Calgary Commish Confirms Matt Riddle and Francisco Rivera Suspensions, Overturns Results

October 20, 2012
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Matt Riddle and Francisco Rivera each walked away from UFC 149 on July 21 in Calgary with impressive victories under their belts.

Riddle scored the UFC 149 Submission of the Night bonus for his third-round arm triangle choke finish of Chris Clements, while Rivera knocked out Roland Delorme near the end of round one of their bout.

Both victories have since been rescinded following each man’s positive drug test result following the fights.

The Calgary Combative Sports Commission on Saturday confirmed to that both Riddle and Rivera returned “positive test results for a banned substance while participating in the UFC 149 in Calgary.” The commission did not identify the substances.

Each fighter was suspended for 90 days effective from the date of the offense, July 21.

“It was the Commission’s decision to amendment the results of both bouts these individuals participated in to No Contest because of the positive test results and those amendments have been filed accordingly,” read a commission statement provided to

The No Contest designation cancelled out what would have been back-to-back victories for Riddle, and nullified what would have been a four-fight winning streak for Rivera.

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  • George Sperry

    90 days from the date of the infraction means the suspension is over. Effectively this is no suspension at all. Very few fighters fight within 90 days of their last bout and since this wasn’t announced until days before it was over the fighters didn’t even know they were suspended until they weren’t.
    Waste of time and breath.

  • stecemcz11

    Matt Riddle was full of himself after winning. You should watch the post event presser. Cant believe somebody can be so proud of being a cheat

    • Kris-tyahn

      Maryjuana isnt something I would overly get angry at, it is illegal but I’m sure it had absolutely nothing to do with his win/performance.

  • Not making excuses for either guy , just like with Jake shields. But b/c of HIPPA laws and such, we don’t know what banned substance they took. We can assume steroids, but lets not forget pain killers are out there are well. Yes steroids help the healing proccess but some guys may figure pain killers aren’t performance enhancing. I just hate seeing this. It’s a shame.

    • Kris-tyahn

      In fairness Riddle tested for wacky backy!! It’s illegal but not like it gave him some unfair advantage. Deserves the NC, no doubt.

      • It’s a shame at this level to put yourself in this situation. But hey we are all human. Follow me on fbook and twitter, Id appreciate it.

  • Fifi

    Why only 90 days? Didn’t Diaz get a year? Or am I missing something?