Cain Velasquez Avenged a Year of Doubt (UFC 155 Post-Press Video)

December 30, 2012
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The first time he fought Junior dos Santos, Cain Velasquez lost his UFC heavyweight belt a little over a minute into the fight. That was more than a year ago.

Velasquez has had to listen to the naysayers and doubters ever since.

At UFC 155, he was able to avenge the loss, quiet all the doubters, and recapture the championship belt, returning it to his waist.

Check out what Cain Velasquez had to say at the UFC 155 post-fight press conference…

  • Karl

    I knew that the first fight was a fluke. Cain absolutely dominated JDS in every aspect of the game! He even tried a armbar. AND THE NEEEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION CAAAAIN VELASQUEZ

    • Daniel Winge Stride

      i will not call it a fluke. in the first fight jds landed a great punch that knockd cain out. that can happen in any fight and beat cain fair. but yes cain dominated this fight and looked like the cain we all know;) lets hope he can hold the belt for some time now;)

    • Cptmats

      a fluke ahahahah. no this fight was a fluke ! Cain looked to be at his best JDS on the other hand has never looked so out of shape, looked like he never even trained. JDS will learn from this and won’t overlook Cain next time
      No Doubt JDS gets his belt back !

      • Oswald Cobblepott

        10 seconds of domination or a half hours worth. Cain was in the gym next day after loss JDS went to the hospital! I love JDS but he was outclassed by a well rounded fighter. Accept it! Cain has embarrassed the two most fears heavy weights over the last decade…that’s no fluke!

        • RIPHELIOS

          lol. Cain didn’t get hurt that much and that’s why he immediately went to the gym unlike jds who got beaten badly. Off course he has to go the hospital. Come on. use your head dude. I just agree that Cain is what you call an all around heavyweight fighter. hats of to him

        • Cptmats

          “Cain has embarrassed the two most fears heavy weights over the last decade…”

          Sry dude but Cain never fought Fedor or Cro Cop !

      • chucker.

        Really u think jds look out of shape ur a joke of a fan jds looked better then ever he said it.his self ur a joke

        • Guest

          Your a complete Idiot !

        • Cptmats

          Yeah your right, cause JDS has never gone the distance before and never lets his hands go ! In fact im not sure he even knows how to box ! Your right JDS looked in great shape. I forgot he always runs, refuses to let his hands go and gasses out in the first round !
          pfft Idiot !

    • Ed

      That first fight was in no way a fluke. Cain is a great fighter, but his chin has always been suspect. Nobody remembers the kongo fight? how many times did Cain get dropped? The first fight dos santos blasted Cain and he went right down. Their second fight, cain implemented a great gameplan to not get hit and it worked. Im sure jds gets his rematch after some wins and the the rubber match will be a good one.

  • What a fight! Congrats to Cain on getting the title back. Cain vs Reem will be interesting. I’m sure most are counting him out already. I’m just not looking forward to every comment being some word play with Alistairs name. The Overoid and Anabol Overeem comments are really not even witty at this point but every person who writes it thinks their a genius for some reason.

  • logic

    Junior was knocking everyone out for 4 yrs.!! Calm down nuthuggers!! Cain implemented a good game plan. He never faced adversity. He said he had the “hardest fight of his life” lol he NEVER got hit. All he did was wrestle…THATS IT. Dos Santos WILL get his belt back!

    • Daniel Winge Stride

      yes cain wrestle alot but that was not all he did. he beat him on the feet to. is jds gonna get the tittle back remains to be seen. the beat down he got is ether gonna make or brake him.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Well then who wrestled JDS’s face? He probably can’t even eat a piece of meat yet. Wrestling controlled him but he was almost finished several times with strikes. The fight was Cains toughest because JDS showed a champions medal. That result happens 7/10 times

    • GoNoles

      you miss that first round? he tagged jds with a few good shots in that round alone, then my stream started messing up so i seen it off and on but what i seen was a red white and blue ass whipping.

  • dgs

    I predicted Dos Santos would KO Cain within three rounds and I was wrong. I RARELY make fight predictions, because I’m usually wrong, as I was this time. Except for Cain, JDS is the best heavyweight in the division and no one else is going to beat him. He will go back to the drawing board and figure out what he did wrong, and he’ll come back a better fighter, which is a scary prospect.

    Anyone who counts JDS out when they meet again is a fool. The first fight was NOT a fluke. It was only a fluke to those who don’t train and fight. Anyone who fights knows all it takes is one good shot, and that’s exactly what JDS hit him with. Right on the temple no less. I’ve gotten hit on the temple during sparring sessions, and let me tell you, a good temple shot will knock down ANYONE.

    I look forward to the trilogy!

  • Noon

    Horrible fight, and sad that it was determined by wrestling and cardio – still its JDS fault for not taking Cain seriosly, going in the first round with his hans down and not prepared for the takedowns. Alistair will eat Cain for breakfast

    • chucker.

      Ur a joke also cain is the best hw in mma if u really dont think he could beat alistair u must have never really watch cain fight……..
      and y is everyone complaining that he used wrestling its an,mma fight nt a boxing match