Carlos Condit Happy to Spoil Plans for Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva Superfight

September 2, 2012
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There seems to be a lot of talk about Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva right now, but there’s only one problem – St-Pierre still has to fight Carlos Condit at UFC 154 in November before that proposed superfight can even possibly happen.

The talk lately seems to make Condit an afterthought in the big picture with St-Pierre making his return to the cage after being away for almost two years.

The one person who doesn’t seem to mind all the chatter about St-Pierre vs. Silva is the man who actually faces the UFC welterweight champion in his return bout in November.

Carlos Condit has never been a fighter that pays much attention to things like the odds, if he’s the favorite or underdog, or if an opponent is looking past him.

“Put it to you like this, I’m happy. I’m very glad this is what’s going on. I’m very glad this is what’s going down,” Condit’s manager Malki Kawa told recently.

“I don’t think Carlos has been a favorite in any one of his past three fights. I think in every one of his fights, either the fighter he’s fighting or the media or whoever said something about another fight or they’re going to set this fight up, and look at how it’s worked out for him.”

Kawa fully believes that Condit can pull it off again, just like when he beat Nick Diaz, which ruined the much hyped and talked about showdown between Diaz and St-Pierre.

Sometimes it’s fun to play the spoiler, and it’s a hat that Carlos Condit wears very well.

“He doesn’t care about none of this stuff, he just sits there and says, ‘Hey, I spoiled their plans once with Nick (Diaz). I’ll spoil it again with Georges; so who cares,” said Kawa.

Of course a superfight between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre could potentially be the biggest bout in UFC history, but according to Condit’s manager, there might be some very disappointed folks after UFC 154 is over.

“But at this point now, people need to stop that,” Kawa said in reference to the talk about St-Pierre vs. Silva.

“Because Georges is going to come to fight a really well prepared Carlos Condit. He’s going to be very ready for Georges St-Pierre.”

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  • Saying Condit beat Diaz so he can beat Georges is silly.
    Diaz is a straight ahead boxer that wants to trap his opponent on the fence and beat on him. He has great BJJ also but it rarely comes into play.
    Georges is an all around skill guy that has many ways to defeat someone.
    You may not like Jackson game plans but Jackson fighters always have a plan to defeat their opponents weakness. Georges has all the tools to implement the plan, as he has since hooking up with Jackson.
    The mystery to this fight is what Georges has lost due to the knee injury and what he will be able to do, and what he can’t do.
    If Georges is 80 to 90% of his former self he will fairly easily defeat Condit.
    I like Condit, but he can’t beat a healthy St-Pierre.

    • maddawgmar

      I don’t think they meant it in that way. To me it sounds like he Can over come the nay sayers just like when he fought Diaz. Or he plays spoiler for GSP/Silva like he played spoiler for GSP/Diaz.

      If you think Condit is hated now just for playing out a plan. Imagine if he wins against GSP and ruins the GSP/Silva fight. What a heel he’ll be then.

      • MaritalArtist

        I like GSP, but I’ll prolly root for the underdog as usual. I also don’t think Carlos is worse than a 2:1 dog in this fight. He’s just too good. Look at Anderson…. Even TDD knuckleheads can learn some TDD if they practice enough. And yes, Carlos is practicing that a lot. Why wouldn’t he? He’s as good a striker as GSP. Isn’t he?

    • Condit will win because we will run like a bitch Again and steal another win.

      • javiersepulveda

        he wont be able to to evade GSP like he did with Diaz.

      • MrAdidas

        UGHH GSP is NO Diaz dude, wtf?!? GSP will dictate this fight, like he does in every fight. EVERYONE has a gameplan until they get in the ring\Octagon & realise wow, this guy is alot faster, quicker, stronger, more agile, better striker thsn I thought etc., I think Condit will under estimate GSP’s knee injury & assume he won’t be nearly the same fighter he was before the injury. I think many people are going to be pleasantly shocked when they see how good GSP will be … well besides Condit & his camp, of course. GSP has been dying to get back into the Octagon, back to training & back to fighting. I honestly believe we will see a new & improved GSP, being out that long & hearing many critics question his ability to bounce back. I think Condit’s in trouble come November, especially after reading that GSP has changed alot of his training, he’s gone back to doing alot of the stuff he did when he was DESTROYING\Finishing his oponents, he also stated that he will get ride of alot of the weight lifting, which decreased his flexibility & his motion, he became “stiffer.” But now while he did his rehab he found new ways of training, he’ll still get the power\strength he got from lifting weight (though he weights mostly to keep his physic\”image” for magazines, sponcers etc) but he’ increase his motion\flexibility. I cannot wait to see this fight & to see the new & improved GSP!!!

