Cain Velasquez and Frank Mir Set for UFC 146

March 7, 2012
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Cain Velasquez and Frank MirUFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta last month let the cat out of the bag that former UFC heavyweight champions Cain Velasquez and Frank Mir would soon square off, but neglected to say when or where.

The two big men now know the details.

Mir and Velasquez will square off at UFC 146 on May 26 in Las Vegas. Fox Sports first reported the date and location of the fight.

The fight will determine the No. 1 contender to the UFC heavyweight strap currently wrapped around Junior dos Santos’ waist. UFC 146 will also determine who Mir or Velasquez will face for the title.

The champ will also defend his belt at UFC 146 against Alistair Overeem in the night’s main event.

Velasquez (9-1) captured the UFC title from Brock Lesnar at UFC 121 in late 2010. He was then sidelined for a year mending from shoulder surgery.

Velasquez returned to face dos Santos at the first UFC on Fox event last November in Anaheim, Calif., where JDS wasted no time ending Velasquez’s reign, knocking him out in little more than a minute.

Mir (16-5) fought a month after Velasquez’s last bout, finishing Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for a second time with an arm-breaking Kimura.

Though Mir failed in his last two title bids, he is currently riding an impressive three-fight streak, which also includes Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic and Roy Nelson.

Now, one of the two former champions will get another shot at the belt.

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  • Towers66

    Velasquez will win this most likely. Mir should get “White Pride” stamped on his chest to support his race. I’m sure nobody would be offended.

    • maddawgmar

      Mir’s real name is Francisco Santos Miranda. No name more white than that. And To the beneath this, Brown Pride is a gang name in houston and tatt common to Mexican mafia.

      • McFearless

        brown pride a gang name in houston? really? i’ve been living here my whole life and never heard of it. i call bs. for as long as i’ve heard it, it only means pride of one’s heritage. and brown pride is not a common tattoo for the mexican mafia. they usually get tattoos with some meaning behind it. not a tattoo that plat out says brown pride. wachu talkin bout willis?

        • shakejunt

          .. it’s a gang

        • Anthony

          Your wrong bro, I dont know about Houston but “Brown pride” is a serious gang in the
          southern Az, Tucson area–they are known for illegal activity , including drug dealing and murder-they did an episode on the Spike channels Gangland about them—look it up–why Cain chose that tattoo being from that area is beyond me -he has to know about the gang, and hes too smart to be involved in somthing like that-I get what Cains trying to say but hes sending mixed messages with that tat

        • maddawgmar

          Thank you for correcting me I mixed up the episodes of Gangland, But it’s a brutal gang none the less. It’s a double standard that if a white man puts white pride he is automatically assumed to be a Nazi or KKK. But if brown or black has there pride tatt then it’s pride in the heritage. Not saying Cain is a gang member but it does have a gang meaning for some.

          • Anthony

            maddawg, , im with you 100%–theres definitly a double standard there-

        • I don’t think Cain’s “Brown Pride”tattoo has to do anything with any Gangs!!!These Kids saying that because they think it’s”Cool”to be in a gang and the’re fantasizing about Cain Valequez being a Gang Member.Unfortunately for them Cain was never in any Gang.He was actually a good Student and earned good mark in High school and University.He was also a gr8 Greco-Roman Wrestler on a High Level.He got the Tattoo coz he is Proud of his Ethnicity.But these Kids are in a dream world they think it’s WWE Cheers aand Teke Care My Friend!!! Peace to Houston Texas Greetings from British Columbia Canada All the Best!!!

    • pogodog7

      If Velasquez is so enamored with “Brown Pride”, why did he marry a white blonde? I only wish that the next idiot that tries to get a Brown Pride tattoo, is misunderstood and get “Gay Pride” instead.

      • Txbulldog

        Pogodog Cain married a Latina for your info. And if he would have married a cacausion Blonde it wouldnt matter. Its not Brown Power its Brown Pride. There is a big difference nothing racist about it. He is just proud of his race,heritage etc. He is a great person and very humble to all the fans. So I just thought I would correct you bud.

        • McFearless

          you hit the nail right on the head with that comment bulldog. being mexican-american myself i know exactly how cain feels. proud of our fathers who came from mexico to work hard and provide a better life for their family. proud of busting azz in school and work to provide a better on for mine as well. proud of having a warrior spirit by never backing down. it’s got nothing to to with being racist and I definitely don’t associate it with any gang activity. I see why people would hate on Cain and accuse him of being something that he’s not with a tattoo like that but everyone has a right to their own opinion but why not just take this man’s word for it?

