Cain Velasquez Closes the Door on Fighting Junior dos Santos Again… for Now

October 21, 2013
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Cain-Velasquez-Junior-dos-Santos-UFC-FOX-weigh-460x270Cain Velasquez proved his dominance as the UFC heavyweight champion as he dominated Junior dos Santos for the second consecutive time in their trilogy fight at UFC 166 in Houston on Saturday night.

The fight was a chance for dos Santos to make amends for his loss to the Mexican, but despite being hurt in the opening seconds, Velasquez took control of the fight thereafter, brutally putting a beating on the Brazilian.

Velasquez’s win closes the door on another fight between the pair in the near future, but Velasquez said post-fight that there’s nothing to say that they won’t meet again down the road.

“I was just focused on winning,” Velasquez said. “Who’s to say that in five years that we won’t fight again, but for a while, it will be done.”

While the next match-up for Velasquez is likely to be another Brazilian in Fabricio Werdum, the future is unclear for dos Santos, who took a brutal beating for the second time in three fights, UFC president Dana White claiming that dos Santos too tough for his own good.

“I’m no doctor, but I have see a lot of men who are too tough for their own good and JDS is one of them. He was out and this should be stopped,” tweeted White during the fight, a sentiment he later reiterated during the post-fight press conference.

While Velasquez dispelled another fight with dos Santos in the near future, the Brazilian seemed confident he will earn a fourth fight with the champion.

“I’m gonna go back home, train harder, come back, and face him again,” said dos Santos.

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  • Big Tuna

    Ya that’s enough of that, Plenty of matches to make to close out 2014 and after that a new crop of guys will be ready

    • Manuel Lopez

      I agree. JDS enough, Cain beat you twice and very viciously. That is enough. The division needs to move on.

  • drkdisciple

    Can’t blame Cain…JDS is the 2nd best heavyweight but he was dominated for two str8ght fights…doubt there is another heavyweight right now that could beat Cain

  • Johnny

    if i beat someone twice i wouldnt wanna fight them.. especially if i beat them down twice… JDS got nothing to lose in the 4th match with everything to gain… why should Cain fight him in the future for JDS to get a paycheck, thought Cain hit like a girl?? get to coaching Junior, youll never be heavyweight champion again

    • Baller31

      You’re a douchebag.

  • anacondaSQUEEZE

    Cain proved Saturday night that there will never be a 4th fight. Only way JDS gets the strap is Cain loses it to someone else. JDS might be the gatekeeper for a while.

  • all of you who say that JDS wont fight cain again are just as bad as the ufc picking fights based on twitter feeds. JDS did get dominated, but none the less he is the second best fighter in the HW division as of right now, so if he beats the others either he will get another fight with cain, or they better make an interim belt.

    • deepgrim

      i agree, he is the next best in the division and although he was fairly well dominated, you always felt that he could still ko cain. Think he has to evolve his game a bit, we saw a kick and a takedown v hunt, need more of that, to get cain thinking- at the min he is only worried about jds fists. prob is that jds is good enough to beat most of the division with his hands and stuffing takedowns but he will need more against cain

  • Usmc8408

    Not only did he beat him twice , he pretty much proved the first one was a fluke and lucky shot by dos santos. Not to take anything away from dos santos, it just is what it is.

    • Kyle Rayner

      It almost happened again early in the first. So it couldn’t have been a fluke. JDS need to work on his wrestling and be the first to shoot. #TeamCain

      • Advance*

        How do say it’s not a fluke just because it “almost happened”? If anything that’s proof that it was a fluke, since he took a few big shots and didn’t go down. They fought for almost 50 mins in the second and third fights and JDS was never close to winning

        • Kyle Rayner

          Ok, well you explain how JDS’s KO win was a “Fluck” when that’s exactly what JDS intended to do. There was no guessing involved.

          • Kris-tyahn

            The 1st fight KO was a “fluke” bc dos Santos hit Cain behind the ear. No fighter in the world can take a punch behind the ear and not get dazed, especially at HW. Had Santos clocked Cain on the chin in the 1st fight and KOd Cain, then I would say that’s no fluke, but a hit behind the ear and Cain having ring rust in the 1st fight, with barely any offense in the last 45 mins, proves the 1st fight was indeed more so a fluke, than skill. FYI. Cain has a great chin, I’ve been saying that for yrs, all you need to know is Cain vs. Congo. At the start of each round, Congo cracked Cain on the chin and Cain never went down at a time everyone else was going to ZzzZzz. Cain has proven he’s a far superior fighter than dos Santos.

          • Collideoverme

            It was a fluke because both men needed knee surgeries, and Cain couldn’t use his wrestling. He had no choice but to stand and fight. Cain is no boxer and that essentially is what the first fight was, a boxing match and that is not Cain’s strong suit. When healthy, Cain is the more complete fighter.

          • Kyle Rayner

            So with your logic, you’re saying Cain cannot be hit behind the ear by JDS again? Lmao? This has nothing to do with chin then…. lol? Cain can still be caught behind the ear, anyone can. So, no fluke.

