Can Fedor Come Back? “Fedor vs. Monson” Trailer

October 23, 2011
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Looking to get back on track after three successive defeats for the first time in his career, Fedor Emelianenko will square off with UFC and Pride veteran Jeff Monson on Nov. 20 at Olympic Arena in Moscow.

Can Fedor bounce back?

Check out the video M-1 Global “Fedor vs. Monson” video trailer…

  • sirreadsalot10

    I have always had mixed feelings about Fedor. I like his humbleness and think he is a very good fighter and person. I absolutely hate the M-1 Global people he is involved with and think they are more interested in what is best for them rather than what is best for Fedor. I never thought Fedor was worthy of all the hype but at the same time think he deserved it as well. I haven’t been this confused since I was a teenager, LOL.

    I do hope he comes back and wins some fights, but he really needs new management.

  • Mario

    Hopefully he can just WIN
    … and break this streak of losses

    But if Monson beats him, then it’s definitely time for him to give it up. No more bullshittin’

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m really not big on saying anyone should retire. I think guys should be able to do as they wish. My only hope is that guys who are legends of their respective sports don’t HAVE to continue when they wish not to. If Fedor wishes to be a club fighter because he loves to compete, I’d wish him the best with. If he fights 50 more fights and never wins again then so be it.
    I’ve never thought that a guy is obligated to retire because I, or any other fans thinks it tarnishes his legacy. His legacy should be what he wants. Maybe the legacy he would like to leave is that no matter whether your winning or losing. You should do what you love.

    • michaelbrown

      Really well put man, good on you. I’m not entirely sure it is the case with Fedor that he wishes to continue but you’re completely right, continuing should be entirely up to him, not us.

      • BigGuy

        To an extent I agree. However, if Fedor loses to Monson, who is going to pay to see him fight any longer? That is what ultimately determines if a guy continues on. If your fights garner no fan interest- you get no fight offers.

  • MikeMc1983

    I think the interesting thing about his losses are the way that he lost.

    Against werdum, He showed that a really good submission guy can catch him.

    Against Bigfoot, He showed that a good wrestler and ground and pound guy can grind him out.

    Against Henderson, he showed that a Strong power striker can put him to sleep. (I understand hendo put him out on the ground, but he got there striking)

    So he has shown now that he can lose pretty much every way you can be finished. Maybe you can argue that werdum is the best submission guy in the HW decision, but I doubt anyone can argue that there are not better ground and pounders, and strikers in the division. So getting back to the top doesn’t seem to be realistic. So does it really matter where he’s fighting if not at the top? Sure he’s got match ups he could win, but he has just as many he could lose.

    So I will respect the guy for what he’s done, and I’ll wish him the best with whatever he chooses to do. It’s just really irritating hearing people trying to retire a guy because it screws with their “best ever” arguments.

    Here’s a crude analogy, if your wife tells you your not as good in bed as you were when you were younger; does that mean your sex life should be over?

    Just enjoy what you get, and say thank you every now and again. 😉

  • BigGuy

    He lost when he joined M-1…

  • afk

    What a terrible, boring ass promotional video. Do we really care that they can sign autographs standing next to each other? Why on Earth would this make me want to watch a ‘has been’ fight a ‘never was’?

  • MikeMc1983

    Anyone know why a bunch of comments have been taken off?

    • Staff

      Hey Mike,

      We got spammed and are currently removing quite a few spam posts. Its possible that a few good ones got removed in the process. Were sifting through a few thousand so its been difficult. Sorry for the trouble.

      MMAWeekly staff

      • Yeah, sorry about that Mike, but I think we have been able to just recently restore the legit comments and foil the spammers.


  • sb

    Okay let me start off and say that I love Fedor but holy cow its obvious that Fedor has lost his groove. I think I remember a movie called something similar. Anyway he just looks tentative when he gets in there, except when he cold cocked Bret the “Douche” bag Rogers. That was spectacular. But seriously who has he really fought. That big Japanese headed guy, Cro cop, Super tall hogimen trail guy, Heath red harring, Big Daddy Goodyear, Uncle fester Lindland, got out by the skin of his teeth Randleman. The only true test in my opinion were Hunt and Nogueira.