Can UFC President Dana White Lure Nick Diaz Out of Retirement by Offering Him Lyoto Machida?

August 15, 2013
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Nick-Diaz-UFC-137-Press-01-478x270One thing is certain in the UFC middleweight division: former champion Anderson Silva has a rematch lined up with the man that dethroned him, Chris Weidman.

Where things go beyond that is anybody’s best guess.

UFC president Dana White isn’t standing pat, however. After revealing to UFC Tonight this week that he wanted to match up Vitor Belfort and Lyoto Machida at middleweight as the UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks co-main event in November, the company president has added a twist to the situation.

While Machida’s camp warmed to the Belfort fight, Belfort has been reluctant to take any non-title fight in the middleweight division. So White has apparently turned to currently retired welterweight Nick Diaz as a potential opponent for Machida.

“I talked to Diaz today, and I made him an offer, so we’ll see what happens,” White said during a special Q&A session at Boston’s Barrio Cantina on Wednesday night, according to a report by “He had been talking about going to 185 pounds. Machida has been talking about going to 185 pounds. So we wanted to see if he wanted to fight Machida at 185.”

The question and answer session was part of UFC Homecoming, a fundraising event to benefit The Shawn Thornton Foundation.

Diaz’s camp didn’t have an immediate answer for White, and there has been no word yet from Machida’s camp.

Machida is coming off of a disappointing unanimous decision loss to Phil Davis at UFC 163.

Diaz indicated that he was retired after losing to UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158 in March, unless a rematch was in the offing.

But can Dana White lure him out of retirement by dangling a middleweight bout with Machida in front of him?

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  • leo

    This would be a frustrating fight for Diaz

  • snaggy

    sounds pretty retarded to me.

  • Deadz28

    This would be pretty interesting….

  • Zombi

    Diaz wanted a big name fight. Here it is.

    • Deadz28

      True… If Diaz is a warrior he jump on the oppurtunity. Who knows that Machida will.

      • Zombi

        Agreed Diaz is a tough cookie, Machida of course is a beast (when he shows up).

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Diaz likes to go against guys who engage. Two things I doubt he wants are a guy who will lay on him for the entire fight or a guy who is “running” from him the entire fight. With Machida’s evasive style I can’t see Diaz being thrilled about this but he may take it for the $$ and the name recognition.

    • David

      i feel this would be a bad match up for machida stylistically but size may pose a big factor

    • gnodeb

      Diaz like to fight sitting ducks… no foot work, no head movement and no wresting ability… no gas tank is a big plus…

  • David Huenecke

    Honestly from what ive heard on here and other sites is that machida’s natural weight class is 185 and anderson’s is 205. But in the gym anderson said he wanted to go 185. And since their gym is so close knit and machida wont fight anderson it forced machida to go up in class. If this is true i would love to see machida at his natural weight. He would be much quicker and more elusive. It would also explain why machida never really looks in great shape. If he has to add on a few lbs tp avoid being in silvas weight class

    • Mike mckinney

      Someone has been reading GSP’s diary under “reasons to give not to fight silva.”

      Check the records. There on the web. Machida has done heaveyweight, silva came from a good bit under 185lbs.

      Pretty soon we will hear stories about how silva called Brock for advice on how to cut down to heaveyweight.

      • bajafox

        Yea, don’t know where he got that crap. Machida has fought at HW before, he should have no problem fighting at 205.

        • Ian Price

          I do think machida is a natural MW. He came in under 205 more than once recently. You really need to cut from 220-230 to be a good, strong LHW, like Jones. You can’t cut 5 lbs and expect an even playing field at light heavy.

          • MuayThaiFood

            If you cut 5lbs vs. 20 or 25lbs to get to LHW then how does that make you a “natural” MW? I get what you are saying but just because most other guys are cutting a lot more weight doesn’t make it “natural”. If he’s cutting 5lbs or no weight at all then he is a natural LHW. Jones gets all kinds of crap for being a “natural” HW and fighting at LHW.

          • Ian Price

            I see what you’re saying. Yes, in that case that would make Machida a natural LHW.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Is it just me or does Nick look like a Jesuit priest from the hood in this pic?

  • Matthew Stone

    I agree with jay, Machida will be too quick especially at middle and will just run away the entire time. not a fight I want to see, he also does look a little like a priest in this pic lol! Vanderlei V Nick Diaz, now that’s a fight!! bang fest

    • David

      lol diaz will be faster thats a fact. he won’t have power to finish machida though. wanderlei will ko diaz

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        Diaz has faster hands than Machida, thats about it. Machida has much faster movement and he moves in and out at extreme speeds so hes hard to catch. I’m tired of seeing Diaz get these terrible match ups against people who want to win on scorecards. Put two people in the cage that want to win by their own hands and you get a real fight. Put two people in the cage who want to win on scorecards and all you get is greg jackson with a boner.