  • Lesnardo

    There is a difference between White Pride and Brown Pride.

    But I am not gonna get into the argument.

    Anyway, I wonder what Mir will do after he loses this time. He would clearly not be a contender. He would be a middle-of-the-pack guy (he is currently of such status).

    Also, Mir is not white. His dad is a cuban immigrant of Morrocan descent.

    • Actually they both mean pride in one’s heritage.

      • Lesnardo

        Actually, taken literally (i.e., taken out of socio-political context) that is the case.

        Ever wondered why in some jurisdictions women can’t rape men?

      • adam1848

        Mexican heritage doesn’t have 400+ years of exploitation by whites over non-whites. Mexican history isn’t filled with race motivated lynchings and cross burnings…they didn’t have Jim Crow Laws and “white’s only water fountains.” Kids aren’t told stories by their grandfathers of being beat down for looking at white women in public. They didn’t have their civil rights leader shot in the throat. There is a difference between White Pride and Brown Pride.

        • Cptmats

          Your an Idiot !

  • XIRandomHeroIX

    I was just thinking about this match up two days ago… should be a pretty good one

  • Cannot wait to see this!

  • Towers66

    I was just messin about. “Moroccan pride”? This fight is probably not a safe choice for MIr. Never know, I guess he does have the habit of breaking people’s arms. But……I’m gonna guess Cain by TKO.

  • pooby

    Good match up. Hard to call this one. If either of them are able to finish the other, I say a title shot is earned.

    • Lesnardo

      Hard to call???


      Cain via TKO/KO.

  • I think Mir who is on a three win streak will take out Cain who is coming off a one minute destruction at the hands of JDS. One minute in the ring after almost a year off vs. a fighter with confidence and momentum is a tough thing to get past. Either way this will be a fun one to see.

    • Lesnardo


      Momentum against mediocre fighters and fighters past their primes does not count buddy.

      • pooby

        Mir wrecked Roy Nelson in a stand up battle.

        He broke Nog’s arm.

        What has Cain done lately?

        Cain has a suspect chin. Not just because Jr. knocked him out. Congo rocked him every time he touched him.

  • maddawgmar

    I am a huge Mir fan. We both went to the same high school, I was two years behind. I hope he pulls this one out. Cain is very dangerous and can stop anyone with a single strike. But Mir’s hands are better than they ever been, and if this fight hits the ground then Cain is in alot of trouble. I think either Mir by submission or decision, or Cain by KO.

    • Lesnardo

      Unfortunately my friend, Mir’s days are numbered. The same goes to Werdum and Josh Barnett, the two other 2nd generation fighters that are still in the top 10.

      Go watch Mir’s fight with Nog. If Nog can wobble/drop Mir, imagine what Nog can do. Go look at Mir’s fight with Cruz, Freeman, Vera, Brock, and Carwin also.

      Mir is good against over-the-hill fighters (CC and Nog) and middle-of-the-pack guys (nelson and kongo). But against a top fighter in his prime, Mir does not stand a chance.

    • Anthony

      maddawg, I heard Mir was a wrestling state champion–any truth to that? and if so what wt class and what kind of wrestler was he? a take down ,let um up ,tec fall guy ,or pin to win? Recall his record his Sen year ?or what ever yr he won states? if its true-thanx, bro

      • maddawgmar

        I am not sure on all that stuff but he took State in ’98. I actually never went to a meet. But I remember when they announced that he won over the morning announcements. But I couldn’t say for that other stuff.

        • Anthony

          cool, thanx for the info

  • phrankthetank

    I can see this fight ending by KO for either of these guys, submission for Mir, or decision for either. Mir’s hands are looking fantastic lately and Cain has a suspect chin, he was put in trouble by Kongo before he was koed by JDS. That being said Cain has fantastic hands and fantastic wrestling, he has the tools to neutralize mir’s game and finish the fight himself.

  • shakejunt

    if cain gets injured and werdum fills in?!

    • Anthony

      Id much rather see Werdum vs Mir–Two high level Bjj black belts in a ground war–the scrambles would be sick–Cain vs Mir should be a great fight but if not down the road then maybe if Cain gets hurt like shakejunt said Mirs gotta fight Werdum-as for Mir vs Cain, I think Cain will catch Mir and knock him out-Cains wrestling is too good,Mir wont be able to take him down, and Cains stand up is better then Mirs–you know AKA will have a great stratagy set up for Cain–most likley, keep it on the feet and destroy him-if Big Nog was ripping Mir up on standup in the second fight , Cains a much better stand up fighter and should be able to beat Mir

  • matty

    Mir is going to get ko’d in the 1st round. Cain will then get beat by dos Santos again! I am exited for both fights either way.

