Carlos Condit is the Most Dangerous Man in the UFC Because He’s Got Nothing to Lose

November 12, 2012
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Carlos Condit and Dan Hardy at UFC 120“The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose”
~ James Arthur Baldwin

You’d think looking at Carlos Condit‘s record that he’d often be talked about as the best welterweight on the planet, and possibly even one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport.

He’s lost only one time in the past six years, and he has a higher finishing rate than any fighter currently holding a title in the UFC. Condit has made it his business to fight in other people’s hometowns, put together the perfect strategy when necessary, and even knockout a few loudmouths when his services are called upon.

But still as he comes into his fight against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 154, which is being hailed as the grand homecoming and return fight for the greatest welterweight to ever step foot in the Octagon, Condit is once again somehow being overlooked.

On a recent media conference call, St-Pierre and UFC President Dana White were hounded at the idea of a potential super fight with the Canadian and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Where would the fight take place? How big would that fight be for the UFC? Will Anderson Silva confront Georges in the Octagon?

The key component forgotten in all those theories is the man that St-Pierre still has to go through before any of that can become a reality. Condit knows he’s the monkey wrench that can destroy everybody’s plans. He can be the away team the spoils the homecoming. He’s the guy that can ruin Georges St-Pierre’s big return.

Condit is well aware of all of those factors, and when he thinks about it, his normal steely gaze cracks with the slightest smile.

“I have nothing to lose. He’s out there, he’s got his friends, his family, everybody’s watching, he’s in his hometown, I feel like all the pressure’s on him,” Condit told MMAWeekly Radio.

“I can just go out there and shine.”

Shine is something Condit has done while tarnishing the records of the best and brightest in the UFC. Down two rounds to none, Condit came back and pounded out St-Pierre’s training partner Rory MacDonald when they fought in 2010.

Dan Hardy was excited about his big homecoming celebration as he returned to England, and instead he woke up staring at the lights, courtesy of a big punch from Carlos Condit.

Nick Diaz had seemingly already punched his ticket to travel to Montreal to face St-Pierre when he returned from knee surgery, but instead he came away with a unanimous decision loss thanks to Carlos Condit.

“It’s a very familiar role,” Condit said. “I’ve found myself in this position time and time again throughout my career, and I really think that I thrive as the underdog, I don’t have a lot to lose, I don’t feel a lot of pressure. I can go out there and just have fun, do what I came to do, which is fight.”

Heading into this fight, Condit has heard St-Pierre’s proclamations that prior to having knee surgery he felt he lost something inside. St-Pierre stated on numerous occasions that he no longer felt the hunger or fire needed to be a champion, but after more than a year away from the sport, something has been rekindled inside of him.

“When you have the belt and you have all the success, sometimes you’re not as hungry as you were when you were the young up and comer trying to make your mark in the sport. I think that has something to do with it,” Condit explains when speaking about St-Pierre.

Condit is excited that St-Pierre found himself during the down time because he doesn’t want to face a version of the champion that comes in at 50-percent. Condit wants St-Pierre firing on all cylinders so when it’s all over, no one can point at him and say he beat an already broken man.

Condit wants to beat the best fighter in the world, the best Georges St-Pierre we’ve ever seen, and that’s going to make the taste of victory all the sweeter.

“I’m expecting Georges to come into this fight with a lot more fire inside. I know he’s taken a lot of criticism in the past for his recent title defenses, he’s been out for a long time, and according to him he’s found all new motivation. I’m excited about that. I would love to fight the Georges who’s hungry, and wanting to go out there and really display his skills. That’s Georges St-Pierre is the best, and that’s the guy that I’ve admired and been a fan of for many years,” said Condit.

“This is basically the culmination of 14 years of mixed martial arts training, a lot of dedication, a lot of sacrifice. On a lot of different levels it’s going to be very satisfying.”

  • tevemcz

    LOL he ran from Diaz 🙂 COWARD

    • Cptmats

      And you clearly didn’t watch the fight 🙂 RETARD

  • Big fan of Nick Diaz. But saying Condit ran is getting old. He used footwork and a game plan he stuck with to win the fight. He won the fight, so he obviously did something right. Besides Nick will be back and earn his shot against GSP or rematch Condit. Diaz Vs Kampmann would be awesome. But Martin K is tied up Hendricks for now. This fight here is really going to show he is the WW Kingpin. If you don’t like this fight your just not a fan of martial arts.

    • stevemcz11

      Yeah whatever. 100% of the Condit fans that I know of have been fans only during his 10 month reign of 0 title defenses so you will have to forgive me for calling him a coward but I think its true. If GSP had been another 2 months then Condit would have to give up the title for not defending it at least once a year. Not exactly what you would call being an active champion. Also he wasnt injured so there was no reason for this to happen from what I can see. He ran for 25mins and hid for ten months its shame he gets this shot at GSP

      • I see where your coming from but this fight makes complete sense. Condit did the smart thing. He’s fighting GSP now for all the stakes instead of taking a fight with someone else to continue to be a paper champion. I’m sure if GSP would have been out longer Condit would have defended it. I don’t think Condit is afraid of anybody, that’s just silly. Guys a world class pro fighter and a champion.

  • Bob loblaw

    I mean I guess he has nothing to lose I mean it’s only the interm title. If anything Gsp has nothing to lose he’s been out of the sport for over a year and they crowned a new champion in his absence

  • michaelT

    @fad1fa2ffd7cb1dd9d562d9b9d8dd926:disqus ive been watching condit fight for years back in wec hes a killer no doubt!! you must not know real mma fans!! nick diaz is a bad ass but got beat fair and square

  • You can watch the Condit V Diaz fight on and clearly see that he was implimenting the Greg Jackson strategy, Hit and Run. Inbetween rounds, you can hear GJ tell CC to not get suckered in by NDs trash talk. Good Strategy. He has faster feet than Nick and used it to outstrike him. Great fight to watch. Condit has improved over the years a lot, this might be the fight to upset GSP unless he GSP puts us all to sleep and hits Carlos with a hammer

  • Every challenger GSP ever faced has said the exact same thing, and everyone of them have been humiliated and suffered total domination. Condit is a talented fighter but I fail to see how he is leaps and bounds above all the guys GSP has destroyed. To even hang with GSP you have to have above average TDD/wrestling and Condit doesn’t have that. His jitz is pretty good but good luck subbing GSP when he’s punching you in the face.

    • kidfury2035

      Who has GPS destroyed… He has bot finished a fight in years….

      • Cptmats

        Who has GSP destroyed ?
        Uum just every fighter he has ever faced !

  • Yannick Messaoud

    Condit is not a threat for GSP he lost is killer instincts is fight against diaz was awful, yeah he kept running away diaz should have gotten the fight against GSP. Its going to be a 5 round of takedown bore fest

  • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

    When GSP gets a fight, everybody says “Oh and ahh he’s the most dangerous Opponent GSP has faced Yet” and it all ends the same way, get ready for a 5 round decision on saturday maybe a 4th round submission for GSP

  • JJJJ1234

    To everybody that is calling Condit a Runner and Coward. How about you fight him and see how long you last in the Octagon. You all talk sh*t about Condit, but the truth is he would K.O everybody on this website, STFU hatters and keep hating. WAR CONDIT!