Caption This Photo: Anderson Silva

December 24, 2013
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Anderson Silva Xmas Hat

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Anderson Silva held court in Los Angeles on Wednesday, seemingly getting into the holiday spirit as the days dwindle down for his rematch with Chris Weidman at UFC 168 on Dec. 28.’s Erik Fontanez captured this photo of Silva as he met with reporters, but we want you to caption it.

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  • lil Mike

    Ro, Ro, Ro !!!

  • Rum Runner

    Santa be Coming for Weidman. And, Weidman getting coal for Christmas.

  • Wolf Ticket

    He was the black Dana, now he’s the black Santa 🙂



  • Triggerman99

    “Chris is Santa now. All the people tonight need to respect Chris, Chris is Santa. That’s it, I’ve finished my working. I no more bring the presents. I change my life now because I worked hard for a long time. I’ve been Santa for a long time. I’m tired. I’ll relax now and go back to my family. I only wear hat for fun now.”

    • shakejunt

      i think we have a winner. that was quick.

      • Ryan Doucette

        That’s what she said! 🙂

    • subject716


    • Jacob K


  • bajafox

    Quero fumar um bazeado gordo

    • Jacob K

      After the fight

      • bajafox


  • GiveoneBJJ

    KO, KO, KO! Merry Christmas!

  • fsunoles10

    kids get coal cuz they no hespect santa, they no hespect nothin, its normal its normal.

  • Ryan Doucette

    I shouldn’t have eaten that Taco Bell!

  • Jenna


  • Superfly

    Bad Santa!

  • Shaunieboy2012

    What do you want for christmas…..well all i have in my sack is a triangle choke for you

  • Mike

    All i want for christmas are my two front teeth.

  • Greg Sydnor

    All I want for Christmas is Weidman’s two front teeth and my belt back.

  • Mark Rock

    I very much hespeck Santa Claus. He been very good to me and my family. Uh, Tenho muito respeito por Papa Noel, ele tem sido muito generoso com minha família.

  • Casper

    All I want is a KO win pls

  • bobbbbb

    I am going to kick the s*** out of Chris Weidman

  • Syvlik

    Ho Ho Holy s*** Weidman knocked me the F out

  • Syvlik

    Ho Ho Holy S*** Weidman knocked me the F out

  • Mike

    “I’m Black Santa”

  • Moojoo

    Sit on my lap, I love kids.

  • MilwaukeeMayham

    Ho,Ho,Ho, gonna throw that K.O.

  • jerbear50

    Anderson Silva– middleweight GOAT and Fox News troll.

  • silvas daddy

    Ghetto grinch

  • Qb

    Santa back. Trust me. Santa back.

  • Frank Andrew Waszut

    Silva Claus visualizing Weidman’s eyes becoming black and lumpy for being naughty this year.

  • Frank Andrew Waszut

    Silva Claus pissing off Megyn Kelly by being black.