Carlos Condit Didn’t Doubt He Won Decision (UFC 143 Video)

February 5, 2012
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Any time a fight goes to a decision there will be doubters.

Such was the case immediately following Carlos Condit’s unanimous decision victory over Nick Diaz at UFC 143 at Mandalay Bay Events Center on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Condit walked out of the Octagon with the interim UFC welterweight championship, as well as a whitewash of doubters that felt he didn’t deserve the win.

There are always doubters, but many of Saturday night’s doubters were likely tainted by the disappointment they felt at being deprived of the Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz match-up that was on tap if Diaz had won.

Condit will now take that honor instead, likely unifying the belt with GSP in late fall or early winter, unless of course Condit decides to take another fighter first, rematching Diaz or facing someone else.

Condit answered questions about Saturday’s fight, what’s on tap for him next, and more at Saturday night’s UFC 143 post-fight press conference…

  • alhmiel

    Just a great win for Condit and a great win for MMA and a greater win for sports in general and society. Good defeated evil personified this evening and the clean cut Condit beat the heck out of low down gutter kid Nick Diaz. Hope this is the last MMA sees of Diaz.

    • AdamBianski

      A great win for mma? Yep this is what everyone wants to see a fighter RUN AWAY and get the decision. This is terrible for the sport if it was the first fight I watched I would not watch again.

      • bajafox

        Agreed, horrible for MMA. If running away from a fight is going to be rewarded then I’m with Diaz, I’m done with MMA

      • If you can’t appreciate strategy and technique instead seeing it as running, than go ahead and be done with MMA. This isn’t tough man. Boxing is about landing punches and avoiding getting punched. Condit avoided most of what Diaz threw, and destroyed his front leg with some vicious leg kicks. He did more damage. You’re just pissed that the thug lost. Many people have been knocked the fuck out by people sticking and moving…or as you call it “Running.”

        • Cptmats

          Thank you ! Very well said.

      • bigdog333187

        What a completely idiotic thing to say. If you can’t appreciate the technique involved in that fight go watch bum fights or Kimbo’s old fights online. The straights and kicks to Diaz’s head and repeated leg kicks are results of taking different angles at Diaz, instead of charging at him headfirst like a moron. That statement had all the intelligence of Diaz himself

        • TKD

          Great comment, bigdog333187!! I guess anyone that doesn’t stand there and let Diaz work Diaz’s game plan agiant them is horrible for MMA. The Diaz fans are as stupid as Nick himself!!

    • condit did not beat the heck of diaz i dun now if we watch the same fight ? diaz was there to fight not to run in circles , diaz is real hate it or love he brings it …

  • Mma fanatic

    Fully agree! Condid outclassed Diaz from bell to bell! It was no competition in my eyes!

    • Cptmats

      Exactly i scored it 50-45 Condit.

      • bigdog333187

        I had it 49 – 46. Either way, it was a clear cut win for Condit

  • Condit, “I’m a warrior. I have warrior spirit.”. Condit proceeds to run away for the first three rounds avoiding every interesting encounter. The most exciting part of the fight was the takedown attempts by Diaz. He finally got one and actually came somewhat close to finishing the fight. I don’t see how Condit can win rounds by constantly moving backwards and throwing slappy kicks.

  • Matt Magick

    We must not have seen the same fight, Diaz took AT LEAST 3-4 rounds. Outstriked him, controlled the tempo and was clearly more aggressive. This should be an instant rematch ala Rua / Machida. This fight was fixed.

    • shakejunt

      if you’re not being sarcastic, then you have some sort of selective memory disorder

    • AdamBianski

      Either one of the first two rounds could have been 10-8 rds.

    • You are freaking HIGH. Most of what he threw strike-wise in the first 3 rounds missed. The fight went exactly how it should have, because Diaz isn’t mobile enough laterally, to catch up to fighters. Condit was just better… period.

  • alhmiel

    hopefully Nick diaz quits MMA because he is not good for the sport or society in general. Diaz is
    not a good person but just a demon seed. congrats to Condit a true champion.

    • adam1848

      what, you aren’t creative enough to come up with something different to say for each article? just cut and paste the same dumb comment anywhere you can? thanks for the contribution. obviously lots of thought put into it.

