Can the UFC Change Jon Jones’ Mind or Could Alexander Gustafsson vs. Daniel Cormier Be Next?

Jon Jones 478 x 270Following recent events that saw Jon Jones say he wants to fight Daniel Cormier and not Alexander Gustafsson, things might finally get settled this week.

According to a report Wednesday from UFC Tonight, Jones and his manager, Malki Kawa, are scheduled to meet with UFC President Dana White in Las Vegas on Thursday.

The meeting is meant to find a resolution to the problem of Jones and the UFC not seeing eye to eye on the light heavyweight champion’s next opponent.

White said in a statement on Monday that he and UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta planned to meet Jones, and their efforts will go towards getting him to sign the bout agreement to fight Gustafsson.

As for the Swedish challenger, Gustafsson wrote in a Facebook statement that Jones needs to “be a man … and stop running.”

“Keep in mind that after I beat you and become the champ I might be doing the same to you when you chase me for a rematch, as a revenge for not accepting my challenge,” Gustafsson wrote.

If Jones doesn’t accept the fight, Gustafsson’s manager told the FOX Sports 1 program that they would agree to fight Daniel Cormier, but only if it is for an interim title.

Cormier revealed recently that he fought his last bout against Dan Henderson with an injured knee, and surgery would be required. The fighter told UFC Tonight that he would delay any procedure and accept the Gustafsson bout, agreeing to the same terms regarding it being for an interim title.

At this time it appears Jones still desires a fight with Cormier over Gustafsson, making his desire public with a recent YouTube video addressing those who think he’s a coward, saying “It’s my career, not yours.”

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  1. Please don’t go the Bellator route of making up meaningless interim titles in order to later hype “unification” fights

    • It won’t be a meaningless title…it’ll actually be for eventual LHW Champ

      • It’s just a #1 contender’s fight. Why would there be a belt involved? We might as well have two other guys fight for #2 contender’s belt. And then they can fight #1 contender’s belt winner to unify the contenders’ belts. Meanwhile a couple guys will fight for #3 contenders’ belt so we can get a #2 contender’s belt fight ready.

        Obviously this is ridiculous; there should be one and only one title unless the champ is injured so badly he will be out for like a year.

        • Considering how Jones has been acting, it wouldn’t surprise me if he took a page out of the Diaz brothers’ playbook and attempted to sit out for a year.

        • Why would you have the only 2 contenders left fight each other? They’ll make more money if they both fight Jones…there isn’t any one else right now to challenge Jones and making a DC/Gus fight would further diminish the challengers

  2. That’s how they finally got Tito to take a dangerous fight.

  3. Good for Jones for being a thinking human being and not the UFC’s nodding-yes puppet robot. UFC fighters beware because White continues to send his message loud and clear — if you’re own personal ideas about your career, no matter how reasonable, can’t be neatly enfolded into our overall business scheme then we’re gonna have a big problem with you.

    • Yeah but in this case it doesn’t make any sense. He’s the champ, he needs to defend that belt. And its not like Gus is going anywhere. Jones will have to fight him eventually, so why not now? He’s only making himself look like he wants no part of Gus.

    • Yep, Dana White DOES NOT give a CRAP about fighter’s careers. Uncle Dana cares about lining hos pockets with CASH making money off fighters.

      At least Jones is SMART enough to make his own destiny. Not crumble to uncle Dana’s wishes.

      Dana put up some MAJOR CASH for Jones VS Gus. Jones will be begging to sign.

    • Wow
      Think first, then talk, quit your rambling

      • Go choke. Positive you hear that a lot.

        • Ouch, you sure like embarrassing yourself

          • We suspected you were a fool and a bore but now you’ve given us confirmation. Thanks!!

          • We suspected you were a lil sissy boy, but thanks for confirming our suspicions. You made a fool of yourself and somehow I’m a fool? Wow, just quit while your ahead

    • Another way to look at it is: you dont have to sign with the UFC if you dont want to fight who they put in front of you. Go start your own mma organization and follow your own rules. No one forced”wussy boy” jones to sign with them. He did it by his choosing. To paraphrase he signed the contract, so deal with it “wussy boy”.

    • You make no sense whatsoever

  4. Sorry people. This is a BUSINESS! They are EMPLOYEES! They should fight who they are TOLD to fight. Can you go to your employer and tell then what YOUR job is going to be, because it is YOUR career and not THEIRS? Sure, if you want to go find a job somewhere else.

    • “I won’t fight my training partner”

      Your comment is now a fallacy.

      • Gus is not Jones training partner

        • You said, “They should fight who they are TOLD to fight”, but they don’t. Jones will fight Gus again, he would just rather fight a new challenger first. No big deal.

