Cain Velasquez Weighs In on Fabricio Werdum’s Win, Doesn’t Care If He’s Stripped of Belt

November 16, 2014
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship had been plotting and planning to host an event in Mexico for years. And on Saturday, the UFC held its inaugural show at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City.

Mexican-American UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez was originally scheduled to face top contender Fabricio Werdum in the main event, but was forced out of the fight due to a knee injury. Mark Hunt was named as his replacement, and after coaching the debut season of The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America opposite Werdum, Velasquez watched UFC 180 from cage side.

“Hunt came out and stuck to his game plan pretty good; defended the takedowns and I think won most of the stand-up in the first round. He just got caught with that knee,” said the champ about Werdum winning the interim title during the UFC Post Show on Fox Sports 1. “It just shows that Fabricio does everything and he does everything well. He spins. He spin-kicks. He knees, throws elbows. He does everything well.”

Although he has trained to face Werdum already, Velasquez had no preference which fighter would become his next opponent.

“To me, it just never matters. I don’t really care who I fight as long as it’s the better guy,” he said.

Having to site cage side and watch Werdum face Hunt wasn’t easy for the injured champion.

“It kind of really sunk in as the guys were coming out. That’s when it really sunk in. It was hard. At that moment I was like, no, this should be me coming out,” said Velasquez. “But things happen for some reason. I don’t know what, but I just think about the positives, focus on getting better and that’s it.”

UFC president Dana White stated during the UFC Post Show that if Velasquez suffers another serious injury that would sideline him for an extended amount of time, that he could be stripped of the title and Werdum become the outright champion.

“It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care,” said Velasquez about the possibility of being stripped. “As long as I fight, the next fight will be for a title. And I’m happy with that. I don’t really care of having that title. The name that comes with it, I don’t really care. As long as I fight for a title and I earn it.”

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It’s too early in his recovery process to predict when he’ll be physically fit to fight again. He underwent successful knee surgery on Oct. 23.

“I’m going to do everything I can. Just play it by ear. Do everything I can as far as rehab and getting it better. That’s all I can do,” he said.

Velasquez last fought in October 2013.

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  • Guest

    If UFC stripped him of the belt now, will he care?

  • Pat Garret

    Cain was at ringside, thinking about opportunities lost,however I think Cain has a heart of a champion will have the title back , after a outright murderous, 5 round war with Werdum. I cant wait till that fight comes into fruition….

    • shakejunt

      idk about 5 rounds. cain’s not gonna shy away from pouncing on the tko if he knocks him down like mark did.

      • Lucas Freire

        Nor is Werdum able to keep up with Cain for 5 rounds. lol
        I really like Werdum but Cain is just on another level.
        He’s faster, stronger, more technical. The only thing Werdum has in this fight is the submission game, which doesn’t matter that much on MMA against highly skilled/intelligent opponents. Cain is what GSP would be if he had 270lbs and a killer instinct.

        • shakejunt

          he certainly likes to warm the bench like gsp.

  • TruthTalks

    Cain Velasquez is ALWAYS injured, that’s why he was stripped. Fabricio Werdum will easily choke Cain out and if he continues to get better with his striking he might also knock him out when or if they meet.

    • Guest

      He hasn’t been stripped of the belt yet


      One: Cain isn’t stripped yet, did you even read the article? Two: Werdum will not “easily choke cain” or easily do anything to Cain, unless it’s him easily getting a beating. If dos Santos & Congo couldn’t KO Cain when they landed bombs toCain’s chin, Werdum is very, very, very unlikely to KO Cain, unless he gets lucky lik dos Santos did when he landed a punch behind Cain’s ear. Congo landed bombs on Cains chin 3X, the start of each round Cain got cracked, and he didn’t even flinch. dos Santos in the 3rd ight landed a HUGE bomb right to Cains chin, which would have KO’d 99% of other HW’s, yet Cain ate it and went on to destroy dos Santos.
      Please explain to me/us how you came to this conclusion? You talk like Cain has some weakness or barely won his last couple of title fights.

      • Guest

        Each time Kongo cracked Cain, Cain went down. As for jds’ “lucky” punch, that wasn’t lucky, he perfectly timed it and connected. Same thing when he threw it against Hunt and send him rolling but luckily survived that & the follow up punches due to his toughness.

    • shakejunt

      he didn’t easily sub hunto, so what’s to make you think that he’ll do it to someone with a far better ground game? i don’t think it’s impossible, but i’m curious of your rationale.

  • Jason Priest

    “I don’t really care of having that title. As long as I fight for a title and I earn it.” Huh?!?!

    • Lucas Freire

      What he’s saying is that it doesn’t matter if he has the title if he can’t defend it. He wants a title to FIGHT for it, not to have it on the shelf.

  • solo

    He doesnt care cause when he recovers and gets back to 100% he will destroy anybody.

  • Groot

    His career is on the decline. His injuries are catching up to him and he’s only getting older. Fighters have a short shelf life. He’s a great HW but he’s not invincible.

  • mmalive

    Cain is a true Heavyweight CHAMP.

    Always on the up and up.

    He does not trash talki to hype up his fights.

    He always respects his opponents. Never underestimating their abilities.

    Cain is on ANOTHER level. A cardio machine with very good striking, ground defense, and good submission game.

    If all the haters look at his total domination of other opponents these clowns would see more clearly.

    The lost to Santos set Cain back.

    But Cain went on to DOMINATE Santos is rematches.

    Werdum has good submission game and striking,

    Not enough to go 5 rounds with Cain though.

    BTW, Cain is just on a bad luck streak.

    When he is healthy he will be a BEAST.

    • HankWil74

      True champ would actually, you know…. FIGHT

      • mmalive

        HankWil74, You FOOL. Look at your reply. How can you defend title if you are injured and not 100%. Cain never ran from anyone, Injuries are part of mma game.

  • Bitoy

    This is SAD and might be a dishearted feeling. Like what the champ said, he came to fight, the best or the better fighter and he’ll overcome them…..title and belt i think are consolation prize. I can now say….he is the modern version of The Last Emperor Fedor…..he overcome and defeated the so-called best fighters there is in MMA universe…..

    What is weird and so insane was the way Dana White was thinking or maybe people around him doing those ridiculous advices. Cain just miss some account of defending his belt then all of a sudden, a quick decision to plan of stripping off the belt. How about Dominick Cruz, who got many injuries for many many many years before being stripped off…..Why not let the interim play and defend it for 2-3 fights then go strip the belt from the champ if he is not still available for unifying fight.

    Does it mean that Renan Barao has good terms and deep friendship with Dana White than the current champ that it so easy to give idea about stripping off.

    anyways, that’s how the President thinks and need to think how to market his company, no string attached, no personal effect, just work. At the end, it boils down to his decision, either he keep or let go… matters for UFC for now…..fighters come and go…..but I’ll put a heavy and strict decision in terms of HW division.

  • dandogood

    If a champ cannot fight then he gives up his belt. DUH?