  • Anthony

    Without even a high school education, what can Nick possibly do to earn a living?–wait…I just had a preminition” welcome to Mcdonalds b#tches , can I take your Mutha f#ckin order…818 in the house homie” I guess maybe there is hope for our buddy Nick afterall.

    • KBEsq

      lol best comment ever. Where you at, Ronald!

      • AdamBianski

        Good Mcdonalds comment very original.

    • TKD

      Anthony, I am guessing Nick is even too dumb to work at McDonalds. They may even give him a piss test. He’d fail that too!

  • dathump

    like Dana White always says, never leave it in the judges hands. Carlos exicuted his game plan and won the desision, stick and move. who cares if he moved away, he was still engaging just not letting Nick hold him in the corner like he does.
    So if Nick wanted to win, he should have finished the arm if he could have, instead of cring about it after the bell.

    • i dont now if u now but it takes 2 to fight. stick n run indeed he was runing..

      • TKD

        Ok, sojawo…

        I guess the octagon is so damn big that Diaz couldn’t catch Condit, right? What a bunch of ignorant fools Diaz fans are!

        • dathump

          So if that stratigy is “running away” tell me why Mohamad Ali is considered the greatest boxer of all time? and if all Carlos did was run away how did Diaz’s face get all beat up ? Even Joe rogan said mid fight Condit was ahead in strikes. Diaz lost, there would be no shame in loosing a desision that close if he took it like a man. Now he just looks like a cryer. I am half surprised he and the “scrap pack” didn’t jump Condit or GSP after the fight just to re inflate his ego. Once Diaz learns to be a professional athlete, not just a fighter, bring him back, otherwise he can keep fighting in bars and back allys for 20 bucks.

  • AdamBianski

    Well I gues everyone can be happy now Diaz lost. Just no he is still a top three guy in this division. I would much rather watch him in an exciting then watch GSP lay and prey for five rds.

    • TKD

      Then don’t buy GSP’s fights. I would rather watch a guy like GSP than a thug like Diaz. At least GSP didn’t whine like a bitch when he lost his fights. Diaz is a cry baby. Get over it already!

  • maddawgmar

    Fights happen different than people think. Jus because two fighters are both dynamic, in your face aggressors, doesn’t mean when they fight each other it will turn out that way. We can hope, but not alway gonna get what we want. What we did get is Carlos Condit figuring out the Diaz puzzle and solving it over the course of five rounds. Diaz has the boxing to pepper you a hundred times a round if you come after him. By Condit backpedaling and picking Diaz apart with kicks and punches, he negated Diaz’s style. He won the fight hands down. I don’t understand the guff people are giving Condit, we as fans and the UFC billed this as fight of the year candidate, if it doesn’t meet those expectation then too bad. He won the title, that’s that. Look forward to the GSP fight and hope it’s a better match-up.

  • tsszaltax

    To everyone saying Condit “ran” from Diaz I have one thing to say and Im done. Go watch fights with Kalib Starnes. That is running away. What Condit did tonight was perfectly counter an aggresive Diaz. Just because you’re walking forward doesnt mean you’re the one “dictating the pace”. Diaz did nothing to put Condit in any jeopardy except the take down at the end of the fight. Condit did more damage while throwing more punches and kicks. He fought an amazing fight against one of the best in the business. Give the man a little credit.

    And as for the guy that said round 1 and/or 2 could have easily been 10-8 rounds. Schedule an appointment with your doctor and get an MRI of your brain, cuz somethings wrong up there.

    • mad96ss

      “Just because you’re walking forward doesnt mean you’re the one “dictating the pace”.”

      Really bro?!?!? how the heck do you dictate the pace running backwards. When you turn your back on your opponent and run to the center of the cage isn’t how you dictate the fight. “Im a warrior, I have warrior spirit” Really Condit, thats what you call warrior spirit….please

      • innovator

        You can dictate the pace all you want. If you are getting him with more meaningful shots then you are dishing out you still lose the fight. Dictating the Pace is one of the things judges take into consideration when scoring around.

