Cain Velasquez Camp Baffled Over Suspension for Possible Broken Jaw

October 23, 2013
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Cain Velasquez Oct 2013 LogoWhen the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation issued the UFC 166 medical suspensions on Tuesday, nobody was more surprised to see Cain Velasquez’s name on the list than Cain Velasquez.

The UFC heavyweight champion had a long, nearly five-round battle with Junior dos Santos at Saturday night’s event in Houston, but suffered only superficial injuries. At least, that’s the way he sees it.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, however, suspended Velasquez until April 18, 2014, for a possible broken jaw.

Velasquez has had no symptoms of such an injury, leaving he and his camp baffled by the suspension.

“I’m a little sore,” Velasquez told UFC Tonight on Wednesday night.  “My throat is sore and I’ve got a raspy voice.”

“There is nothing wrong whatsoever with (Velasquez’s) jaw or anything else,” Heidi Seibert, a spokesperson for Velasquez’s camp, told

“He left fight, went straight to his party, eating and enjoying family and friends. He’s been to the amusement park with his daughter already. He is totally fine.”

Velasquez stopped dos Santos by way of technical knockout late in the fifth round of their main event fight, putting him up two fights to one in their trilogy of bouts.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation had not returned a request for clarification at the time of publication.

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  • Gary Duveyoung

    A possible broken jaw? Maybe they need a new x-ray machine.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Ughhh, wouldn’t Valesquez know if he jaw was broken or even if it wasn’t feeling completely right, more than anyone else? I’m sure if it was broken, he’d know about it, wha?!? Wouldn’t he have been told before Tuesday, like as soon as the “tests” were done Saturday/Sunday?!? Commission: “Hey Cain, your Jaw’s broken…” – Velasquez: “no really it’s not”. Maybe the UFC should get their own doctor to have a look with a 2013 X-Ray, rather than the 1993 X-Ray the Texas Commission are still using, and sort this crap out!!!

    • Mr Pete

      “Broken jaw” is a term used to describe any structural damage pertaining to the jaw. I was diagnose with a “broken jaw” but really was a partial dislocation. This type of injury would not show up on an xray, Dr’s are Dr’s for a reason. He probably has a stress fracture, hair line fracture or dislocation

  • Pat Garret