Bruce Lee Reveal UFC Video Game Trailer

April 7, 2014
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Late Sunday night, EA Sports revealed its mystery fighter for the upcoming EA Sports UFC video game. It’s none other than the legendary Bruce Lee. On Monday, EA unleashed a new UFC video game trailer, including Bruce Lee.

Check it out!

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  • P-Pac

    It’s too bad Bruce Lee was not a fighter…

    • darcwolf73

      you are Crazy lol

    • Nos

      You are a complete idiot.

      • P-Pac

        no sir, it is you who is an idiot, he was an actor starring in movies at the age of 1 then again from 4 until pretty much death

        • ED NESS

          u don’t know a thing about martial art or lee; i want u to know just one thing Bruce lee create ”Jeetkun do”

        • that_dariamom1332

          Obviously, you do not know know that while he was “starring in movies as a kid”, he trained under Ip Man, Master of Wing Chun martial arts. Read Lee’s book, The Tao of Jeet Kun Do. Lee’s philosophy of Martial Arts was to not be beholden to one style, but to take elements of all Martial arts to become a complete fighter. If you were a real fan of UFC, you’d know that.

          • P-Pac

            he trained under YIP from the ages of 13-19

        • California81

          He started MMA! Period with out him there would not be the ufc Period!!

          • P-Pac

            helio gracie was fighting in the 50s the gracies started the ufc not bruce lee

        • Brian Hagmeier

          Yes, Lee was a great martial artist. Yes, he was an actor.
          But sadly his skill wasn’t as effective as people would believe. Chuck Norris tapped him in less than 20 seconds.
          Google it.

          • Talkin our yer ass

            Chuck Norris has openly admitted on several occasions that Lee would win in a fight. Google it. If you truly believe what you just commented, you’re a fool.

          • P-Pac

            Judo Gene would pick Bruce up and run around with him on his shoulders, make little bruce real sad and mad

          • udus

            Not many people know it, but chuck norris is a bjj black belt under the Machado’s, a multiple time kickboxing and karate champion. Bruce Lee was only 135 lbs.It wouldnt surprise me if norris beat him…he has a size advantage and great technical ability.

  • fsunoles10

    i couldnt wait before now i really cant. my only question would be will they have a full roster or will it be like ufc games where you have to download dlc. i mean unless they’re late arrivals everyone should be in the game especially on next gen.

  • WhereIsHomefront2?


    • Neil

      censor what?