Can Anderson Silva Do This to Chael Sonnen? (Silva vs. Belfort Full Fight Video)

June 30, 2012
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Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort at UFC 126Anderson Silva is heading into his UFC 148 rematch with Chael Sonnen promising to “beat Chael’s ass like it’s never been beat before. The joke is over. There’s no more talking. I know he’s on the line listening and the game’s over. I’m going to beat his ass out of the UFC. He’s never going to want to fight again after I’m done with him.”

He quickly dispatched Vitor Belfort when they fought at UFC 126 with a brutal front kick to the face. Can he do the same – or worse – to Sonnen in their rematch?

Check out the full fight video of Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort…

  • You know what, i think he can, people who think Silva did not learn from that fight against Sonnen are clouded by the dark side. I love Sonnen don’t get me wrong but i believe this fight will be very different then the first one.

    The mae geri on Vitor could come out of anywhere in the rematch

    • jonnypatrick

      Not saying that Chael can’t lose this fight, Silva could knock him out. I am not doubting that Silva learned something from the last fight, but thinking that he can defend Chaels takedown is absurd. He learned that he can get his ass whooped and that he didn’t like it! If he tries that kick on Chael he will find himself on the mat taking another beating.

  • GiovanniB

    Sorry guys but I only see two scenarios with Silva vs Sonnen II.

    1. Silva knocks Chael in the first round.

    2. Silva punishes Chael for 3 rounds and knocks him out or submits him in the 4th.

    Silva is much prepared this time around and the only hope Sonnen has is to hope and pray his same old game plan works. If anything, Bispin should be fighting Silva since he clearly beat Sonnen on their # 1 contender bout. It was clear that Silva vs Sonnen was going to sell more than Silva vs Bispin that’s why they gave the fight to Sonnen. Anyway, Sonnen is getting KO’ed that’s for sure.

  • GiovanniB

    And about Silva vs Vitor I think a rematch would bring a whole different outcome with Vitor being favored.

  • lowlb

    Chael was all jacked up on testosterone in the first fight. He wasn’t (Chael) for the Bisping fight. In the Bisping fight, Chael had great takedowns but Bisping got right back up. Chael was all gassed out after 3 rounds with Bisping but he did well in 5 rounds with AS. (?) The only explanation is elevated testosterone levels, which is what they later discovered. Wake up! This isn’t hard to understand..
    AS will expect takedowns.
    Chael has great takedowns, no testicles and now, regulated testosterone levels. Chael is going to get his ass kicked.
    Chael is criminal in many way, he’s gotten caught often and people still love him.
    He’s going to make a great political republican some day soon. (some) People love gangsters that get away with their cheating.

    • GiovanniB

      Yep good is boring so is not easy to love where as bad is exciting and cool so even though is not good people like it. I know cuz when I was good with my first girlfriend she got tired of me soon but when I decided to change to bad she felt attracted to me, I f*cked her and then I dumped her and moved to other chicks that treated me better with my bad make over…LOL…by the way “Revenge Sex” is so cool! You get the chick to do whatever you request to make her pay for her mistreating you and she doesn’t even realize until you turn the tables on her and tell her “Hey is not working out, is not you it’s me…” LOL Yeah Karma is a bitch and a lot of bitches now realize that!

      • pooby

        Eh…………… WHAT? An article about Silva vs. Belfort prompted you to drop THAT load of baggage????

        You have issues.

      • RubeKegal

        Did you force it down her throat after anal? Thats the best!

    • I 100 percent agree with you. You can’t win with Chael fans there fucking stupid and delusional like him….He running around talking that undefeated shit and him and his fans really buy into it.

      • MaritalArtist

        Yep, I drank the Cool-aid

  • DeadZ28

    u kinda got side tracked…lol

    • GiovanniB

      LOL sorry but this quote was the one that got me sidetracked and made me remember my past experience…Here’s the quote written by lowlb: “People love gangsters that get away with their cheating.” So I just used that as a springboard to insert how much fun I’m having now. So no issues…LOL

  • whiteman17

    You can say what you want about chael but the reason he had succes with Anderson is because he took the fight to him..he was the aggressor..everyone who fights silva waits around 2 or 3 minutes before they throw a punch and by then Anderson figured out your scared and you don’t wanna be aggressive

    • lowlb

      I agree, Chael moves forward. So in reference to the question this article asks. I don’t think AS could create enough space to pull off a kick like this.. But, I’d like to leave the option open to be completely wrong.
      If I were AS, I’d throw some upper-cuts, moon-walk backwards a bit like Michael Jackson and kick him in the face several times.. But I can’t moon walk..

      And yes Giovanni, revenge sex is usually great sex but bittersweet if you lost someone you loved. Just try not to kick her in the face. Learn and move on. It’s better to have had the experience than not.

      There are better forums for relationship advice but respect to you.

  • pooby

    Of course Silva can take out Sonnen with one devastating shot, but if he has his way I think he’s rather drag it out a bit.

    I think Silva would prefer a punishing and humiliating beating for Sonnen, like his fight with Leben or his fights with Franklin.

  • adam1848

    I think a knee to the jaw when Chael shoots for a double is much more likely. As has been stated, Chael isn’t going to give Anderson the space to pull off something like the Vitor kick.

  • somecokehead

    Sonnen is nobody unless he cheats. Silva wants to embarrass the white boy. Make him beg for mercy. Sonnen should get injured and then retire. Then continue to talk shit for the rest of his life. lol. People here would listen. I hope Sonnen can at least look respectable and challenge Silva. For MMA’s sake.

  • Past fights have shown there is a sure-fire way to beat Anderson Silva….flying heel-hook, baby. Just train that every day Chael and you’ll beat him easy.

  • Has chael showed any improvement since the silva fight, NO he beat Stann and Bispine who he lost to may I add. I can’t wait to here the Chael lovers talk after this fight I hope you all follow him to the WWE. All that shit he talked he want be able to show his face after this fight for a while

    • RubeKegal

      He exposed Bispings cornhole in rounds 1 and 3 and 2 was close and could have even gone to Sonnen. Get off the meds.

      • wiiliamstanley

        sonnet looked like sh%t in the Bisping fight. Cheal was getting hit left and right at Bispings will. Cheal won the third but 1 and 2 he didn’t do anything with his positions and couldn’t hold Bisping down to do much, JUST GOT HIT IN THE FACE ALL NIGHT. The stann fight was good but Stann is up and coming. Anderson has demolished his last two opponents who were top tear guys and did it with ease. Since Sommen and anderson last met, look at who has improved and who has looked alright. Sonnen has a good chance due to his game plan but if the same Sonnen shows up saturday night that showed up for the Bisping fight, Sonnen is going out. If I’m wrong i will stand corrected.

        • joeyjoejoejrshabidu

          Ha ha, “top tear guys”! Why did they cry all the time? I think you mean top tier guys. Bisping is definitely a top tear guy though.

          • wiiliamstanley

            HAHA thats what i meant to say. Yeah Bisping is a top tear guy for sure, and cheal had a rough night with a decision win that could have gone either way. Bisping was a the best sonnen has fought since the last Sonnen vs Silva fight and it took him judges to give him that win that pissed a lot of people off.