Carlos Condit: “I Would Not Want to Fight Me Right Now, That’s For Sure”

August 27, 2013
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Condit-Diaz-UFC-143_9026After nearly four years and seven fights, Carlos Condit (28-7) has earned a shot at redemption when he faces Martin Kampmann (20-6) at UFC Fight Night 27: Condit vs. Kampmann.

Indianapolis’ Bankers Life Fieldhouse plays host to the rematch Wednesday night, which airs live on Fox Sports 1.

Their first fight took place in April 2009 and was nothing short of entertaining, as the Top 10 welterweights fought to razor thin split decision.

On that night, Kampmann put a halt to Condit’s eight-fight win streak and ruined his much-anticipated UFC debut. However, the loss served as motivation and Condit went on to earn five-consecutive victories and claimed the UFC interim welterweight championship.

With that being said, Condit quickly turned his fortunes around to earn five post-fight bonuses and three highlight reel knockouts over the likes of Dong Hyun Kim, Dan Hardy, and Rory MacDonald.

Needless to say, the former champion has lived a positive life since his first meeting with Kampmann. Having a strong support system at home has played a vital role in his career success.

“I feel incredibly blessed to have the life I have right now,” Condit recently told “Between my family and my career, things are good. My life is just like anybody else, there’s ups and downs, but I always have to put it in perspective. Things are really good. My son is healthy. He’s really smart. He’s thriving. My wife is wonderful. We have a great relationship, and then my extended family. I’m a hell of a lucky guy.”

Enter the famed Jackson-Winkeljohn training facility in New Mexico and Condit has surrounded himself with everything a fighter needs to reach the pinnacle of the sport.

“It’s been phenomenal,” Condit said of his longstanding relationship with the gym. “The great thing about Jackson’s is that we have so many resources. Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn are so, so good at what they do in the mixed martial arts game.

“They’re geniuses in a sense; then there’s specialists in individual disciplines. We have access to so many people and all over the world and I think that is the reason why Jackson’s is so competitive at such a high level.”

When Condit steps inside the world-renowned Octagon, redemption is on the line and “The Natural Born Killer” believes the best is yet to come as he prepares to defeat Kampmann.

“I absolutely agree with that,” Condit said. “I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been, my skills are exactly where they need to be, I’m in a really good place mentally. Yeah, I would not want to fight me right now, that’s for sure.”

Condit will indeed have to be at his best on Wednesday night and defeating Kampmann in his quest to win the welterweight championship would make it all the sweeter.

“It’s redemption in a sense,” Condit said. “It was really disappointing dropping my UFC debut after having such a good run in the WEC. But it’s also just another step in getting the UFC title belt back around my waist and that’s really where I see myself in the near future.”

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  • solo


  • TheCerealKiller

    I’m tired of these rematches. I hope Kampmann wins again so we don’t have to hear about another trilogy.

    • I would have rather seen Kampmann/McDonald and Condit/Lawler.

      • Ian Price

        Excellent matchup ideas. Condit – Lawler would be ridiculous.

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        Which one of these doesn’t belong? McDonald – the rest bang.

        • Indeed but whether anyone likes him or not it doesn’t take away the fact that’s he’s only been beaten by Condit in a fight he was winning. The Ellenberger fight was really horrible. If he wants to be considered a top prospect he should have showed he could outclass and finish a world class fighter in Jake.

          • Hugh Shakeshaft

            McDonald reminds me of Rashaad Evans. A few years ago I thought Rashaad was gifted and unbeatable, but now he seems to have lost his killer instinct and never lets go of his hands. Look where it has gotten him: MMA purgatory. Rory better make a real statement in his next fight.

          • 100% agree with you. If he actually performed against Ellenberger he would be waiting to see what happens with GSP and Hendricks. Now he has to fight Lawler and possibly lose his spot. Playing it safe and not performing are two different things and he certainly did not perform against Jake. Who do you have for Lawler/McDonald and how do you see it playing out?

          • Hugh Shakeshaft

            Lawler needs to execute his plan and control the ring/pace. You know Rory’s going to wait and counter with the jab. Rory by UD, but Lawler’s face will be unscathed in the post fight presser. Rory’s just a wet blanket now.

          • Ha ha… hopefully not another Ellenberger fight for Rory. Lawler I think will put the pressure on knowing that this could be a big fight for him and put him title contention. Please follow me on facebook and twitter.

    • Advance*

      They fought 4 years ago. Get over it. They’re both coming off losses to Hendricks and are in that middle area where they are ranked very high but might never see a title shot with a loss. Plus the first fight was so close that a 5 rounder is a good way to figure out who’s the better fighter

    • #1Pride

      I think Kampmann vs lawler would be a waaaay better fight! since is 2 guys willing to fight. We don’t have to worry much about them going to the ground.

      BTW CSMMA you meant Macdonald? him fighting Condit would be a better rematch. Seeing as condit beat him the first time.. I think it was an early stomach.. I think he was dazed but i doubt he was in any trouble.. and it was barely 20 secs left on the clock i thought it was a joke stoppage.

      Rory fighting lawler is a dumb matchup though i have a feeling he would just wrestling him down for the whole 3 rounds… Lawler lack takedown defense but him going back down to welterweight look much bigger in size… hes been looking very impressive, Looked like he improved so much from his wrestling defense

      @Cereal Killer Not really since condit fight like hes “Tamed” Well actual meaning.. smart lols, he picks his shots.. Blame greg jackson for his boring fighting style now. I understand fighters fight to win but seriously like GSP fighting safe is pretty annoying to watch. I’m sick of people say “Well you don’t like it.. Watch another sport” I do i love boxing and kickboxing more, Heck i rather watch ballet then MMA sometimes.(This coming from a huge pride fan) Well atleast ballet got sexy skinny chicks dancing lol instead i see 2 dudes on the ground wrestling! rubbing on top of each other. Trying to get on the top dominant position… I mean seriously am i wrong here? I understand is a tug of war.. but seriously.

      • Lucas Freire

        It doesn’t really mean he’s a play safe type of guy.
        Or didn’t you see Condit’s fight against Hendricks? He took some big powershots, and was always trading blows. While Hendricks was going for defensive takedowns and stalling the bout.

        • Ian Price

          Condit got punched as hard as Kampmann and Fitch did, more than once in that fight. Didn’t phase him. Unreal.

          • Lucas Freire

            He got a titanium chin. And not only he absorbed those hits, but he kept trading and dominated Hendricks standing.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    He beat joe Louis’ a$$ (Diaz)

    • Flock of Burgers

      Joe Louis was 176 years old!

  • Ian Price

    Condit isn’t losing this fight. You can bet a lot of money on it, even at 3:1 odds I’d take it

  • Maddawgmar

    Condit is a beast, he is definately top 3. He came closer to beating GSP than anyone since his loss to Serra. He beat the hell out of Hendricks, only losing because of take downs. Hedricks won the match but Condit won the fight. He is the best he’s ever been and don’t see many ppl beating him right now.

  • jeremy

    what a dork

  • Brian H

    I thought he won the first fight…

    • Ian Price

      I think a lot of people did. I just watched it again…. Yeah he won

  • MikeyBoySmith

    Condit has finished 26 of his 28 wins. This will be his 27th finish. I don’t see this going past Round 2.