Carlos Condit Clears the Air on Waiting for GSP and Wanting to Fight Martin Kampmann

June 9, 2012
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Carlos Condit wants to clear up a few misconceptions about some things he’s supposedly said lately.

The UFC’s reigning interim champion has been out of action since February when he won the belt with a unanimous decision victory over Nick Diaz.

But lately Condit’s come under fire for a number of things that he really didn’t have any control over. First off, there’s the ideology that Condit was just sitting and waiting for the return of UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, and turned down defending his interim title in the meantime.

Well, according to Condit the fight the UFC has offered him has been the bout with St-Pierre to unify the titles, and it’s definitely the fight he wants.

“I don’t make the matches. If UFC wanted me to fight somebody else, they’re the boss, they can ask me to fight and I would be up for it. They want me to fight Georges St-Pierre, and that’s who I want to fight as well, so that’s what I’m going to go with,” Condit said in an interview with Fuel TV on Friday following UFC on FX 3.

St-Pierre is still rehabbing his surgically repaired knee after tearing his ACL, but his current schedule will put him back in the Octagon in the latter part of 2012. Despite some reports that have stated the Canadian champion may be a little behind schedule, everything that Condit has been told is that they are targeting a showdown for November in St-Pierre’s hometown of Montreal.

“As far as I know, I’ve seen some videos recently of him out running, doing sprints, doing some of his rehab and conditioning, looks good. As far as I know, we’re on for November 17th, and if anything changes then we’ll kind of reconsider our options,” said Condit.

Those options somehow got muddied recently after Condit was asked about who he would like to fight in the event St-Pierre isn’t ready come November. His answer was simple – he would like to face the one person in the UFC that holds a win over him, Martin Kampmann.

But somehow the part about facing Kampmann only if St-Pierre wasn’t ready got lost, and Condit was now passing over Johny Hendricks and wanted the Kampmann fight instead of GSP. It couldn’t be further from the truth however.

“The question that was put to me was ‘if Georges isn’t ready to fight in November, who would you like to fight?’ and so my answer to the question was Martin Kampmann. He was my first loss in the UFC, my only loss (in the UFC), my only loss in the last six years or so. Not taking anything away from Johny Hendricks, he’s obviously a top contender, had some great wins recently, but it’s a more compelling fight. It’s a fight I was absolutely be motivated for if Georges isn’t ready,” said Condit.

“Georges is the guy I have my eye on and as far as I know he’s going to be ready to go in November.”

In Condit’s eyes his next fight will be with Georges St-Pierre in November and that’s what the UFC has set forth for him as well, and it doesn’t appear anything is likely to change.

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  • Condit vs Kampman will be a hell of a war!!!!!!!!
    i would give the slight edge to Condit but then again Kampman is the comeback kid forget the hitman…

  • phrankthetank

    I don’t blame condit for not defending his title. I get it. GSP is the biggest fight and the biggest payday. I blame the UFC for not making him defend his title. It seems the brass likes to make interim belts for no reason at all.

    • adam1848

      exactly. agree 100%.

    • maddawgmar

      I see the point of view the UFC is coming from. They had a big fight to promote with Diaz and GSP. Then everything got jacked up, Diaz flaked on obligations, GSP got hurt multiple times, then Condit owned Diaz. So now they have a very marketable fight between Condit and GSP, and they want that fight to happen. So why force Condit to fight and ruin another big fight. Even if Condit wins again and again, what if he gets hurt? Wait for the fight to happen. Have Kampmann fight Hendricks in October the winner there gets GSP or Condit.

    • RonnieV

      I agree with you Phranky! NICK DIAZ RULES!!! (Nyuck Nyuck)

      • ThePilot

        Ha ha rules what RonnieV?

  • Interim belt is pointless unless it’s going to be defended.

  • jasondecipher

    Sometimes theres fighters that have undeniably great skills/talents but crappy personalities. Love or hate GSP & CC fighting style they warriors & good human beings. Don’t hate caused they didn’t get busted up & fight their fight & get paid more than others to do it

  • pooby

    I still consider Condit to be a pretty vicious guy that finishes fights. Sure, he Dominick Cruzed through Diaz, but I wouldn’t label him as that type of fighter unless he makes a habit of it.

    It seems that some guys are just more exciting fighters when they have less to lose.


    Condit didn’t really run that much . Basicly won the fight with better exchanges and kicks . Diaz had his opportunity to land his punches better than he already did and if he wasn so arrogant and took the fight to the ground hed prob be champ right now ! Really a pretty even fight with condit winning beacuse of those brilliant kicks . Stil id rather watch that than those boring ass cage pushers “hen,kos ,fitch,story , breneman ,askren and pierces lame ass ! o yea when it comes to condits belt hes probably luckier than kamp s a55 that he gots it considering he got a LUCKY SPLIT decision to ellenberger “who by the way would of won hands down with todays scoring system 1st round alone prob 10- 7.5 ” o and mcdonald won every part of thier fight til condit pulled a LUCKY ASS KAMPMAN ON HIS A55 . PEOPLE THERE IS A REASON THEY DONT SHOW the ellenberger vs condit unleashed replay wich by the way was a great fight!

    • smill0313

      I think kampmann got lucky in his decision over condit. On top of that, condit got robbed of his unification title shot when he came from the wec. They took his title and basically made him start from the bottom.



    • smill0313

      Def not the greatest fight, but prob the most significant. Those 15 min helped stop a sinking ship by introducing a lot of people to mma for the first time. The fight, while not technical, was an all out war that went back and forth until the very end. Both fighters showed a lot of heart, and delivered. The ufc could not have hoped for a better fight for their first free (televised) card.

      • OMAHAK1LLA

        does anyone know who reffed diaz daily just curious if it was mazzanazi?

      • OMAHAK1LLA

        Yeah condit is a killa! but i really think hes guna lose his next 1 only beacuse gsp is smart and athletic as fu#% who knows prob could go either way if it wasn’t in good ol Canada LOS dont leave it in the judges dirty hands “remember paquio ” unbelievable !!!!!