        Wanderlei could KO diaz but I don’t see that happening. Diaz has gone up against some heavy hitters and taken big shots and I’m pretty sure hes never been KO’d or even finished in MMA unless you want to count the 1 or 2 times hes been stopped from cuts. A lot of people thought paul daley would KO him and look what happened, same thing with lawler. Diaz is as tough as they come. He can take big shots and he knows how to take them. Even if someone manages to hurt him, the thousands of hours of rolling experience kick in with survival instincts and he pushes through. With all that being said, If he were to fight wandy I see Diaz staying on the outside and picking him apart with his quick and accurate hand combos mixed in with leg kicks and occasional head kicks. He would probably wear wanderlei out and be able to finish him in the 2nd or 3rd.

        • earlsimmons

          HEY BRO tl;dr after you put “Put two people in the cage that want to win by their own hands and you get a real fight.”
          I think there is a sport called boxing that is something like that. Maybe if thats what you like to watch you could try to find out more about that mythical sport?

          • David

            He meant winning without a judge. By ko or sub. There’s alot of fighters out their who just win by points and doesn’t try to engage in a real fight.

        • Yeahbuddymma

          Diaz has been ko’d before

        • Mike mckinney

          There just might be a bit of a power difference between Daley, lawler, and wanderlei. Being a heavey hitter than can easily fight at 170lbs, and sometimes ko someone might be a bit different than a guy who has lhw-hw power.

          Frankie Edgar has taken good shots from BJ and Aldo, that doesn’t mean that a dos santos jab wouldn’t put him in la la land.

          • Gary Fredericks

            ….and especially Grey Manard. Great points McKinney.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            Wanderlei has fought many big guys but he doesn’t have HW power. His power is not really comparable to any of the big guys and if you are trying to compare the power of lawler in welterweight to that of BJ/Aldo in LW/feather then you are crazy. There is a difference between having real knockout power and being able to knock people out.

            If wanderlei does have a power edge on lawler or daley it’s not by a whole lot. You’re talking about 3 guys that could all easily fight at middleweight and have before. I believe wanderlei is making a move down to middleweight soon even and thats simply because he’s not a big LHW. Lawler and daley are big welterweights.

            If wanderlei lands one of his wild haymaker hooks on anyone it’s not going to feel good and can easily make it a bad night for anyone but I still think Diaz can take some of his best shots if he has to. So I’ll have to kindly disagree with you on the whole power point and with Wanderlei going to MW + the ridiculousness of diaz vs machida, a diaz vs wanderlei fight could very well happen.

            If that fight does happen I will be putting my money where my mouth is and expect to make some decent coin out of it.

        • Sir_Roy

          While Diaz’ last fight against GSP was very lackluster, I wouldn’t lay the majority of the fault with Georges at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

          In the 13 minutes of stand-up gifted Diaz in that fight, GSP was far more the aggressor. GSP was the one moving forward and Diaz ended up coming off as too shy to pull the trigger.

          The Carlos fight is another story – though I see Diaz as partly to blame there too.

        • HAMMBONE

          LAY OFF THE CRACK!!!

        • Abel Guzman

          true this

      • Matthew Stone

        be a fun fight though wouldn’t it 🙂

        • David

          I believe that will be a great fight. I would love to watch it.

          • Deadz28

            Me too!

    • Troll Killer

      Machida doesn’t run away.

      • Matthew Stone

        Ok that was abit harsh, he only commits when he sees an opening which against the tops guys doesn’t happen very often so he just uses movement and speed which can be boring to watch! I like machida but needs to use more of his skills to force an opening or he may find himself losing more judges decisions!

      • jeremy

        you right he doesnt run, he sprints… boring ass lame fighter

        • james j

          I will never watch another Machida fight. How he fought against Dan Henderson was a disgrace.

  • Denny Swain

    Vitor is scared of mousasi!!! Mousasi said any weight anytime with belfort and belfort still scared.i guess that trt doesn’t build up heart, only anger

  • uncle

    This will be just like Diaz vs Condit Machida is going
    to run

    • Manuel Lopez


      • David

        Condit didn’t run in that fight. He stayed on the outside and attacked.

        • bajafox

          You obviously watched a different fight. Watch it again and count how many times Condit turns his back to Diaz. That is the definition of running in MMA

          • Ian Price

            He ran a bit, but not nearly as much as Guida did. And he out struck Diaz. And he hit Diaz hard. Many times.