        • mad96ss

          Diaz was dictating the pace not Condit

          • Cptmats

            Machida has controlled the pace of almost every fight he’s ever been in by going backwards. Its called counter fighting and if you don’t know what that is than you need to go learn a little bit about fighting !

  • bajafox

    If by counter you guys are meaning literally turning your back to the opponent then you guys really need to check your love for Condit and hatred for Diaz. When your back is turned against an opponent, willingly, that should be considered running. Condit did that more than several times per round and as a fan, it was very frustrating, I can’t imagine how it was for Diaz. I don’t disagree that a counter fight with Diaz is probably your best bet, the last thing anyone wants to do with Diaz is stand and trade, but Condit literally turned his back to him and ran any time there was an hint of trouble. That is not what Champions do

  • Hotnickson

    There is no way a fighter should win backing up the whole time. Perfect example is Marquez vs Pacquiao 3. Boxing judges got it right! The point system sucks in MMA. UFC needs to come up with a plan to have both fighters engage each other, possibly a card system like Pride had.

    Condit is a *****. He will not be champ for long!

    Diaz is right! Dana never wanted him to fight GSP. GSP is not hurt. There is no evidence he is.

    • TKD

      “GSP is not hurt. There is no evidence he is.”
      And our government knocked down the Twin Towers too, right? Ugh! What a moron!

  • Bob

    Diaz won the fight- Condit won the decision!

    Just like his fight against Kampman. Kampman won the fight- Condit won the decision.

    I agree it was a smart game plan to run away from a fighter that would obviously smash him.

    But as others have said it made for a horrible fight. Condit will have lost a lot of fans and the UFC will have a hard time selling any PPV with Condit headlining- I know I won’t pay to see him fight again. Welcome to free TV Condit!

    Had this fight taken place in Pride- Condit would have gotten a yellow card followed shortly after by a red card.

    • Condit lost the decison to kappman dumb ass

    • TKD

      “Diaz won the fight- Condit won the decision!” Hey, whatever makes you sleep better at night, cry baby. You should find Diaz so you two can cry together.

  • alhmiel

    Diaz can work in a carnival or a circus. and there is always Barber college or toll booth school. Diaz will self implode forever soon. not a good person but an evil man.

  • matty

    Boring fight! However Condit won turning his back or not. Diaz vs kos.

  • samflchr

    i dont understand what all these comments are about the point to fighting is to not get hit and that is what condit did and pick diaz part and even if nick did win he still would not beat gsp so let it go

  • bigdog333187

    All I see is a bunch of mad Diaz fans who can’t get off of his jock long enough to see how systematically he was broken down. It’s honestly as if you don’t get the point of MMA. Go watch a Toughman contest and leave this sport to the educated fans who understand the art and not just rushing headfirst into every exchange

    • TKD

      Great post!!!

  • alhmiel

    Nick Diaz cry baby what a woosie

  • D-rail

    Somebody should of told Diaz to bring skates. You guys that attack Diaz based on his education & calling him a thug are whacked. The dude is a fighter that has a lot more money than he cares for, & than most u eating top ramen, clustered in your moms basement figuring out how many lawns your going to cut to pay for the fight. When we paid for the fight, we were told it was going to be a “WAR”, not a Dominic Cruz point fest. If Diaz would of known this, he would have submited “Happy Feet” in the first round, but most of you that pretend to be judges hate when it’s a REAL FIGHT,& are left with your score cards, pencils & frowns because it wasn’t left to the judges. Much respect for Bj and his true warrior spirit. Jake Ellenberger isn’t going to play that game, he will finish any of these dudes and earn his championship.

    • bigdog333187

      Way to keep the unintelligent comments for Diaz a trend. “You guys are wacked”. Best rebuttal of the thread.

      • TKD

        LOL @ bigdog333187…Hysterical!!!

        D-rail sounds like a d-bag!

        • dathump

          d-rail, Jake Ellenberger already lost to Condit. And if diaz could have submitted “happy feet” as you called him, I guess he should have then shouldn’t he?

  • D-rail

    If the re-match happens its a donde deal for Diaz. Ellenberger took the Condit fight on 10 days noticee and almost beat Condit.