Carlos Condit Greatly Disappointed After Scrapped UFC on Fox 9 Fight

December 8, 2013
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Carlos-Condit-UFC-143-WorkoutWith Matt Brown sustaining two herniated disks in his back, Carlos Condit is without a opponent and ultimately a fight at UFC on Fox 9.

The match-up was one of the most anticipated for the Sacramento, Calif. card, and that sentiment was true for both the fans and fighters. The reality, Condit said, leaves him let down and hoping for some after-holiday rescheduling.

“I was greatly disappointed to hear of Matt Brown’s injury,” Condit said in a statement. “This was a fight that I was looking forward to immensely, and I know it was a fight the fans have been excited to see. When the fight does happen, I promise that the wait will be worth it.

“Right now I’m going to spend time with my family over the holidays, and hope that Matt heals up quickly so that we can reschedule this fight soon.”

The Condit-Brown fight getting scrapped was another forced reshuffling of the UFC on Fox 9 card, which has undergone major makeovers in the weeks leading in. Initially, Anthony Pettis was scheduled to face T.J. Grant for the lightweight title in the evening’s headliner, then Grant was forced out due to injury. Thereafter, Pettis was to face Josh Thomson, but then Pettis pulled out. A flyweight title fight between Demetrious Johnson defending his belt in a rematch against Joseph Benavidez was slid in as the latest main event.

With Condit and Brown being the latest casualties from the injury bug, Joe Lauzon and Mac Danzig were moved up to the main card.

There are currently 11 fights scheduled for the Dec. 14 fight card.

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  • Dave Ward

    I wonder if Carlos still gets paid any money, He’s had to pay his gym fees, trainers, nutritionists & sparring partners…

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      I’m almost positive that the guys who have contracts guaranteeing them a certain number of fights per year get paid for that number unless fault lies on them. So if Carlos had a 3 fight guarantee per year in his contract, he should get his to show fighter pay since he’s only fought 2 fights this year and the cancellation of the 3rd fight was in no way the fault of Condit. Aside from that, I hope these guys are getting taken care of if their contracts don’t cover these situations.

    • Chris Morgan

      I don’t know if the UFC would pay him his “show” amount, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Condit was paid something. I could be wrong, but the UFC does seem to have a history of paying fighters whose fights have been cancelled due to last minute injuries, freak occurences, etc. It is also contingent on how soon the impacted fighter(s) can be placed on another card. There were at least a few fighters from the cancelled UFC 151 card that didn’t get paid anything because their fights were rescheduled for cards soon after (minimizing delays).

      If the UFC doesn’t pay his “show” amount, I could see them paying for a portion of his training camp expenses or making some arrangement with Condit.

  • Big Tuna

    Maybe he can beat Diaz back out of retirement

  • ouch

    i wander if fox has to pay dude lmao

  • Christos Tziotas

    that Brown got two herniated discs was not a suprise. In the preview of Brown vs Condit fight you could see Brown lifting weights with BAD form. It was thinking of herniated discs when watching him lift weights…

  • J.D.C.D.

    Man. I was really pumped up to see Condit vs. Brown. Oh well. I hope Brown heals up quickly and is back to full strength soon so we can see him take on Condit.