          • My comment is now a fallacy? Are you a total idiot? My comment is my opinion, I think people should fight their training partners also, but I am a schmuck that watches, I don’t make the rules. Instead of popping in with what you consider catchy one liners, try to back your opinions with the thought process behind your opinions.. if in fact there is a thought process.

          • “Are you a total idiot?”

            Are you asking me if I’m an idiot? Then no. Like I said, they will fight and now it is set. Your comment is a fallacy, tons of guys won’t fight for a mix of reasons. Go to bed, you’re stupid.

  5. Contenders don’t deserve rematches that quick! It’s that simple. You lost Gus, go earn another title shot by beating another top contender. I’m sure Rumble is willing to give you that chance.

    • He earned it by beating up the champ in there first fight and then getting robbed via decision, noob

    • Gus earned a shot at the belt by forcing Jones to be carried out of the Air Canada Centre ON A STRETCHER! Who else has done that to Jones? Nobody. I don’t know what caused you to develop a crush on Johnson, but he’s already booked to face Little Nog in July.

      • Lil Nog won’t make it to the fight.

        • Did you put a hit out on him or what??!

    • you can say the same with DC… but GUS earned the rematch due to the first fight with Jones being THAT CLOSE!!!!

      • Thats all you needed to say.

    • Cereal. What is your deal? Are you not an MMA fan? Is this a racial thing with you? Seriously. What the hell is your deal?

      • I’m white. I’m a huge MMA fan. My deal is Gus needs to go beat another top contender to earn a second shot.

        • ya just like matt hughes did…o wait he beat a gatekeeper and got a rematch. You new to this sport or something? your a clown bro.

          • Hughes was the former two time champ that already had a win over GSP. Gus never held a title. Giant difference!

    • DC stated that Gus should fight “wussy boy” Jones next b/c he is the #1 contender. Jones is scared and trying to avoid the inevitable, losing the title. Jones is a fighter not a match maker, and he is under contract. If fighters start dictating who they will and wont fight then the sport will die out. And we wont see the best vs the best.

    • Rumble is a top contended based on what??? A win over Phil Davis?? Really? You realize he lost to koschek

      • Don’t act ignorant. Rumble was killing himself trying to make 170. He’s now on a seven fight win streak with a dominant win over a UFC top 5 contender. Or did you only watch his UFC fights???

        • How many of those wins were against no name opponents and guys past their prime? Johnson’s recent opponents:

          David Branch, Esteves Jones, Jake Rosholt, D.J. Linderman, Andrei Arlovski, Mike Kyle, and Phil Davis

          You’re the one who has been complaining about Gus’ “lack of competition.” With the exception of Davis, none of those guys are “top 10” fighters and haven’t been for quite some time (if they ever were). His next opponent Little Nog is unranked. Plus, there’s the fact that he lost to a lightweight.

          Using your logic, Johnson has to put together a few quality wins before he’s even considered for a title shot.

  6. Personally Cormier has a better record than Gus… Undefeated vs. Gus’s two losses (one to Phil wonderblanket of all fighters) including to Jones. Second, Cormier has spent the majority of his career at heavyweight so Jones’s size will be pretty much irrelevant plus Cormier has wins over Henderson, Mir, Barnett, Bigfoot and Soa.

    Gus’s biggest win is against Shogun (who had gone 3-3 in his prior fights before Gus). In fact Shogun is the only top 10 guy Gus has ever beaten (and no Manuwa is not top ten yet).

    Sure Gus gave Jones a hell of a fight but I think Cormier is the better fighter. I’m sure Cormier would love to fight Gus and then Jones.

    So is Jones a coward for picking a guy with better credentials, undefeated at heavyweight, and more top 10 wins over a guy with a single top 10 victory and two losses to his name????

    • Jones’s size advantage has less to do with weight, as it does to do with reach and height, this will be a huge advantage against DC (who was an undersized HW). You really going to include wins against Hendo (was past his best), Mir (one trick pony), Barnett (when was his last really relevant win?), Bigfoot (mediocrity personified) and Soa (now you’re really scraping the barrel).
      Jones should not be in any position to dictate his next fight, the bare facts of the matter are, he is contracted to an organisation, and however you or I view it, Gustafsson IS the No1 contender. This is not boxing.

      • Sure I am. Which wins will you include that makes Gus look like a better contender than Cormier? Like I said above, Shogun (way past prime as I see that you felt the need to qualify all of Cormiers wins) is Gus’s only big win. None of Gus’s other 15 wins are against guys that are even in the top 15 in their weight class. And btw, Bigfoot has almost the same reach as Jon Jones (2 inches shorter). Didn’t seem to bother Cormier when he finished him with strikes. I mentioned Soa as he is currently in the top 10 in the UFC. IF Gus had beaten a single top 10 LHW I would agree with you completely. His record however is conspicuously absent of any guys that sit in the top of the ranks (Again barring Shogun who is no longer top 10).