      • Big Tuna

        So your saying JDS Almost won that fight?

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      To say it was a fluke is a complete lack of respect for JDS, it would be one thing if he wasn’t a KO artist or one of the best boxers in the division but he is, he knocked out mark hunt who has one of the best chins out there, JDS is dangerous w/ the hands, especially in the first round and Cain just got simply knocked the f*** out, he came back in the 2nd and 3rd fights a better more prepared fighter and proved himself to be the top HW in the division but in that first fight, JDS showcased his hand skills and Cain paid the price

      • Really

        Exactly, people on here make stupid snap statements it was a fluke etc..
        Look JDS is a beast if you sleep for a second you can be 1 punch KO. In the first fight he did it to Cain, Cain learnt and was more methodical in his approach next time. In the rubber match he did get caught again and it could have been “End of the night” but it wasn’t and his superior wrestling and GnP paid off. MMA is tough as small gloves always leave the chance of a knock out. Cain has learnt though to get his hands on Junior early and then his KO power diminishes. Good game plan.
        But not all game plans work everytime ….

  • Ramon S

    Is there someone that can truly defeat the powerhouse that is Caín? Werdum? Not even close.

    • Collideoverme

      They said the same thing about Werdum fighting Fedor…

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    HW is cleaned out like somebody snaked it and back flushed with Drano. Where do we go from here?

    • Collideoverme

      Not yet. Still have Werdum, and Barnett to go. I would rather see Barnett fighting than Werdum, but either is fine.

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        I thinking you’re having wishful thoughts, but I’d like nothing more than to agree. It’d be great to see Barnett make a late career surge and compete with Cain, or for that matter see Travis Brown raise his game. No one wants to see Cain with the strap and no viable competition.

  • bajafox

    Looks like it’s time for a HW Ultimate Fighter

    • TW

      Yeah, that would probably be a good idea. We got Brandon Shaub and Matt Mittrione from the last one (along with Big Country but he was UFC-bound either way). That weight class needs some new blood.

      • bajafox

        Can’t really think of any other org with a decent HW division to pluck stars from

        • TW

          It’s a really tough weight class. Anyone who walks around under 230 can probably make Light Heavyweight, so why would they want to fight the gorillas who are cutting to make 265? There should be something like a Cruiserweight class between 205-230 for that guys who are a little too big for LHW but too small to be true Heavyweights. That 205-265 pound spread is just too big.

          • bajafox

            I’m mostly against new weight classes but that one actually makes sense

          • TW

            Good chatting with you. Enjoy the fights, Baja.

          • Really

            I agree and have had the same thought for a while.

    • Timothy Malone

      I thought the next Ultimate Fighter should be heavyweights as well. They are doing tryouts for that weight class for the next Brazilian edition I believe.

  • Triggerman99

    I was literally screaming “Get away from the cage!!!” for the majority of this fight. Props to Cain for laying down the beating, but the biggest factor in this fight was JDS’s inability to make any kind of adjustment whatsoever to offset Cain’s gameplan. This fight could have gone much differently if JDS would have fought a little smarter.

  • Zap

    I’m glad this fight has proven to everyone what Cain fans have known for a while. No one in the world can beat this man.

  • aaron

    i could see them fighting again if somehow cain lost the belt and junior earned a shot and got the belt again, then gain earns a title shot against junior. But thats the only way…

    • aaron


  • mcoope3

    Dos Santos is like 2 years younger than Cain, he can beat all the other heavyweights, and its unpredictable which heavyweights will slow down or have knee/back problems in their mid-30’s, so JDS could be better 3-4 years from now even though he is clearly not today. It’s worth him sticking around for the chance. Rampage eventually beat Wanderlei, just not like 2 years after their first fight.

  • The Best Eva

    I would like to see it in some time if Junior wins a few fights in a row.

    He’s really got to work on getting off the cage though Cain was too much.

  • deepgrim

    i recogn jds was saying he hit like a girl to get in the head of cain, so that he would go for bigger less calculated shots and leave his guard open, something that didnt work. not sure if he didnt try to get away from the fence or cains wrestling is just too good, anyone who trains with cormier day in day out is going to be a great grappler

  • Denny Swain

    Werdum and barnett and even jon jones can beat cain.

    • Really

      Maybe..No..and Maybe but doubt it.

      There you go my opinion.


    Give JDS someone like Rothwell, Schaub, Miocic, or maybe a rematch with Gonzaga? Or if you want to give him someone coming off a loss do Jordan or Mitrone? & at some point he has to fight Overeem! There are plenty of fights for JDS…

    • Really

      Problems is he beats them and then what. I understand but Cain needs competition that isnt JDS. Gonzaga is the next next guy I think so let him have a go. If he lost to JDS who will Cain fight …

  • Mesa

    BTW, Mr. Potter, Velasquez is American. Clearly he is proud of his Mexican heritage, but he was born in Salinas, CA.