          • David

            He did that to fight on the outside. He threw more shots landed more shots and many of them were significant strikes. That’s not running

        • Manuel Lopez

          He ran, and barely got the win.

  • Me

    You guys are always quick to praise karate man and then he doesn’t show up, so you are forced to make excuses for him. He needs to prove that he can move forward and beat a quality opponent. I don’t want to hear about Bader and old ass Randy.

    • earlsimmons

      are you calling diaz a quality opponent? dont make me LUL bro.

      • Me

        Guess hes not

        • David

          Diaz is a quality opponent anyone who doesn’t think that is not an mma fan. He may be kind of stupid but he’s a genius in the cage.

  • Diaz would get really frustrated…

  • julian moran


  • julian moran

    Machida vs Belfort is a great fight for a title shot at mw. Diaz is a natural ww. There are plenty of good fights for Diaz at ww, Kampmann, Elenberger, Mc Donald, Stun gun..

  • SlickyWill

    Nick Diaz vs Vitor Belfort!!!
    I doubt any of them will refuse that fight!!

    • jeremy

      that would be a fun fight to watch.

  • Nik

    Who cares about him coming out of retirement and trying to lure him back? It happened before and he talked a lot of trash and didn’t back it up. So give him Machida? Which would be a lackluster fight in my opinion. Diaz needs opponents who will actually go at him and fight.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    No way homie I just made 50 bucks from my MMA company.

    • Ian Price


  • I love Machida and all but I would much rather see Diaz go against someone in the WW division. I wish Nick could have fought Matt Brown. I don’t know how Thiago Avles is healing up right now but I’m sure people would love that fight.

    • Marcus Miles

      I would love to see Diaz rematch Lawler. T hat would be sick.

      • Although a match up with Lyoto doesn’t drive me crazy right now, almost any match up with Nick Diaz is interesting. He’s just one of those fighters where you enjoy seeing him fight IMO. A Lawler rematch would be interesting. Lawler is on a roll.But even though Dana was talking Lawler/Rory Mcdonald I’m not sure what Lawler does for Diaz in terms of a big fight and getting back into title contention. Diaz only lost to the top two guys in the divison, minus Hendricks, but there’s plenty of other fights for him. I wish Hendricks called him out when Nick said he should have lost that fight against Condit.

      • Diaz/ Kampmann would have been nice instead of Condit rematching him. I would even would have rather seen Diaz/Condit rematch.

  • DamianCross

    I’d buy it just to hear Diaz mouth off to Machida and come up with new taunts for 3 rounds. And I hate both guys.

  • Charles

    Diaz wont move to 185. he wouldnt move to 185 to fight Mayhem Miller, someone who he hated. Why would he move to 185 to fight someone who will just run from him.

  • Triggerman99

    No thank you. I’m a Diaz fan, but watching Machida scoot around the cage for 3 rounds and land 6 total punches to take a SD while Diaz spends the entire fight giving him the finger and calling him a b|tch does not sound like a whole of fun to me.

  • BobGyro

    Nick Satan Diaz cannot beat Machida at 180lbs. Machida KO’d Couture.

  • BobGyro

    Nick Diaz has a face that even his own mother don’t like.

  • teroothe

    it’s basically a 185 version of diaz vs condit.

  • BobGyro

    Nick Diaz is being set up by Dana to get embarrassed.


    @Dana White and Diaz fans. To lure this man out at 185 is easy. Title contender match to face winner of silva vs weidman 2. Diaz wants to stand and bang, dana wants belfort to fight in Usa. BELFORT VS DIAZ winner fights for 185 belt….

  • Mr Pete

    Diaz moving forward hands up like “what’s up bitch” vs Machida who prays on people charging at him?

  • james j

    Will be a horrible fight. Machida will circle and play hit and run while Diaz will slowly stalk. Everybody will boo Machida for not engaging. Interesting why doesn’t Dana give Machida hell for this like he gave to Rory.

  • james j

    I will never watch another Machida fight. How he fought against Dan Henderson was a disgrace. Just can’t watch him anymore.

  • Guest

    Diaz will tear a new one in Machita, wanderly and george. nuff said. that fool said in a rematch i will beat him . he has tha feel for him already i believe

  • Abel Guzman

    Machida is a has been. Tha fight with Jon jones really fazed him and i know it. looking at his last fight with Phil Davis the guy was scared to attack. Nick aint going to come back for that crap. Better Offer. what an insult for a mexican.

    • Abel Guzman

      But would tear a new one in all of them no joke!!