        • TBH Rob I don’t have to justify any of Gus’s fights or wins, the UFC have him as No1 contender, and this has little to do with how you, or I, see those rankings. For me, it’s not about how you or I feel, or whether DC would give Jones a battle (I actually believe that DC would cause Jones all sorts of problems) my issue, is that Jones should NOT be able to dictate who he fights. Neither you nor I surely believe that Jones wants DC, because he thinks it will be a tougher fight? He obv wants to fight him, because he thinks he is more certain (at least in his opinion) of a win.

          A fighter, fighting for an organisation (such as UFC) should not be able to dictate who he fights, I think if they are allowed this, then we ened up in the state that Boxing fell into, where the top guys, simply avoid each other.

          • Quiet now Me you are making too much sense for mmaweekly comment threads! Totally agree…

    • Yes, he’s a total coward for a) not fighting whomever is put in front of him and b) ducking a fight against a guy who may have narrowly lost by points, but who whipped his ass and put him in the hospital. A real champ would be eager to avenge that ass whoopin and erase any doubt

  7. Just give the fight cormier. After cormier waxes jones jones can fight gus again. Jones has leverage with dana. Dana only runs over people that don’t have leverage. Cormier is exactly the style that’s needed to beat jones. A strong bully that doesn’t get tired

  8. Gus won fight in most peoples eyes but jones got the nod from judges. Even after verdict, gus was still #1contender and enforced his status with a ko over manuwa. A Verbal contract was issued from president of ufc that gus would get next shot if victorious over manuwa. Gus fulfilled his part of contract


    • The packed house at Hooters thought Jones won the fight. They just don’t all come here and make excuses for Gus.

      • no clue what you are talking about. your comments are so dumb bro.

      • No they didn’t, only you, because your a noob

  9. im not a fan of quick rematches, so personally I would like to see jones and dc. but I don’t like the fact that jones can turn down a fight. if the ufc says your fighting gus and you refuse, then jones should be stripped of the title.

  10. Keep running jones. I remember when silva was running from weidman, to no avail

    • can I borrow that??!!? That’s FUNNY

    • Classic

  11. Relax, Jones and Gus are fighting
    1) you really think they are going to have an Interim title – Thats laughable
    2) DC has knee surgery, hes not going to fight either guy with a bad knee that needs surgery. I get that he did against Hendo, but this now a bigger risk and can force a bigger injury.
    3) No one else thinks that the UFC is doing this to hype a fight? lol come on…

    • It is definitely a possibility, but, Jones has been making noises for some time now. Remember that he initially wanted an eliminator between DC and Gus.
      DC has also stated that he would be willing to put off the surgery, should he get the shot. I think talk of an interim title, is more a reminder to Jones, that the UFC can and if nec will, go on without him.

      • I agree but i hope DC is bluffing about pulling out of surgery. I’d hate to see him fight and injur him self worse during that fight and having to stop.

  12. Imagine this. The New York Rangers don’t want to play the LA Kings for the Stanley Cup, maybe because LA is better, maybe because the Rangers don’t think they deserve it. None of this matters. They are the contenders for the cup and that is that. MMA has a consensus number 1 contender, it’s simple. Yes, it works a little different than Hockey or Tennis or Alpine Skiing or whatever, but hopefully you can see the contrast. The point is, the competitor doesn’t pick their opponent! I’d say 95% of anyone who knows anything would say that the number 1 contender is Gus. Simple. You’re the best, fight the best. Cormier will be right there waiting for the winner, trust me. This idea that evil Dana and the UFC are out to ruin your career is total BS. They are trying to put on the fights that make the most sense ( I can already hear the Chael comments, lol) and definitely want to please the fans. It’s Gus, plain and simple. I am not convinced in the slightest that he wins that fight, but he deserves it. I’ll say this though, the longer Jones stays AWAY from DC, the longer he holds that belt. DC is an absolute monster with zero fear and will likely rag doll Bones to victory. My humble opinion says Cormier is a bigger threat due to fighting style and wrestling skills. Allowing guys to pick and choose will have the UFC looking like boxing in no time.

    • yah, gus deserves it. I can see the commercials now, “after losing to the champ, alexander gustafsson has been on a one fight demolition spree, and though its been a tough mountain to climb, he is back at the top.”

  13. How about this. Gus cant fight in the US due to lying in the past about criminal convictions. The UFC want the fight at friends arena in Stockholm Oct 4 but Jones wants to fight in the US. Maybe this is the sticking point on the contract.

  14. Rumor has it that Tank Abbot is going to face Jones for the title. Jones has stated that he wants to fight only the best and that’s why he isn’t interested in Gustafsson.

  15. I’m going to lose a lot of respect for Dana and Lorenzo if they fold to Jones’ demands again. Who’s running the show over there anyway?