Brothers Make Pro MMA Debuts at MFC 37 Fighting Each Other in Brother vs. Brother Bout

March 12, 2013
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MFC LogoThe Maximum Fighting Championship announced on Tuesday that for the first time in the history of any major mixed martial arts promotion, two brothers will fight each other in a professional bout.

Thomas and Mike Treadwell, who are not only siblings but also live together, will battle in a heavyweight matchup on the undercard of MFC 37: True Grit taking place at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, on Friday, May 10.

“Absolutely, undeniably, one of the craziest and most anticipated fights in MFC history,” said Mark Pavelich, Owner/President of the Maximum Fighting Championship.

“Who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to watch two brothers fight? I remember from my own childhood, the most violent fights I was ever involved in myself were against my brother. We’d practically tear the house down because I was the younger brother out to prove myself against the older brother.

“I have a distinct feeling Treadwell vs. Treadwell will have that ‘Prove who’s really the toughest’ mentality and be a spectacularly wild fight.”

This will be the professional debut for both brothers who share a condo in Edmonton, Alberta.

“We’re taking brotherhood to the next level,” said Mike Treadwell, 30, who previously served in the Canadian Armed Forces and has a background in security.

“This is something we’re excited about, and I think people are going to be very excited to see,” added Thomas Treadwell, a 20-year-old specialty mechanic.

While there are several significant brother combinations in mixed martial arts including Rodrigo and Rogerio Noguiera, Frank and Ken Shamrock, and Nick and Nate Diaz, plus former MFC welterweight champ Pat Healy and his twin Ryan, a brother versus brother showdown hasn’t happened until now.

“It doesn’t matter the names of the competitors – brothers are fighting, that’s all it will take to get people excited,” noted Mike.

The level of interest from friends and colleagues has overshadowed the small wave of negative feedback the brothers have received from certain family members, though another brother, Russ, will corner Thomas.

“Dad was angry and thinks we’re idiots. Mom knows but we don’t talk about it with her. Everyone else seems supportive,” said Thomas.

“The moment I mentioned to just a handful of people that this fight was going to take place, their reaction was pure fascination and then instantly it turned to a state of unbridled enthusiasm to see it for themselves,” offered Pavelich.

  • GoNoles

    i agree with some of the most intense violent fights happening with your brother but those fights compared to a professional fight are alot different. pro fight you simply dont bring that same anger or intensity, fighting your brother is pure emotion and thats why they are so intense and so bad ass. ill fight my brother all day but i dont think i would fight em like this. we fight cuz thats what brothers do every now and then, but i would never fight my brother for anybodys entertainment. hell i wouldnt fight my brother in public in front of a few buddies let alone a crowd.

    • Ian Price

      Correct. You have emotion, but you wouldn’t seriously hurt your brother. But in MMA you do.

      • GoNoles

        my brother is 5 years older than me so i didnt have to worry about hurting em to bad, haha he was a d1 defensive end and im pretty much an average size dude. your right i wouldnt hurt my brother but i would hurt somebody else and not have a problem doing it.

  • After this all the faggy excuses fighters use not to fight eachother will be worthless.

    • Nick and Nate Diaz would never fight each other they said and those two are as tough as they come.

  • mmaHero

    There’s something that a mother would be proud of!

  • congratulations. you brought a circus act to MMA. that should do wonders for all those people that find excuses to talk bad about our sport. Funny, the Kitschko brothers never fought……

  • Adam

    That’s just stupid. Look how many people have gotten ko’d one good time & there chin was never the same. You could be the one to end your brother’s career before it ever even starts. It’d be one thing if it was a UFC title fight, but for a pro debut?….. Geniuses……

  • Some may be intrigued by this fight just b/c they are brothers but seriously it’s their debut fights and a fight between guys like Jon Fitch/ Josh Koscheck and Daniel Cormier/Cain V. are far more interesting and have much higher stakes to them.

  • Ian Price

    I thought brothers have been fighting in MMA for a long time.

  • TdubC

    “Absolutely, undeniably, one of the craziest and most anticipated fights in MFC history,” How do you make a statement like that and then have it on the undercard???

  • Mark Bazid

    I have to agree with their Father.
    They’re IDIOTS!
    Also, they’re turning a great sport into a bloody spectacle that gives people who don’t like MMA another reason to slam the sport.

  • shakejunt

    i’m gonna break the mold and say that this is indeed an intriguing fight from a psychological standpoint because it’s so taboo.

  • Advance*

    If they both had a few professional fights under their belt this might be more interesting. They’re obviously doing it to generate some publicity, but nobody is gonna care about a 1-0 or 0-1 fighter after this freak show is over. Unless they plan on fighting other family members after

    • shakejunt

      that would be even more interesting. imagine if there was a tournament of all the gracies?

  • Timothy Malone

    Everyone who is opposed to two brothers competing against each other is playing into the hands of MMA critics.

    • adam1848

      For me it isn’t that they are fighting, it is that it is obviously a spectacle. If it was a situation where they were both number one contenders or fighting for a belt or in the finals of a tournament or something like that, I would have no problem with it at all. But they are specifically being put against each other because they are brothers, and to me, that means they are being used as a gimmick for the organization to gain publicity, and I personally think that is lame.

      • MrMMA

        Agreed. I used to have a lot of respect for Mark Pavelich and liked watching his shows on HDNet/AXSTV. I can’t believe he felt he had to resort to this type of promotion. I thought he was above this. Why pit brothers against each other in the cage when you could have them fight on the same card against other guys? It would be just as compelling having HW brothers making their debuts on the same card. This is just plain pathetic. I really hope neither guy gets hurt seriously or KO’d. I’d hate to see one of their careers potentially ended in this spectacle.

  • diazfan209

    it’s their choice…..