Carlos Condit Reveals Target for UFC Return (Video)

February 3, 2015
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Carlos Condit met with reporters recently to talk about what he’s been doing while recovering from injury, and to reveal his target for a return to the Octagon.

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  • Sir_Roy

    Easily one of my favorite fighters. Can’t wait to have him back in the line-up.

    • taylor2008

      Agreed! All the people bashing on him for the Diaz fight is uncalled for. He didnt play Diaz’s game. He fought to win and I think got the best of Diaz. Moved around a lot.

  • Jeff

    I liked him up until the Diaz fight but was really disappointed in the way he pussed out.

    • Sir_Roy

      That’s a bit cheap of you though … to hold him to that fight alone, when Diaz was just as bad, and since that fight he’s been beastly against Hendricks and GSP both (two best fighters in the division).

      Many (like myself) say he looked far, far more impressive against Hendricks too, losing on points (read: take downs) but winning the actual fight. Hendricks won by taking him down then couldn’t even hold position. Had to let him up quickly each time cuz Carlos was threatening submissions as soon as they landed on the mats. Condit also clearly won the stand-up in rounds 2 and 3. But you’re still going to crucify him for the Diaz fight?


    • michaelchimique

      there’s nothing wrong with the diaz fight. he played it smart and didn’t fall into the nick diaz trash talking and actually stuck to his game plan rather than getting into a wild slug fest with Diaz that most others fall into and lose. he negated that and won.

    • Jeorge Perez

      Dude I couldn’t agree with u more… I was never pumped for a fight. and for condit to not bring it just pissed me off

    • Manuel Lopez

      Same here, I just dislike what he did in that fight. He ran, played the point game and in my eyes didn’t even win. Condit sucks. I’ve never rooted for him since then. I even remember his words: “it’s gonna be a dog fight” . Pure BS

    • Tru_The_Troll_Killa

      Pussed out huh? I wonder what you would do if you were locked in a cage with trained killers. I bet it would involve a lot of shaking and pee on your part.

  • cheflacsto

    I like Condit and I believe he, and Rory are probably the most well rounded fighters in this division, not saying the best. I think the two could beat anyone in the division at any time because they are so well rounded. Glad he is back.

  • victorymma

    I’d be willing to bet that everyone bashing Condit for the Diaz fight has never really trained or fought before. Probably more the tapout wearing type that watch ppvs from a bar who are more interested in seeing a brawl than a competition. Fact is that Nick is a killer and no matter who you fight you don’t play into their strengths, which for him is pushing the pace and going toe to toe. I know some people like to go in there and beat their opponent at their own game, which is cool, but not always the smartest idea. Bottom line, this is a mental game too, not just physical.