Cain Velasquez’s First Defense is Rematch with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 160

February 12, 2013
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Cain Velasquez UFC 155UFC president Dana White, following Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva’s destruction of Alistair Overeem at UFC 156, said he “wouldn’t be opposed” to giving Bigfoot another shot at UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

“Going into (the Overeem vs. Silva fight), we talked about if Alistair Overeem won,” said White after Silva’s victory. “(Silva) and Cain Velasquez just fought recently, but I’m telling you, the way that he looked in this fight, what he did to Alistair, maybe we do this fight again,”

There is no maybe about it; the fight is going to happen.

Velasquez and Silva will rematch at UFC 160 on May 25 in Las Vegas, this time with the heavyweight belt on the line. The fight was announced on UFC Tonight on Tuesday.

Velasquez and Silva’s first fight took place after a reshuffling of the UFC 146 heavyweight deck last year when Overeem was forced out due to a de facto suspension for a drug test that revealed an elevated ration of Testosterone to Epitestosterone.

Velasquez dismantled Silva in just three and a half minutes. He took the big man down and bloodied him with a brutal ground and pound assault of punches and elbows until they stopped the fight.

Silva has been working hard to retool his game and it showed against Overeem, whom Silva knocked out with a series of bone-crushing punches 25 seconds into the third round of their fight.

That was enough to earn a return engagement with Velasquez, who now has the belt around his waist following his own five-round drubbing of Junior dos Santos.

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  • GoNoles

    i hate this fight but i guess they didnt really have much choice. i expect cain to destroy him again.

    • Mark McDowall


    • I rather see JDS get the rematch.

    • Damn!

      soo fukin lame… Silva didnt retool his game, he won 2 fights with his stand up when cain will just take him down again.. btw one was against a guy who tore his own knee & the other one well, lets blame it on outof roids reem’s gas tank.

      the ufc keeps abusing its fans onefight memory span, if you really wanna f**k us just give the fight to Sonnen damn!

      • ben linus

        Reems gas tank? Well clearly u didnt see that fight buddy

        • Damn!!

          yes yes I did buddy and reem started to wane in the second, you had short time to tell cause he got finished so fast in the 3rd. I knew he was done when he was unable to do any damage from the top position. he outskilled silva pretty clearly, people say he was just careless and arrogant, I say he just didn’t have an other round in him, He pretty much fell forward on his failed jab that started Silva’s killer combo..

  • kennybro

    i’m not sure why, but i really don’t want bigfoot to be a ufc champion… maybe it’s his size, because i felt that way about brock too.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Well relax, I don’t think you have much to worry about.

    • JimmyPettishardo

      because of his face probably.

  • marco giove

    this is the biggest waste of time ever, you could pretty much put your life on whos gonna win this fight, and its the same guy who won it last time they fought. fu$king stupid.

  • tyrone

    This fight just shows how limited ufc choices are.same fighters, limited selection.bellator and fc fighting will be taking over cause they are way more diverse and use more asians and russians as well as everyone else. In bellator and fc, champions have to fight their contenders, unlike ufc whereas a champion who is afraid to fight a rightful contender (silva afraid of weidman) (no one wants beat up if they have choice) is allowed to duck rightful contender and belittle him without fighting him. Ufc has become more like wwe. Its a entertainment not a legitimate, who’s actually best in world. Silva wants only easy fights, to win and protect endorsements. I guess somewhere along way he forgot he is a fighter and lost heart along the way!

    • OhioBoy

      Silva afraid of Weidman? Where did you get that from? Weidman is riding a hype train that is going to come to abrupt end in Silvas web.

      • Matte

        Well the issue here is the organization and I have to say tyrone got a point here. UFC become less of a sport and more of an entertainment show and I don’t like that. People changing weight class and get immediate shots for exemple, or talking their way into title fights, or even not getting the most deserving fighters the chance but rather base matchups on potential revenues.

        I want the MMA to be a serious sport, with a fair ranking system dictating the matchups to a higher degree.

    • Silva asked for ten more fights? What do you think there’s ten easy fights and he won’t expect to fight Weidman eventually? A real fan of martial arts would never disrespect Anderson Silva. It just comes to show no matter what you do and achieve you’ll always have somebody out there to try and take it away. Yes I’m sure Silva who has gone up to LHW three times to take fights is afraid of somebody in his own division.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Arguments on who deserves it aside I’d rather see Cormier or Barnett. This is going to be wash, rinse, repeat and mop up the mess.

  • AJ

    lol @ the betting your life comment. 100% true.

  • Sir_Roy

    Cain will win this. Naturally. However, I don’t think we should all underestimate the value of experience. Silva’s tasted Cain’s power, knows what he’s capable of, and can build something off that template in training. Well, here’s hoping anyway … one sided beat downs get a little old quick …

    • bajafox

      I agree, as much of a Cain fan I am I would like to see him in a war, as long as he still comes out on top…

      • Cuntlick

        Yep, I think Bigfoot is not gonna get GnP like last time. Still Cain is the boss!

  • JimmyPettishardo

    I would bet on Cain but I don’t think it will be as one sided as last time. Bigfoot got off the wrong foot last time. Perhaps the worst position he could be against a much faster wrestler.

    This time I think we will see Cain attempt to throw around BF and BF lasting more than a round.


    hope the rest of the fights are big, cuz I won’t buy the ppv for this!!!!

    • xn

      who buys ppv anyways..

  • diazfan209

    …and here I thought Bigfoot would have to go through Dos Santos to get the title shot…. this actually makes sense though because I really want to see JDS fight Overeem & let Cain send Bigfoot back to obscurity

  • joser929

    As much as I hate nelson he has won a few good fights
    Maybe puy him vs Silva? Number 1shot for winner

  • Danny

    Cain by rape

  • Jesse Malloy

    It was too early for the JDS rematch plus I really like the JDS/Overeem matchup. But, I am in no way sold on Big Foot against Cain. Cain ANNIHILATED Silva at 146, then made JDS (who I thought would go undefeated for a long time) look like an amatuer.