Cain Velasquez Happy to be Mexican Role Model (Video)

November 10, 2011
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LOS ANGELES – UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez is proud of his Mexican heritage. As more fans show their support through Mexican flags at UFC events, Velasquez draws from them to fight and train harder.

The champ spoke with the media at the UFC on Fox open workouts and was on the scene. We caught up with the Hispanic fighter and he shared his thoughts on Junior dos Santos, UFC on Fox and being a role model for the Mexican people.

“I’m happy to be that person for the Mexican people,” said Velasquez. “I’m proud to be Mexican, and if I can be a role model for some people, I’m happy to be that person.”

Watch the video below

  • Cptmats

    This sat.he’s gonna show a whole bunch of little chicano’s how to get knocked the fuck out !

  • MikeMc1983

    All we can do is hope he’s not a role model for anyone. Great fighter, but I wish he’d stop talking to just one race. A good role model should be one for everyone. Hell who knows. Maybe segregation is coming back in style.

  • BigGuy

    I am sick of this asshole being a “Mexican champion”. Who gives a fuck?? I hope Junior knocks this MEXICAN the fuck out!!

    • Nina20

      Ahhh BIGGUY you sound more like jealous pathetic racist igonorat looser guy 🙁 you should change your name! “THE MEXICAN CHAMPION” has beat THE BEST, he’s a chamption fighting beasts in MMA, while your here writing on your little coputer, in your mom’s house! Who’s the real man?
      Say all you want, facts are facts he is the best, and there’s nothing your ignorant cowardly self can do about it from your computer. MEXICANS Are brave, hard working, dedicated honest and amazing people. Educate your self, prepare your self to do something with your life, make a difference like Cain is doing, instead of hating!

      • RonnieV

        Nina20, BigGuy just likes to see his words in print. He really is an idiot. I’ve been following this site for the past 3 years, and I finally signed up, because I was tired of reading this guys moronic, uneducated opinions. He thinks he’s a tough guy, because throws out a few swear words at people that don’t agree with him. He’s nothing more than cyber bully dipshit, that is ALWAYS WRONG!

      • MikeMc1983

        Nina, to Mexicans are great, hardworking, dedicated, honest people. Okay, I’ll go with you on that. I have a question though. Which race of people are not? The problem with talking about one race being great is that it implies that others are not. If you don’t actually feel that way then the question would be, why are you separating Mexicans from anyone else? If a person thought that all races were truely equal it wouldn’t cross their mind to separate one.

    • RonnieV

      Oh look BigGuy is also a racist prick! You just jinxed Cigano, because you always pick the loser, which is in fact what you are… A LOSER!

    • Cptmats

      Agreed, Would be like GSP calling himself “the white champion” and tattooing white power across his chest !

      Not Saying Cain is Racist but he sure acts like one !

      Just the same JDS is gonna Knock him out !

      • bajafox

        Technically GSP would have Canuck Power, lol. He’s Canbadien and speaks French, IMO, if he tried joining the KKK he probably wouldn’t get accepted…haha

  • MikeMc1983

    I wrote a long post on the other similar topic to explain the reason. When Cain constantly talks about fighting for his “Mexican fans” it in turn can make non Mexicans hope for him to not be successful. Cain is bringing race into the equation. When you bring it up, it puts it in everyone’s minds. Cain is asking for everyone else to not care for him when he segregates what race he cares about. I doubt he’s doing it on purpose, but it’s still the same result.

  • groundzeromma

    Cain velasquez is going to show all the little chicanos how a mexican gets knocked out! i do think cain is more worried how the mexican community is going to view him as a fighter when infact he should be worried about his training, cain sir you are not a role model, you are a bad example for younger kids, there is a time in our lives to where we have to grow up, you are not 15 years old so the ganster stuff has to go.i have my money on dos santos.oh yeah!to cains comment to all the mexicans WE DID IT!were they with you in training?? i cant wait until you get your ass beat!

  • Mario

    LOL @ all the haters in here.. You guys need to shut the fuck up with all this racial nonsense..

    Stop hating and support great fighters, no matter where they come from.

    I’m Chicano myself, but I’m rooting for both guys. May the best man win.

    I can’t wait! 🙂