        • RonnieV

          You are the mother all GSP nuthuggers! Seriously! When was the last time you saw any athlete, in any sport, comeback stronger after ACL surgery….. NEVER! GSP’s best days are behind him, Condit wins this fight. Then Nick Diaz kicks GSP’s ass in the Spring.

  • me vs you

    condit’s record in the ufc is good, but you’re only as good as your last fight(because of greg jackson ‘the f–king sport killer,’ thanks dana, that’s the funniest shit ever). that being said, that fight against diaz only worked because diaz and his corner were dillusional in thinking that he was winning the fight, so he didn’t adjust his gameplan. terrible, costly mistake.
    but people act like condit beat the shit out of diaz, like it was a definitive win…well it wasn’t. it was a very close decision.
    if the guy fights like that against gsp, he’s going get destroyed and finished, and gsp hardly ever finishes anybody.
    condit is overrated and gsp is going to prove it.
    and i’m saying that even though i really want to see a diaz/condit rematch. i guarantee that that fight won’t go the same way as the first…and maybe even condit will show up wanting to fight instead of being obviously scared to bang with nick. (carlos condit is a striker, what a load of shit)

    • maddawgmar

      While I respect your decision, and see how you can think that, I have to respectfully disagree. Diaz is a one sided striker, he has good boxing. The way Diaz strikes is totally predictable, GSP would have fought the same fight against Diaz. The only way you beat Diaz is the way Condit did. Or takedown and lay and pray, hoping you don’t get submitted. Condit is a striker, just because he doesn’t brawl doesn’t mean he’s a striker. That being said GSP should win this fight in spectacular boring fashion.

      • maddawgmar

        Sorry “doesn’t mean he’s not a striker”

      • me vs you

        ‘the only way you beat diaz is the way condit did.’ well, i’ll have to respectfully disagree with you on that. condit didn’t beat diaz…diaz beat diaz.

        and you’re probably right about how gsp will win, but we can hope that he comes back feeling like he has something to prove and makes his point on carlos’ face.
        oh wait, i didn’t mean that, because i really want to see condit/diaz II.

  • johnnylopes

    Diaz is not a gameplan or “strategic” fighter… ive been one of Diaz biggest fans and tell you thats his biggest flaw…. GSP will have a gameplan for Condit…. COndit has only really beat wild fighters (diaz and hardy) GSP will have a plan, Condit will get murdered… Superfight will happen

    • MaritalArtist

      Condit can strike, and GSP can strike. Both have good BJJ. Both have the cardio. GSP is coming off an injury, but GSP also has better takedown (arguably the best), and good timing to do it, and good GnP. But would he really want to take down Carlos more than just for points then let him back up? He doesn’t want to be submitted, and Carlos can submit him. So it’s a lose-lose for GSP. Keep the fight standing and no edge. Take him down with GnP and there’s a submission risk, ergo no edge. So GSP’s best plan is to keep it standing, and if he’s ever losing a round by a little, get a takedown, then let him back up once or twice to win the round. When he’s winning a round, don’t attempt any takedowns. But Condit knows this, and he’ll be trying the same kinds of things. It might get a little boring at times, like with a chess match, but ultimately I think I’m gonna enjoy it a lot. Condit ran around Diaz not because that’s his style, but just to get his title shot. Don’t expect him to do the same against anyone else. He FINISHES like 90% of his opponents, man!


    Last time that Canadian kid fought he got owned last 2 rounds and was crying about his eye , hes on his way down had problems at times in his fights (except Kos ) Belts coming back to the USA and when it does it isn’t going anywhere for a while Condit, isn’t good he’s GREAT I think top 6 in world would beat Mr Canada probly diego sanchez TOO

    • WarriorScholar

      The f–k are you smoking? Gimme sum haha

      • OMAHAK1LLA


  • BlackDog2009

    all the talk here aboutgameplans and strategies makes me cringe, this is building up to be the gayest, most boring mainevent again. btw, condit didnt fight diaz, he played tag n the retard judges thought it was a win for him.