  • Palelok

    I agree, Mir would end up getting KO’d, it is not a good match up in my opinion. Even Big Nog punches racked Mir up and Vera’s kick broke him down, no disrespect. Mir is a good fighter, i just think a Shane fight (depending on his condition) would match and test his body or maybe even Fabricio, before fighting a Cain. Cain vs. Shane would be phenomenal or is it reserved for the future?

    I feel that this division needs more options for great match-ups, the division either has inexperienced fighters or experienced but plateau’d skills. Far skill set a beauty or a waste of time, would break or make this division. JDS is set to be a dominant champ, Cain, Shane, Mir is truly keeping this division alive the addition of Overeem and Fab is a good top up, but then again i want more!

    • Palelok

      Sorry, i missed the word “rematch” with Shane and Mir, Cain and Shane is Main Event fight no doubt.

    • Anthony

      I agree Cain vs Carwin would be a sic fight –correct me if im wrong though, but last I heard Shane was having a major surgury involving his cervical vertebre, and from what I heard ,he may not be able to come back from this–I really hope im wrong here–anyone know anything about Shanes current statis?

      • Lesnardo

        You need to learn english.

        • Anthony

          you wanna grade my papers Lestardo you go right ahead….what an a$$, its a mma forum last I checked ,not English 101

  • Palelok

    Should’ve reserved Cain for a Main Event!

  • T Spoon

    Saying Mir isn’t white is like saying Tiger Woods isn’t black. The brown pride tatt is just ignorant..dosne’t matter what meaning is behind it.

    • Lesnardo

      Mir isn’t White you retard. Go look at his ethnic background on wiki. Cuban, born of Moroccan descents of Russian background????

      • Anthony

        you know theres a nice way to do things and a not so nice way, obviously mama didnt teach you any manners boy. Why cant you be decent in your replies instead of putting everyone down–its an mma forum not “whos the biggest A$$ on line”–congrats bro,you own that title, Lestardo–have fun grading this, while im laughing at your dumb a$$

  • OK If this fight was announced before UFC 140 I would bet my house on Valesquez 6to win!!! But after seeing Mir Submitting”Big Nog”,I say he cfan submit anybody.I mean”Big Nog”is probably the best Jiu Jitsu and Grappler in all of MMA.(after Damian Maia)He was never even close to be submitted by anyone over his long MMA Carrier.So Mir got lots of Respect back from me after and the way he did it was non less then Amazing.It was like in a Movie the way he rolled over and secured the Kimura.Dunno if u guys into or know much about Jiu Jitsu but that move was very,very hard to do especially against someone who is a High level Practitioner like”Big Nog”.I’ve been Grappling since age 11 so I know a bit about this stuff.Trust me it was an exceptionally great Submission!!!I was writing Mir off as a”Has Been”but as I said he got my Respect back and I think he can Submit Valesquez if they go to the ground.Standing up Cain has a big advantage,but at this level anyone can can KO their Opponents at any time especially in the Heavy Weight Devision.But I still say Valesquez wins by TKO in the round.Yet Mir has a Chance!!!Cheers Guys

    • Palelok

      Yes of course there is always room for chance. It is really a question of will the fight go on the ground and can he take him down? I think Big Nog lost because of a mix of weight, sloppiness and pride. It was really good submission, specially if he presents his arm like that. When was the last time Big Nog leveraged his ground skills? I think we are all still living his Pride days, no question they are both elite ground fighters but he got rusty through years of developing his stand up.

      I don’t think Cain will make the same mistake if same opportunity is presented to him. My only worry is how he took his first loss, a lot of fighters changed after a big loss, i hope he doesn’t.

  • adam1848

    I think they both have a suspect chin and this could be a matter of who lands the first big shot. Wouldn’t count out either guy, but I’d put my money on Cain in the 1st or 2nd.

  • fitefan

    Cain should win this fight the same way Carwin did.
    Mir pressed up against the fence, passively doing nothing for the first round, just trying to get a sense of what Cain’s strategy will be, and then get knocked senseless.

    • switchkick

      Thats what i was thinking too, but i think Cain will feel he has alot of prove out of this fight – and being Mir would be a good way to do it. I reckon hes going to come out swinging and yeah put against the cage and bashed… No way Cain will want to turn it into a submission war… Which Mir will try to do. Like in the big nog fight ( wether he got knock’d down? )as soon as nog had him rocked, Mir drops to the ground to go for the win. But ethier way, it’s going to be a damn good fight haha