Cain Velasquez vs. Fabricio Werdum Headlines UFC 188 in Mexico City

February 23, 2015
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The UFC heavyweight titles will be unified in June as champion Cain Velasquez and interim titleholder Fabricio Werdum headline UFC 188 at the Arena Ciudad de México in Mexico City.

UFC president Dana White has long been pointing to June 13 as the target for the fight, and UFC officials finally made the official announcement on Monday.

180-poster-750After coaching the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America, Velasquez and Werdum were scheduled to fight at UFC 180 in the same venue, but a knee injury forced Velasquez out of the bout. Werdum instead faced Mark Hunt for the interim heavyweight title and won by second-round knockout.

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Having battled various injuries prior to recent troubles with his knee, Velasques hsn’t fought since October of 2013.

UFC 188 will be the second event the Las Vegas-based fight promotion has held in Mexico’s capital city.

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  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    There is plenty of time for Cain to back out again for what the 3rd or 4th time I lost count. Any bets Werdum will end up fighting someone else other than Cain. UFC keeps saying they are going to strip Cain but we all know that won’t ever happen. Its hard to believe Cain has only fought 2 fighters since 2011 Bigfoot and JDS and Cain has a whopping total of ( 5 ) fights in the last 4 years. I mean other than maybe Pettis Cain is the least active champ in the UFC.

    Even Cain’s 12 total fights in the UFC since 2008 doesn’t sound like very many until you compare it to GSP’s total fights during the same time frame at only 9

    • Sir_Roy

      Agree with Cain, but GSP was one of the most active champions in UFC history. Can’t compare him to Cain. C’mon now.

      GSP defended his title minimum twice a year, every year, till he tore his ACL in 2011. When he returned 18 months later, he defended his title 3 more times within 12 months.

      Weird some folks’ jaded perspective of things.

  • Sir_Roy

    Let’s grab another perspective on things. Heavyweights put their bodies through the most punishment on a whole. That’s just well known. Harder on their joints and ligaments, hit harder, fall harder.

    Ragging on how little Cain’s defended his belt while he tries to heal up shows how little consideration the average fans have for that fact. We want our blood entertainment, and to hell with a fighter’s well being. Ready to pick up our picket signs demanding Cain be stripped of his hard earned title and fed to the wolves for daring not to bleed for us often enough.

    Yeah, yeah, I want to see him in the octagon as well. But I want to see him healthy more. I’d like a 100% Cain ready to rumble and, y’know what? Would be nice to leave my PPV session knowing these fighters can have a healthy, pain free future to boot.

    • Groinstrike

      Personally I think it’s because they don’t train smart. Randy Couture said when he was younger he was constantly over training. I think a lot of MMA fighters, and athletes in general train too hard. Just another reason so many of them use steroids. If they weren’t over trained they wouldn’t need steroids.

      • Sir_Roy

        Definitely a combination of things. Genetics would be another. Which, consequently, being a big boy also boils down to.

        Reckless training is no doubt a part. But at a certain point, the body fails you. More so at a certain “size”. Big men, even when fit, are notorious for experience more severe aches and pains (especially in their joints) and this starting at a younger age and earlier in their respective careers.

        More impact shock absorbed by their bodies overall. Bodies that despite their size and superior strength levels, are as flesh, blood and bone as any a lightweight’s,

  • solo

    A date, finally! We need you Cain, stay healthy and lets do this!
    Show everyone who’s the real champ.

    • Nowonderyouresolo

      Yeah the real champ!! That’s why he hasn’t fought since October 2013 and has a whole 2 defenses! Whooooooohooooooooo what a champ. Really “need” a dude who barely fights

      • Gomlen

        As real as anyone else? Who would you put first? Fabricio Werdum? Who got is ass wopped by JDS? Or maybee we should just hand the title to JDS so Cain can smother is brain one more time? Define real …

  • Guest

    cain is destined to fight brazillians for the duration of his title reign, just like chris weidman.