Cage Warriors 44 Official Weigh-in Results

September 30, 2011
Joseph Duffy vs Ivan Musardo

Joseph Duffy vs Ivan Musardo

Brian Foster vs Jack Mason

Brian Foster vs Jack Mason

Cage Warriors 44 takes place on Saturday at the HMV Forum in London. The fighters, including co-main event bouts featuring the CWFC lightweight title bout between Joseph Duffy and Ivan Musardo and Brian Foster vs. Jack Mason, weighed in Friday, making the fight card official.

Cage Warriors 44 streams live on on Saturday at 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT.







Cage Warriors 44 Main Card:
-Joseph Duffy (154.3lbs) v Ivan Musardo (154.7lbs)
-Brian Foster (175.5lbs) v Jack Mason (180.9lbs)
-Ashleigh Grimshaw (145.9lbs) v Graham Turner (145.8lbs)
-Kevin Donnelly (154.3lbs) v Brad Wheeler (154.9lbs)
-Rab Truesdale (229.6lbs) v Dayman Lake (247.2lbs)

Cage Warriors 44 Preliminary Card:
-Steve O’Keeffe (145.3lbs) v Dean Reilly (146lbs)
-Ian Entwistle v Charlie Leary (agreed to same-day weigh-ins)
-Niko Gjoka (126lbs) v Neil Seery (124.5lbs)
-David Howell (155.6lbs) v Kieran Malone (155.8lbs)

Cage Warriors 44 Amateur Card:
-Ben Reid (243.4lbs) v Adam Brearley (240.4lbs)
-Tye Palmer (185.1lbs) v Charlie Watts (186.7lbs)