Bruce Buffer vs. Screaming Pride Lady; Who Does Rampage Prefer? (Video)

February 23, 2012
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Quinton Rampage Jackson Pride 31The UFC vs. Pride debate has been ongoing, even with Pride now shuttered up and locked away.

One of the more contentious battles between the two pioneering mixed martial arts promotions has been the ring introductions. On the one hand, you have the UFC’s Bruce Buffer, who has become an institution, even coining a signature move, “The Buffer 360.” On the other hand, there’s Lenne Hardt, aka “The Screaming Pride Lady.”

Most fans love one or the other. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is one of the dwindling list of active fighters that has competed and found success with both promotions. So who better to ask about his ring introduction preference, right?

Check it out. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson divulges who he prefers just moments before he fights, Bruce Buffer or Lenne Hardt…

  • TandmWarElephant

    Man I know she is a legend because of Pride and stuff but am i the only one that finds her voice absolutely annoying? lol And the fact that EVERY R is rolled whats up with that? lol That being said it would still be a pretty cool thing to have her announce maybe the main event or something since it is Japan

    • You are the ONLY one! LOL. I know some people find is crazy, but I really liked her crazy ass intros.

      I like Buffer too. He’s gotten better and better over the years.

  • Iamrozylo

    Bruce Buffer is the worst announcer I’ve ever heard and seen in my life, and I’ve been subject to alot of lower level, pourly announced shows. He is so terrible that his own half brother (of whom he piggy backed for fame) wouldn’t even let him use ‘let’s get ready to rumble’. Gimme Jimmy Lennon Jr. Or the pride lady any day…… Damn I hate Michael Buffer!!!

    Oh… Ever notice how the camera always pans away from his god awful 180 spin introduction?? LOL

  • MikeMc1983

    Sadly I hate to admit this, but jimmy Lennon jr annoys me so much that I will only watch shows he’s on with a dvr so I can fast forward. I don’t know why he is so irritating, but if I can’t fast forward past him I won’t watch the show.
    Pride lady was a bit annoying but whatever. All of the announcing is silly. Michael buffer didn’t let his brother use his catch phrase because had he done so, mike wouldn’t be able to still charge the crazy amounts he does for that “rumble” line.

  • I cant watch the introductions of the fighters in Undisputed’s Pride mode because of the god awful introductions she does. She just goes way over the top. Its like she had all of it building inside of her since the fall of Pride and is going nuts with getting to do it again.

    And Bellator’s Michael Williams is terrible.

    Give me Bruce Buffer any day.

  • fightfankevin

    Bruce buffer all the way. Could not stand the screaming lady.

  • markronin

    I like them both for different reasons. The Pride lady is just so unique with her style.

    Too bad Pride couldn’t stick around, their intros with the music, the drum pounding and her voice were badass.