sarcastic comment, directed into his pro-weed life style. Looks like joint is more important for him than fighting, since he turned down like 5 fights? Prolly more.

          • Freedom Rules

            Looks like your against “Freedom Of Choice”…. Legalize it, because next are Freedom from Taxes….

          • Seth

            I dont give a f*** about weed, if someone is stupid enough to smoke it – he will, no matter if its legal or not.

          • bajafox

            No, because you think you can smoke yourself to death. Don’t care about your opinion on Nick, but when you say something that stupid you deserve to be called an idiot.

    • julian moran

      I like Shields vs Condit and Woodley vs Lombard

  • Kenny Powers

    Well, if Woodley can impose his wrestling it should be interesting, but if Marquardt KO’d him, Condit shouldn’t have a problem.

    Condit by TKO – Round 2

  • shakejunt

    nobody finds this weird after the release about him not getting the fight?

    • Timothy Malone

      It does make you wonder if other people turned down a fight with Condit

      • Wolf Ticket

        What other people were available?

      • shakejunt

        i almost feel like condit heard about woodley’s campaign and called dana like “hey, this guy is good, i’m interested.”

  • Jaakko Mäenpää

    Hope Woodley has his cardio right, otherwise it’s Condit by TKO in 2nd or 3rd. If Woodley shows up less bulky with no cardio problems, Carlos might have a problem with his speed and wrestling.

  • Frank

    Wow, Condit got screwed. To go from a sure-win in Matt Brown to yet another difficult fight in Woodley? If he wasn’t initially paired with Matt Brown, I might start thinking that someone has it out for Carlos Condit. This could very easily be his third loss in his last 4 fights. I really hope that Condit is continuing to work on his TD defense, or it could be another long night for him.

    • The guest of guests

      How did he get screwed? Regardless of skill/results of how the fight would have went either way i’d rank Brown above Woodley. Who else was he supposed to get? Dong? Kampmann? Pretty sure he already bulldozed them, leaving Brown, Woodley, nd Ellenberger. Ellenberger coming off a lackluster fight with Rory, Brown injured, enter Woodley. It makes perfect sense because unless he were to wait to reschedule the bout with Brown, this was literally their only option.

      • julian moran

        Woodley would take Brown out any day.

        • The guest of guests

          Most likely, I was just talking about rank-wise. Who knows, maybe Brown could Marquardt him, LOL.

      • Frank

        Because Condit has problems with wrestlers. Matt Brown had nothing for Carlos Condit.

        • The guest of guests

          Agreed, i’m just saying he didn’t get “screwed”. He got the match-up that made the most sense due to the fact that many other contenders have upcoming bouts. Condit and the UFC themselves didn’t wanna wait around for a fight, that’s part of being a fighter-staying active.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Condit has this one all day. I bet the odds won’t even be close.

    • Bucket of Chicken

      Unless Woodley uses the GSP or Hendricks style of fighting to keep Condit grounded the entire fight. Condit has to put the pace on Woodley, tire him out and maybe look for a TKO on the ground or standing.

      • uncle

        Woodley has talent ,but no match for Condit, even Hendricks wrestling couldn’t
        keep him down and his head movement is pretty solid

        • Bucket of Chicken

          True, but 12 Hendricks did score 12 or 13 take-downs against Condit despite landing half the amount of shots Condit did. Woodley could take down and lay/pray to a decision.

  • Kenny Powers

    WW is lookin interesting.

    Ellenberger/Brown (hopefully)