Broken Hand Shelves Dominick Cruz; Winner of Faber v. Bowles May Welcome Him Back

October 2, 2011
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Cruz goes with the head kick

Cruz goes with the head kick on Faber

UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz may not have finished challenger Demetrious Johnson at UFC on Versus 6 on Saturday night in Washington, D.C., but it’s impressive that he even finished the fight.

UFC president Dana White, following the post-fight press conference, said that Cruz fought the majority of the fight with a broken left hand.

“He sits through the whole press conference, doesn’t say anything,” recounted White. “I said to him, ‘You’re not gonna talk about your broken hand? He said, “What’s the point? I’m gonna get it done and I’ll be back.”’ I respect that.”

Having won 10 consecutive bouts now, the cat calls still came following Cruz’s win over Johnson. Eight of those 10 wins have come via decision and fans have been quite vocal about his lack of finishing.

It doesn’t seem he lacks for trying, however. Cruz threw everything but the kitchen sink at Johnson including a vast arsenal of striking on the feet, several near submissions on the mat, and planting him with suplexes.

Cruz may have his critics, but White isn’t among them.

“I thought he looked great tonight. He looked like a well rounded fighter, especially when you know he fought the entire fight with a broken hand.”

It’s not clear how long the injury will keep Cruz out; that will be determined when he goes in for surgery. It’s also not crystal clear who his next challenger will be, but it’s likely to be another rematch.

With Brian Bowles and Urijah Faber – two of the top five bantamweights in the world – squaring off at UFC 139 in November, the winner of that fight is likely to get the next crack at Cruz.

White, though, wouldn’t guarantee the winner of that fight – both have fought Cruz before, Faber twice – would be granted a title shot.

“I don’t know honestly, but it would be tough not to.”

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  • sgilliss

    I understand the fans cat calling or booing fighters who put on a lame show, but that wasn’t the case with Cruz v Johnson. They didn’t lay ‘n’ pray, they didn’t hang on each other, they didn’t shadow box for 5 rounds. On the contrary, they put on a high-pressure, warp speed battle that displayed some awesome tactical wrestling.

    Did Cruz “finish” the fight?


    But he did fight and beat yet another top-notch opponent. He did show that he can win when he’s taken out of his comfort area. He did show he’s got moxy having fought with a broken hand that he himself wasn’t going to mention post-fight. On top of that, he praised his opponent and thanked the fans and the UFC for giving him yet another opportunity to entertain.

    Cat calls? Boos?

    Come on, MMA fans.

  • sgilliss

    As for ‘who’s next’ for Cruz, it’s too soon for Cruz v Faber III or Cruz Benavidez III for that matter. It makes sense to give Bowles a second chance at The Dominator simply because their previous fight was stopped due to a Bowles cut. Plus Bowles if formidable. Of course, Bowles would need to beat Faber at UFC 139. Guess we’ll have to watch and see …

  • shakejunt

    Both would make for an exciting rematch, but I’m waiting for Florian to get whooped and drop down again ha. For real though, they need to start looting Bellator or something to keep this division interesting.

  • emoney911

    ahah ya florian is a fuckin joke his asshole will get torn up by aldo

  • soboc1

    Cruz’s style is boring and so is he. His record says it all. Most fights he runs around and throws little pop shots not intended to for finishing fights, just scoring points. He is content with doing this for 5 rnds everytime, never tries to finish. Only reason he attempted a submission on MM is because he was taken out of his game and had no choice but to take the much smaller MM to the ground where he did nothing either. I think MM should get a rematch and I say he takes it this time. The reason i dislike Cruz is cause he does interviews talking abut how he comes into the octagon to kill or embarrass his opponent and he does neither. He doesnt fight to win, he fights not to lose, and that is boring.