Cain Velasquez Won’t Fight Daniel Cormier; Showdown with Overeem Likely Next

December 30, 2012
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Cain Velasquez UFC 155It didn’t take long for Cain Velasquez to win the UFC heavyweight title before talk of his next challenger came up just moments after his victory at UFC 155.

Velasquez dominated Junior Dos Santos en route to a one-sided unanimous decision victory to reclaim the title he lost just over a year ago.

Now with the gold back around his waist, Velasquez will look to make a successful title defense in his next trip to the Octagon, but there’s one name that won’t be waiting to greet him.

Velasquez’s teammate and wrestling coach Daniel Cormier, who will soon transition to the UFC following his final fight with Strikeforce on Jan 12, could be viewed very easily as the No. 1 contender in the heavyweight division.

Win wins over Josh Barnett and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva on his record, Cormier is already ranked as a top 3 heavyweight, but when he debuts in the UFC in 2013, it definitely won’t be against his friend and teammate Cain Velasquez.

“I wouldn’t,” Velasquez told Fuel TV when asked if there’s any chance he’d face Cormier. “This is my friend, this is my teammate, this is my coach. You want to see us fight, go to AKA three days a week, we’re going to fight for free.”

Cormier echoed those sentiments and added that while there’s still plenty of competition for him to face at heavyweight without fighting Velasquez, he may ultimately make the move down to 205lbs to make it easier on everyone.

“We spar three days a week, we work hard. Cain Velasquez is going to force me to do something I never wanted to do for a while and that’s maybe cut some weight. They’ve got a lot guys for me to fight. I’m happy my man is the champion,” Cormier stated.

For his part, UFC President Dana White is okay if Velasquez and Cormier don’t fight because he knows they are already discussing it as a team, and they will figure it out before it ever becomes an actual issue.

“Cormier’s a guy who can come in and do anything. A win over Josh Barnett means something, so we’ll see,” White said about Cormier at the UFC 155 post fight press conference.

So with Cormier out of the potential heavyweight title picture in the UFC at least while Velasquez is champion, that leaves the top contender spot most likely landing in the lap of Alistair Overeem should he win in his next fight against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 156.

Following that fight then White could see Junior Dos Santos earn a trilogy fight with Velasquez to settle the score once and for all.

“Probably the winner of that fight (between Alistair Overeem and Antonio Silva) will fight Cain next,” said White. “After that fight happens, the fight that probably makes the most sense would be the rematch with Junior Dos Santos. We’ll see how long it takes him to heal.”

While Overeem would be a likely candidate with a win, it would be hard to believe Silva would get the same chance considering he just lost to Velasquez in March. Either way, the heavyweight division is still looking for the top contender as Cain Velasquez relishes his victory at UFC 155.

  • Jamz

    Make Dos Santos vs Overeem winner fight Cain.

    • Ohronjohnson

      That sounds about right. Why should overeem get a title shot after coming off a suspension?

    • Kapil

      While the suggestion is good in theory, the problem is that it is Dos Santos who took a beating at UFC 155. Cain would most probably be ready to fight again before Dos Santos (or at least by the same time as Dos Santos) – thus we cant have Cain just waiting when he could be fighting. To me – the best option is Cain vs Overeem with Dos Santos vs whoever is next in line and available (Cormier/Werdum/Silva/Struve) as the co-main event on the same night.

    • john

      I agree. Overdoseem needs to face a striker before he goes against the well rounded fighter like Cain. Overeem can’t beat neither Cain nor JDS. His gas tank is only good for half a round.

  • If Dos Santos barely survived a punch by a 6’1 240 pound wrestler, I can’t even imagine how he would of took a knee, kick and punch by a 6’5 265 pound gigantic striker back in May.

    • JohnnyD

      Guess you forgot how many guys Junior knocked out & big Country
      tried to knock out Junior & lost & Junior knocked Cain out with
      one punch & Cain had to go 5 rounds to take the title back &
      still could not knock out Junior.

      • Guest

        but jds didn’t do shit!

        • j

          JDS couldn’t do ****. Cain is superior fighter.

      • Brent

        Has anyone knocked out JDS? Dude is tough as nails and Cain beat him down! I would’ve liked to see the KO as well, but make no doubt about it….Cain owned him and Cain is a finisher.

    • JohnnyD

      plus Shane Carwin is as big as Overiod & Junior made his face look like a meat grinder ate his face & Shane is a beast . Cain wanted it more that is the bottom line that knock out last yr motivated Cain & i think Junior took this fight to lightly he probably thought it would be another easy fight.

      • john

        JDS didn’t take it lightly. He just fought a 100% fit Cain. JDS is still #2 and can KO Overeem in the first round. Overeem is way overrated.

  • Denny Swain

    Overeem destroys cain.the russian who beat overeem twice will beat all

    • hamm

      Who’s the Russian that beat overeem twice. Not sergei who overeem beat in their first fight

  • used2bgood

    Junior just didn’t fight that night…UFC is corrupt. In my opinion the match was set up…he just stood there for Cain to unload on him. Rediculous…

    • El Gvapo

      Yeah you’re probably right. I can no reason why the UFC would want a fair fight between the two and a plethora of reasons to fix it. And yeah, if the fight was rigged, the best thing for JDS to do would be to take all that punishment rather than go down of any of said shots. Simpleton.

    • trent

      Your a gear box….unreal

    • Brent

      You sir, are an I-D-I-O-T !!!

  • Daniel Winge Stride

    if overeem wins over bigfoot then overeem vs jds sounds good to me:) dana says he want to make cain vs jds 3. but only think that would make sens if jds beats a top guy first:) overeem would THE top guy to beat;) + that fight would be epic 2 of the best strikers in the hw div:)

    • john

      I agree except that Overeem is nowhere near the striker as JDS. Overeem couldn’t fight Werdum. How is he going to fight JDS. JDS would KO him in the first round. We have all aware of his chin.

      • stevemcz11


  • Danny

    I love how ignorant some people are saying Cain couldn’t finish Junior. I’d much rather have my fighter get knocked out in 1 minute than take 5 rounds of complete damage and domination. The fact that Cain punished Junior for 5 rounds is much worse for your body than what Junior did to Cain last year

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Overeem shouldn’t be fighting anyone! He’s a fraud a cheater a liar and belongs in a body building show with other multiple time roiders!

      • john

        I agree 100%. If he wants to get the title shot I think he should face JDS first.

  • Cain vs Overeem is a very important fight. To say it’s not just takes away everything from this fight and from both fighters. Whether you like Overeem or not the guy is a world class kickboxer with tons of experience in the fight game. This fight will go everywhere.

  • Derek Lemaster

    I just want Cormier to drop to 205 and smash Jones.

    • john

      Well said. Or have Jones go up in weight and then fight Cormier. Either way Jones need a loss for his arrogant ego.

  • Can’t wait for cain vs overeem!!

  • Tinop

    No way Overeem could withstand Cain Cardio. No way.

    • john

      Agreed 100%